“An insult to an Egyptian man and a massacre of a European village”… 6 cases that stirred public opinion in Giza during 2022.

Giza Governorate witnessed many important issues that grabbed the public’s attention during 2022, and although blood was present in most cases, it was not the only reason why these issues were trending.

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“Al-Ahram Gate” in this report reviews the 6 most prominent cases that the province witnessed in 2022.

Murder of the media, Shaima Jamal

Giza was the scene of a heinous murder, the hero of which was a judge who left his platform, grabbed his weapon and used it to kill his media wife Shaima Jamal, making the incident a subject of controversy from its commission to the judge’s conviction.

The investigation in this case began with the disappearance of journalist Shaima Jamal for about 20 days, before it became clear that her husband, judge Ayman Hajjaj, was behind the crime.

Prosecution investigations revealed that the first accused, Ayman Hajjaj (husband of the victim, journalist Shaima Jamal), conspired to get rid of her in response to her threat to reveal their secrets to him, and settled for secrecy by demanding sums of money from him, so offered the second defendant, who works as an entrepreneur, Hussein Al-Gharabli, to help him in her murder, and before the latter, offered the amount of money promised to him by the first defendant.

Investigation revealed that the accused were determined and determined to take the life of journalist Shaima Jamal and for this they made a plan where they agreed to rent a remote farm to kill her and hide her body in a grave they would dig.

The prosecution stated that the defendants bought a grave-digging tool, and prepared a gun and a piece of cloth to kill the victim and paralyze her resistance, chains and iron shackles to transfer the body to the grave after killing her, and an incendiary substance to distort its features before burial.

After transferring the case to criminal offenses, the court sentenced the defendants, Ayman Abdel-Fattah Muhammad Hajjaj and Hussein Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Gharabli (both in pre-trial detention), to hanging, because they were accused of premeditated murder of journalists. , Shaima Jamal.

Sentencing of the son of a well-known businessman for manslaughter

Although the terrible accident that resulted in the death of 4 young men in the city of Sheikh Zayed, due to the recklessness of Karim al-Hawari, the son of a well-known businessman, happened in December 2021, most of the facts of the case and the trial of “Karim” were in 2022 and attracted Egyptians like a magnet.

Al-Hawari’s son hid the accident after his car, which he was driving at rocket speed, collided with a car carrying a group of young men, and he also consumed intoxicants while driving.

The State Prosecutor’s Office charged the young man with a criminal offense by acquiring an essential amount of the drug cocaine with the intention of consuming it and by mistake causing the death of four people, including three children.

The State Prosecutor’s Office announced that this happened due to his negligence, recklessness and imprudence, as well as non-compliance with laws and regulations by being under the influence of the specified narcotic drug and other intoxicants, not paying attention to the distance between himself and the damaged car, so he hit it from behind , knocking him over. They suffered injuries that took their lives, and they are charging him with other criminal acts.

The Criminal Court ruled, in his presence, to sentence Karim El-Hawary to 3 years’ rigorous imprisonment and a fine of £50,000, after the heirs of the victims dropped their civil claim in the case.

The accident of the artist Mustafa Haridy and the sentence of one year in prison

The artist, Mustafa Haridy, was also involved in a car accident, also in Sheikh Zayed City, after he collided with a car carrying 4 young men due to crazy speed.

The artist could not control his car and crashed into the young man’s car, after they left the cinema, before the impact, which caused a collision, and they were seriously injured.

After committing the artist to trial, the Sheikh Zayed Magistrates’ Court sentenced him to one year in prison and a fine of £5,000 in civil damages.

However, after the famous artist reconciled with the victims, they waived their right to dispute, and the second-instance misdemeanor court ruled that the criminal proceedings were time-barred.

The trial of the doctor responsible for the death of journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi

Another case raised public opinion in Egypt, and that is the accusation of the famous doctor Dr. Sharif Abbas that he covered up the death of the late journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, neglecting his treatment and giving him useless drugs.

The case was initiated by Sahar Ahmed, the widow of “Al-Ibrashi”, after she filed a complaint with the state attorney’s office against the well-known doctor and owner of the Center for Endoscopy of the Liver and Digestive System, accusing him of negligence in the treatment of her late husband. , giving him useless medicine and causing his death.

The journalist’s widow said that the doctor committed a real murder, killing her husband, after the doctor tricked the journalist against him, the late Wael Al-Ibrashi, that he had magic pills that he revealed could cure the Corona virus within a week.

She added that he persuaded him to treat him at home so that the miraculous invention would not leak out and that the hospital would not provide him with anything that would benefit his condition.

The doctor was referred to the Criminal Court, and the facts are still being determined before him.

Sea of ​​blood.. The massacre of the European village took the lives of 5 people

Giza also witnessed a heinous crime that claimed the lives of 5 people, known as the “Massacre of the European Village”, committed by a farmer against a family consisting of the farmer, his two daughters and two grandchildren, who work with the accused on a farm.

The accused explained his wrongdoing in the prosecutor’s investigation, saying that he proposed to one of the two daughters of the injured farmer, but refused to marry his daughter, for which he was angry and upset with him, and decided to take revenge by sexually assaulting her, knowing about her integrity and morals, wanting to humiliate her and her family.

The accused prepared for his crime by buying narcotic drugs and putting them in the drink within easy reach of the victims, in order to have the opportunity to harm the victim, and he claims that during this there was an argument between him and the injured farmer. , during which he stabbed him and cut his throat, and killed the others for fear of exposure.

Heba Kotb was accused of insulting an Egyptian

Family relations expert, Dr. Heba Kotb, fell into the trap of making offensive statements to an Egyptian man, after she said that “a man does not remain gentle except in the forbidden”.
Dr. Heba Kotb’s statements angered many, causing lawyer Ashraf Nagy to file a lawsuit against her, accusing her of insulting an Egyptian, using inappropriate phrases and descriptions against him, and attacking family and social values.

In the lawsuit, the expert in family relations is accused of mistreating Egyptians, inciting the destruction of the Egyptian family, inciting celibacy and stability, and spreading false news about Egyptian society, and that it is a deviant society in which vice and debauchery spread.

This came after Heba Qutb said in televised statements: “An Egyptian husband is convinced that if he is gentle with his wife, she will change him, pointing out that everything an Egyptian husband promises his wife before marriage changes and differs.”

And the sexual medicine consultant added: “The Egyptian husband says sweet words in two cases, either during the period of acquaintance, or she dies when the husband says to his wife, ‘Oh strife’ or ‘Oh blessing’, and she becomes very upset.”

The case is currently at the Public Prosecutor’s Office and is awaiting transfer to the Magistrate’s Court in Agouza, according to lawyer Ashraf Nagy.

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