Why do some narcissists hate themselves?

  • Brian Lufkin
  • BBC

image copyright Alamy

Narcissists, who do not stop bragging about themselves, are boring to people, and sometimes they can be repulsive. But there is one truth about narcissists that can surprise us and maybe even make us feel an unexpected sympathy for them.

In a world where humility is a virtue to be cherished, we can say that some of the most annoying people are those who claim to know everything, never stop bragging, take credit for everything and never tire of talking about their excellence and brilliance. These are adjectives that sound the alarm that we have a narcissist among us – the kind that makes us cringe or grind our teeth.

It’s hard to sympathize with someone who has an inflated ego, and there’s really no reason to sympathize with people who repel us so much. Research shows that many narcissists don’t actually love themselves, in fact the opposite is true.

It is often not self-love that drives a narcissist’s behavior, but self-loathing. And then there is new research, the results of which support this idea and indicate that narcissistic behavior, such as excessive emphasis on social networks, can actually be the source of a lack of satisfaction, low self-esteem and an urgent need to show off.

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