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Hosni Ayesh

Homosexuals – throughout most of known history – have been subject to two punishments in their societies and religions: social punishment for depravity or deviance from the social norm represented in the equal relationship between men and women, and religious punishment for depravity or deviance from what God has ordained . /God ordered.

Then the demand for them increased in the era of Arab-Islamic (social) decline, which was represented by the phenomenon of boys, male and female slaves (who are now secretly traded across borders), and same-sex marriages, which continued to take place in some Arab countries until recently, despite the strong popular hatred towards him.

And here we are witnessing the reversal of two norms in the West, I mean in America and Europe, after the doctors asserted that homosexuality or homosexuality is caused by genes, and is therefore inevitable. Thus, homosexuals, led by the extreme left, by legalizing same-sex marriage, began to work to gain social favor for themselves or for them there or even impose homosexuality on society.

And it seems that they are succeeding in this because the “democratic” governments in America have accepted their demands to get their votes in the elections, and because some officials and representatives are homosexuals. Homosexuality has become a commodity or has its own commodity. In America it has also become a business, because there are millions of children who do not know their fathers, and perhaps not even their mothers. So, they didn’t grow up in caring and loving families, so they don’t care if people know about their depravity, or if it’s forbidden for them, and if they marry like them.

Unfortunately, however, these governments were not satisfied with the work of legalizing same-sex marriage in their own countries, but began to promote it in other countries and put political pressure on them to protect homosexuality by law. Obama, the former US president, spent the rest of his term promoting it until I thought he was gay. This is how this phenomenon spread and strengthened in the West, and has its own books, organizations, clubs, bars and parties, some of which are also held at universities as if it were a response to the extreme right by banning abortion.

The family originated in America as we know it, that is, the one that was made by religious or civil marriage. It is replaced by social conventions: the sons and daughters are university students, and the father and mother are still unmarried, and in America you can ask your colleague there if he is married even though he has children in school. He will not be ashamed if he tells you: Not yet. It is a great social development and dangerous for the family and society, but it is acceptable in America because it is the land of invention and commentary.

A parent complained to me or complained about the spread of this epidemic on learning resources. He told me: At school, I take part in learning and raising my child, and I find him in cartoons, on the phone and in children’s stories. It surrounds us from all sides, what should I do? What should I tell my child or a child in kindergarten and primary school about this subject? How can I explain to them? Do I stand up to him and curse him or ignore him? but how? I’m afraid that resources and sources often mention that normal children will resort to experimenting with it or that it will be easy to lure or seduce them in the future.

The problem is bigger than that. I see the West putting pressure on others to include this subject in the curriculum and textbooks and then go into battle for the five forms of homosexuality they invented (LGBTQ). Gay researchers in America are busy discovering new types of homosexuality that haven’t crystallized yet, but I’m impressed with them because they haven’t They’ve been working on discovering genes for smoking, drugs, or terrorism…

My dear brother and reader: Homosexuality is a physiological abnormality in very few people in any society, like any other abnormality such as rheumatism, diabetes, heart defects or the birth of a child with six fingers or toes that may be in private cohabitation or treatment ; Or a social anomaly, especially in adolescence, and the lack of care or concern for adolescents, so that their adolescence does not turn into sublimation in sports and other things, and that later marriage is not made easier for them, so shall we make it moral and social anomaly human right ? The rights of its owner as a human being must remain protected, like the rights of a person with rheumatism, diabetes or enlarged fingers… Rights belong to the person, not to the abnormality itself. Each of us has a lot of privacy that we don’t know or don’t like anyone to know, so should we make it a human right?!

The legalization of homosexuality in the West through same-sex marriage and its promotion abroad is a form of attack on human rights because it leads to the emergence of homosexuality through research or imitation, and thus to its spread and spread. It is neither social nor moral. So why this shameless German insistence on Qatar allowing homosexual propaganda on the hands of players?

Former US President Bill Clinton was right when he urged homosexuals in the US military not to disclose their status, saying: Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Perhaps it has become necessary for the rest of the world to unite against this homosexual Western trend to counter it and respond to its followers. Let them eat last… with that.
And you, my brother and dear reader, do not rush to accuse me of hostility to human rights. I am not calling for the arrest of homosexuals, nor for their trial or imprisonment, but for their treatment and coverage as much as possible. I have long been a believer in human rights in thought and behavior, as well as in the rights of animals, plants and inanimate objects. If you follow me, unless you agree to this homosexuality of your son, daughter, sister, or brother, then you have the right to reject everything I said.

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