“Children of Sharjah” graduated a group of distinguished students with cumulative knowledge

Sharjah: Iman Abdullah Al Ali
Khawla Al Hawai, acting director of Sharjah Children, affiliated to the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Industry Leaders and Innovators, confirmed that “Sharjah Children” is one of the most important pioneering institutions in the field of children. It contributes to the development and improvement of children’s talents and abilities, instills values ​​and leadership qualities, encourages them to learn and love knowledge and encourages them to be qualified to represent their country in various fields. This has been achieved because the “Children of Sharjah” have graduated a constellation of distinguished people who have accumulated various knowledge and occupied leadership positions that contribute to the service and building of the nation.

Khawla Al-Hawai explained that the number of centers has now reached 15, and they are currently studying the needs of residents of new residential areas in the Emirate of Sharjah with the aim of expanding and reaching the largest segment of target groups, as the vision of the Emirate of Sharjah aims to have a children’s center that supports his hobbies and perfects his abilities near the residential suburbs, so these children’s centers are distributed in the cities and regions of the Emirate of Sharjah as follows: in the city of Sharjah (6), in the central region (5) and in the eastern region (4).

She said that Sharjah Children’s Center has achieved many achievements, as the number of competitions in which members have participated since its establishment has reached 124, and they have achieved first places in many competitions, such as the World Championship in International “UC MAS” in Cambodia and the first place in the competition of the 2018 edition of the 20th Kanagawa International Fine Arts Exhibition in Japan and the fourth place in the World Robot Olympiad in Hungary in 2019. In the field of sports, the first place in the West Asia Blitz Chess Championship.

Among the most outstanding achievements of this year 2022: 12 boys and girls won the VEX competition and qualified for the global competition in America, 10 children won the VRAD competition and qualified for the global competition in America (virtual), and won third place in the global VRAD competition in which teams from America and Canada participated, and with the victory, 4 children’s teams advanced in the WRO National Robot Olympiad competition, and the children’s team from Sharjah qualified for the World Robot Competition in Germany; The girl won the Silicon Valley competition in Abu Dhabi for the best design in the category.

She added that thanks to the vision of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and his pioneering idea of ​​the importance of having children’s centers that provide extra-curricular activities and support the abilities and talents of children, and with the support and guidance of His Highness’s Spouse, Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, Chairperson of the Supreme Council for family issues in Sharjah, Sharjah Children is “one of the most important pioneering institutions.” In the field of children, it contributes to the development and improvement of children’s talents and abilities, instilling values ​​and leadership qualities, encouraging them to learn and love knowledge and encouraging them to be qualified to represent their country in various fields. This has been achieved because the “Children of Sharjah” have graduated a constellation of distinguished people who have accumulated various knowledge and occupied leadership positions that contribute to the service and building of the nation.

And because of Her Highness’ desire to invest the children’s time in a way that benefits them, she ordered that the operating system of the centers be updated and their doors be opened to receive children during Saturdays and Sundays, in order to achieve the best benefit and provide funds to help them seek, they experiment and create during the weekend.

She explained that the centers aim to achieve a common mission adopted by all Rubu’ Qarn institutions, which is to discover, develop and invest the energy of generations in an Emirati environment that encourages creativity and innovation through the design and implementation of future-oriented programs and activities. and events, in cooperation with local and international partners. The foundation also wants to adopt and develop talents through various initiatives, programs, activities and integrated projects offered throughout the year in its centers, within (6) approved tracks: sports, arts, science and technology, literature and languages, entrepreneurship and life skills , skills and abilities of children; take care of them and expand their perceptions. The foundation also organizes major events that contribute to shaping the personalities of members, empowering them and improving their roles in society: “Sharjah Children’s Shura”, which has been held since 1997, to discuss childhood problems in the emirate and to communicate children’s voices and issues of interest to officials and decision-makers, as well as work on the implementation of their recommendations; Through Shura, national cadres capable of bringing about positive changes in society are strengthened, through constructive dialogue and the development of public and parliamentary culture, the basis for discussing ideas and problems, and finding appropriate solutions for them under the umbrella of Shura; The Children’s Biennale is also organized in Sharjah, which was launched in 2008. It is an international artistic and cultural event dedicated to children, the first of its kind in the country and in the world, which nurtures children’s talents and develops their artistic skills. sense for creating creative works of art. In terms of impact measurement mechanisms, the Foundation has developed many measurement mechanisms, including but not limited to: assigning a survey for each activity that children complete at the end of the activity. The intended effect or benefit of programs and their contribution to the development of children’s abilities. They also participate in local competitions and international competitions to give them an opportunity to showcase their abilities in different fields. Their creativity is the cornerstone that supports the process of building a knowledge economy in the United Arab Emirates.

Regarding the most prominent projects that will be launched in the centers in the next phase, she said that preparations have begun to organize the parliamentary session of the Children’s Shura Council in Sharjah in its seventeenth session for children, under the slogan “A quarter of a century of excellence in parliamentary work”, and to hold will take place during the two years 2022-2024, and joint development projects are organized in cooperation with the sister institutions of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for the Industry of Leaders and Innovators, including “Ruba’ Qarn for Theater and Performing Arts”, the project “Ruba’ Qarn for music” and the “Ruba’ Qarn Technology” project called “Programmer of the Century”, in addition to many of the programs and events that the children of Sharjah are preparing for, including: “Winter Camp” and “Adventure Camp”, and the children’s participation in the International Robot Olympiad competition in Germany.

Regarding the existence of a plan to provide new services for children in Sharjah, she said: We constantly strive to keep up with all the changes and developments in order to provide the best services for children, and accordingly we are constantly working to seek best practices and develop the infrastructure for all centers on level of the Emirate of Sharjah, with the latest equipment and according to the highest standards that meet the needs of children, with the latest design and modern technologies that attract children; We also take into account the needs of the current generation of children for activities and programs that are compatible with modern technologies. We work to attract experts and specialized trainers for all disciplines included in our programs, namely: music, theater and performing arts, plastic arts, literature and languages, sports, life skills and entrepreneurship.

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