Conditions for marrying from abroad and issuing permits and papers required by Saudi citizens

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there is a lot of information about the validity of a special marriage license from abroad, which many applicants for marriage from abroad do not know, so the marriage license is given by the Saudi authorities, and there is another way to get married. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a person, and this method is for a person to pay 100,000 Saudi Riyals, and this amount is similar to a fine, and these are the laws followed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the period of permission to marry a foreigner is one year from days of permission.

  • When marrying a foreigner or a foreigner, there are some special conditions that must be followed and we will find out about them.

Conditions for marriage and permission from abroad

  • In order to obtain a marriage license outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the age of the Saudi woman applying for marriage must be at least 40 years and no more than 65 years.
  • If a Saudi man is married to a Saudi woman, he cannot marry a non-Saudi foreigner unless there are compelling reasons, such as a Saudi man suffering from a chronic illness or infertility.
  • For Saudi girls who want to marry a foreigner or a non-Saudi, there are certain conditions for this to happen, such as:
  • A girl who wants to marry a foreigner must be at least 30 years old or more than 55 years old.
  • For a girl who wants to marry a non-Saudi, the age difference cannot be more than 10 years.
  • A foreigner chosen by a Saudi girl must have been previously married to a Saudi woman.
  • A foreign person must have a sufficient and good source of income.
  • The foreign girl must be over 18 years old and wish to marry a Saudi citizen.
  • The foreign girl’s criminal record must be exempt from any lawsuit in the country of residence.
  • For the academic level, they must have at least a high school diploma.

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Documents that Saudis need when marrying foreigners

  • Before preparing the documents needed by the person getting married, all the above conditions must be met, and the necessary documents must be the following:
  • A letter addressed to Your Highness must be submitted.
  • Bring a copy of your marriage certificate and birth certificate.
  • All conditions must be met in order to marry a foreigner who does not reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which we mentioned earlier.

Ways of using the e-service for approval of marriages

  • Entry is through the MUP portal.
  • The required electronic service is specified.
  • After that, the emirate is chosen.
  • Click on the desired online service.
  • Then the matrimonial services are selected.
  • All necessary information has been entered.
  • Then the person sends the request.

Fix getting married without permission

  • There are several steps that a Saudi national who wants to marry without permission must take, and these steps include:
  • The person must present the transaction in the emirate as well as the letter.
  • Then the worker there gives a copy of this transaction to the citizen.
  • Then the citizen writes exactly the same.
  • Then the message comes to that person and its purpose is to send the transaction to the governor’s police for that citizen.
  • Then the citizen goes to the marriage office in the police station.
  • Later, this person read that his fiancee received his application along with the application and that she wrote all the information on paper.

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Fine for a Saudi national for marrying a foreign woman without permission

  • Anyone who violates the rules that must be followed when issuing official permission to allow a Saudi national to marry a non-Saudi girl will be punished by death, as follows:
  • The Saudi citizen paid fines of 100,000 Saudi Riyals.
  • A Saudi national is deprived of some opportunities during marriage, including the ability to obtain a loan to obtain a loan, as well as the denial of some government grants.

Some documents that a Saudi citizen should and must bring

  • Bring a copy of your forensic evidence.
  • Bringing the scene where the person signed the stamp by the mayor, and this is done if the husband does not work as a housewife, but if the wife is a worker, then the marital status is verified on the scene.
  • This letter will be accompanied by a letter containing the value of the salary received by both parties.
  • Take the document to the medical examination.
  • The citizen is obliged to bring a copy of the residence document and passport of the fiancee and the original, as well as a copy of the identity document and the original of the fiancee.
  • After completing all the steps we mentioned, the citizen returns to the process.
  • Then you submit the file with all the documents and wait for a month according to the instructions of the responsible officer.
  • Sometimes this period can be longer than a month, and then the citizen receives a letter from the emirate. The advantage of this letter is that it informs the person about the acceptance of the registration of the transaction, because it contains a specific number.
  • The authorization department then gives the citizen a new number so that he can track the progress of the transaction.
  • The time has come for the civil marriage to complete the marriage process by going to court and agreeing on its own date.
  • Apart from the presence of two witnesses for the marriage, the wedding process is not complete without the presence of the parents.

The decision to ban a Saudi citizen from marrying a non-Saudi foreigner

  • Many controls were implemented to prevent a Saudi woman from marrying a foreign woman.
  • These checks are based on allowing a Saudi man to marry a foreign woman, subject to a number of conditions.
  • The new Saudi law stipulates that a citizen married to a Saudi woman who wants to marry another non-Saudi girl must present a private or official medical certificate from a hospital proving this document with a reason, including her first husband’s inability to have children.
  • This document must be approved by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Problems that may arise when getting married abroad

  • Differences in the environment between the husband and wife and in the traditions of the Saudi society compared to the societies of the foreign husband can cause many problems between them.
  • In case of separation of spouses, children are greatly affected.
  • If a woman wants to go to her country to visit her family, the husband has to bear many expenses.
  • The situation can be awkward for the husband if the wife asks her to bring some of her family members to Saudi Arabia.

In this article, we learned about the conditions for getting married and getting a license from abroad, the documents that a Saudi citizen needs in case of getting married to a foreigner, ways to use the service of getting a marriage license in an electronic environment, correcting filling in an unauthorized marriage and the penalty for marrying a Saudi a citizen before marriage to a man. Some documents to pass and his decision to prevent a Saudi citizen from marrying a non-Saudi foreigner, and the negative aspect that can arise when marrying from abroad.

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