What is the feeling of true love when a man and a woman? The feeling of true love

True love includes a lot of emotions, positive feelings and mental and emotional aspects that have a strong influence, and whose influence moves to the extent that it shakes the entity of the other party and messes up his accounts. There is no doubt that true love springs primarily from an honest heart that knows no deceit and fraud, and in this article we will explain the definition of true love, its signs and conditions, how to express it and distinguish it from fake love.

How does true love feel?

How does true love feel?

  • True love is not sayings whose effect quickly fades, but actions, behaviors and steps in which each party tries to give and sacrifice, for their common continuity, no matter how much the winds blow and stumble over them.
  • True love is a noble, deep feeling characterized by self-sacrifice, sincerity, loyalty and deep desire and taking the loved one as a partner in future goals, plans and intentions. It is an integral part of your life, and you cannot continue to live without its presence.
  • According to psychologists, true love expresses feelings and emotions that each party retains regardless of the impermanence of time and despite all difficult circumstances. It is a love whose truth emerges with time, when crises intensify, and worries and sorrows follow.

Signs of true love and signs of sincere love

Each form of love has signs that define its natural characteristics, and signs that express the degree of sincerity, cancellation and sacrifice. Among the most prominent signs and signals of true love are the following:

  • Be yourselfTrue love forces you to show yourself as you are and your own nature without affecting or taking on roles that don’t match your true identity, so no one finds it wrong to appear to their partner as they are.
  • Every love has unreliable conditionsTrue love is not bound by conditions, so neither party can impose certain rules or behaviors on the other, and in this love all obstacles and commandments are broken, and acceptance exists in all conditions and forms.
  • Confidence and acceptance as it is True love makes its owner have great self-confidence and the ability to express it easily, and the emotional and psychological support provided by a partner helps to increase the rate of self-love and care for him.
  • Alignment of visions and goalsThis does not mean that the two sides are so similar that it is difficult to distinguish them, but the presence of some common values ​​and ideas is a sign of true love.
  • affinityphysical and sexual attraction towards a partner is not objected to, rather it is considered a factor in the measure of closeness and love, and acceptance of the partner in the way it appears gives shine to the continuity of the relationship.
  • supportProviding full support and help is one of the qualities that confirm the sincerity of love, therefore there must be a certain measure of mutual support and help, because this support is enough to push the partner to overcome obstacles on the way and achieve their goals.
  • Peace The feeling of safety and security is the only feeling through which you can judge the truth of your feelings, because this feeling is enjoyed only by those who love sincerely and equally love another.

Conditions of true love

We have already clarified that true love is not bound by conditions, but there are certain traits and characteristics that if not present in a person, then he is a liar in his love, as these traits are forbidden, and among these conditions:

  • Do not break your vows, there is nothing more difficult than feelings of betrayal and disappointment, because true love is accompanied by security and trust in the other.
  • Flexibility and speed of response. A person cannot adapt to the circumstances and changes that occur if he is not flexible and does not react to them. There is no doubt that her relationship with the other party will be accompanied by numerous disagreements in some situations or going through difficult circumstances. Just bypass it.
  • Quick thinking, the existence of a series of problems and open questions is inevitable in any human relationship, so it was wise to be quick in thinking to come up with appropriate solutions.
  • Trust, one of the causes of disagreement and abundance of conflict and separation is the lack of trust between the two parties, and the constant fear of betrayal or betrayal, and true love in its essence is based on mutual trust.
  • Balance, true love is characterized by balance in giving and receiving.

How do we express sincere love?

The ways of expressing love are different, but many of us find it difficult to reveal what is in his heart, but there are some behaviors and actions that facilitate the process of expressing sincere love, including:

  • Verbal and non-verbal expression. The expression of love is based primarily on insinuation, not declaration. This is where body language comes into play in making your love clear through gestures, movements, tone of voice and eye language. When this step succeeds, comes the stage of verbal declaration.
  • Make an effort to support your partner, stand by him when he needs you, provide full support in difficult situations and be there for him.
  • Do not look at reciprocation, because giving is the best way of expressing love, and receiving is not important at the beginning of getting to know and expressing love. Sincere love does not know personal and selfish interests, and at the same time, do not exaggerate your giving, so that later it will be right for you.
  • Fulfilling vows of no return, no matter how much it costs you, there is no true love based on false vows that its owner does not fulfill.
  • Stay away from routine, be the initiator of renewal and reduce boredom and monotony.

Signs of fake love

Some people can’t tell true love from fake love, and there are some signs that show you fake love, including:

  • The tendency to artificiality and the inability to be who you usually are.
  • Feeling restricted and imposing too many opinions and decisions to control you.
  • The other party’s priorities are different from yours and they don’t consider you their first priority.
  • A feeling of permanent guilt, and discomfort in speech and expression.

How to preserve true love?

  • It is necessary that the preservation of love is the ultimate goal for both parties.
  • Schedule time between life’s worries to meet and talk with your partner.
  • To become part of your plans and future projects.
  • To feel responsible for having him in your life.
  • Taking care of all the details, and taking care of your favorite hobby.
  • Mutual appreciation and respect.
  • Do not oversleep him and do not leave him alone at night.

Reasons to fall in love

  • You can fall in love because there is a great similarity between you and the other party.
  • physical attractiveness.
  • The mysteriousness that appears in someone can encourage you to try to open a conversation with them and get closer to them, and love begins this way.
  • Emotional emptiness is also a factor in falling in love.
  • I’m trying to forget the old relationship.
  • Feelings of admiration turn into love, and friendship can turn into a love affair.
  • The attractiveness and appearance of the other party is one of the reasons for falling in love.
  • Collective mind or societal influence Living in an environment where love affairs are common can be a reason to want to start a relationship together.

The stages of falling in love

  • Admiration and physical attractionLove begins with a look full of admiration, followed by an attraction to the other party and a desire to get closer to him and communicate with him permanently to get to know him better.
  • friendship At this stage, meetings between the two parties abound to engage in conversation, to learn more about the other’s ideas and favorite hobbies, to devise points of similarity and convergence.
  • Birth of loveAfter a period of acquaintance, some signs appear that attract a person to the other party, which makes him get closer and stay together for a long time, accompanied by a heartbeat when he sees him.
  • confession of loveAt this stage, there is nothing wrong with revealing what is hidden in his heart and love for his partner.
  • attachmentThis is the last stage, usually followed by marriage, family formation and stability.

What is true love in psychology?

  • Psychology believes that true love is attachment without price, and the emotional and physical inclination of a person with whom you have met and developed a relationship with him, and he has become an integral part of your life, as his thoughts, beliefs, hobbies and private opinions have led you to the point of attachment to it and the inability to leave it.
  • And true love in psychology is the one whose first motive is continuity and loyalty. Love is nothing but what is proven to work on the conscience, and successive fluctuations and failures, and it did not decrease or diminish, but constantly increased.
  • Among the characteristics of true love are constancy, honesty, clarity, a sense of security and support, support and continuity, loyalty, commitment and trust.

When does true love come?

  • A real person is not tied to a date and cannot be determined at a specific time and place. A man can marry a woman and his relationship with her does not develop and reach the level of love until the marriage period has passed.
  • And true love does not depend on a specific hour, but many scholars agree that the best love is the one that comes by chance, i.e. purely by chance.
  • If true love has a certain time, then it is not love, but we can call it a dynamic process in which each party tries to push it to continue without stopping and pave its way to the destination that it has planned in advance.
  • Everything that springs from the heart does not depend on the date and time. True love comes overnight and knocks on the door without permission.

Acts of true love

It is known that true love is actions, not words, and among the actions of this love are:

  • Compassionate and always listening to the other side.
  • Giving a hand and support, and contributing to household chores, is an act that is close to a woman’s heart.
  • Participation of the other party in all aspects of life, interest in his favorite hobbies and exercise with him.
  • Acquainting the partner with the family and achieving a certain measure of mutual rapprochement.
  • Let it go on all occasions.
  • Seek your partner’s advice and listen to their advice.
  • Gifts and surprises are acts that indicate true love.

The prospects of true love

  • The looks of true love are characterized as calm, warm looks that affect the conscience and control the heart.
  • Wide pupils and pupils indicate sincere love that is not tainted by any jealousy.
  • There are looks that reassure the partner, support his words and reveal his strengths that he ignores.
  • Raising the eyebrow and widening the eye indicates the person’s fascination with the partner and being fascinated by him.
  • A firm look that emphasizes that you are listening to him and taking his words and opinions seriously.

Signs of fake love

  • In fake love, you can’t be yourself all the time.
  • Your goals are belittled and your dreams humiliated.
  • Not caring about your sadness and your own problems.
  • Your feelings and pain can be taken lightly.
  • You constantly question the sincerity of that love from its falsity.

How do I know that I have truly fallen in love?

  • When you find yourself as you are, without artificiality and shame.
  • To feel comfortable, calm and speak honestly.
  • You feel happier when you are with your partner.
  • Similar ideas and values.
  • Have great support and be there when needed.
  • Understanding, tolerance and acceptance of shortcomings and their treatment.

Does true love die?

  • Only false love dies, in which each party manipulated the other, and neither of them were sincere in their feelings.
  • As for true love, it does not die, no matter how long it lasts, the ways of joining are complicated, and the separation lasts.
  • Who loves sincerely, will never be able to forget the other side.
  • Also, the memories that consist of their meeting will never wither, but will grow in the heart, and the lover will cherish them until his death.

real love advice

  • Don’t be too hasty in love, and don’t be reckless in seeking it.
  • Take your time before making any move.
  • Do not fall in love on one side and be careful when choosing a loved one, especially one who shares the same feeling with you.
  • Don’t make promises to yourself that you can’t keep.
  • Don’t push yourself into a relationship where you can’t be happy.
  • Set yourself the first goal of achieving stability and a sense of security in your relationship with your partner.
  • Love will grow day by day and it will grow, so give it a lot of time for it.

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