Don’t miss this evening Akram Tawfiq leads the trend after injury…and the launch of the first luxury “Talgo” trains

The past few hours have witnessed a flurry of news, which varied between social, artistic, political, economic, sports and other events that Al-Dustour has covered in the past few hours.

The launch of the first luxury “Talgo” trains from Cairo to Alexandria: “It looks like airplanes”

Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, will witness tomorrow the start of operation of the first luxury “Talgo” trains for the public, at two o’clock in the afternoon, from the station “Ramses” in Cairo to “Sidi Gaber” and “Misr” in Alexandria, after the end of the trial operation of the train without passengers in the past period. This is the first journey of the new Spanish train, after it ran experimentally for a month and a half without passengers, to ensure the safety of all its technical aspects. It is planned that the other trains will be delivered in regular batches, until the end of the first half of 2023, in preparation for their operation on the “Cairo-Aswan” line as well.

In the following lines, “Al-Dustour” gives an overview of the full potential of this luxury train, which comes within an integrated strategy of increasing the efficiency and development of the railway plant, and providing the best services to passengers.

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The Children’s Cancer Hospital crossed the top of the 57357 trend in the last few hours, after news of its closure due to a lack of donations and an increase in the number of patients, which mobilized a large number of citizens to start a hashtag calling to save the hospital # Save_Children_Cancer_Hospital, because it a point of light amidst the darkness where millions of children live with this terrible disease.

Many communicated with the hashtag #Save_Children_Cancer_Hospital, as many creators of the hashtag called for the return of donations, considering the closure of the hospital a disaster due to the large number of people infected with this disease, but also the increase in the cost of its treatment, in addition to highlighting the importance of the hospital in conducting many experiments in trials finding a quick cure for this disease.

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Safe winter.. a “decent life” that protects the “overprivileged” from the cold by distributing “blankets” and providing “school bags”.

The “Dignified Life” Foundation continues to support the poor and most needy families in facing the cold of winter, distributing large quantities of “quilts” and “blankets” to those who are unable to in the targeted villages and municipalities.

This included families unable to live in hamlets, villages and Bedouin, desert and border communities, as part of efforts by “decent life” officials to reduce the burden on the most vulnerable families by providing them with all means of social and medical care.

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In search of 1000 Mohamed Salah.

The first episode of the biggest sports talent discovery program in football “Capitano Egypt”, which was launched by United Media Services in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, was launched in the most important and strongest sports media step in the Middle East.

The episode that was broadcast yesterday at nine in the evening delighted the audience, and it featured a large number of Egyptian football stars of the past years, among the most talented and the most credible to the audience, which is a reflection of sincerity. and transparency in the selection of contestants, and professionalism in providing the expertise support and guidance needed to develop their skills.

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For the second time.. Akram Tawfiq leads the trend after suffering a cruciate ligament injury

The name of Al-Ahly club player Akram Tawfiq has been at the top of the searches in the last few hours, after he announced that he has a torn cruciate ligament, as a result of an injury during the team’s training, this morning, at Al-Stadium Salam, which led to great sadness number of the player’s fans and fans of the Red Spirit, because he is considered one of the most prominent He is one of the most important players of Al-Ahly and one of the main pillars Team.

Social networks were saddened by the injury of the player Akram Tawfiq, and his name appeared at the top of the indicators of the world’s most famous search engine, Google, just minutes after the announcement of his injury, since the cruciate ligament injury is one of the most serious injuries that can require the removal of a player from football stadiums. for no less than 6 months and an extension for a whole year, with the continuation of physical therapy after the recovery period.

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Meteorology: It will rain in these parts until the end of the day

The Meteorological Administration announced that rainy weather will continue until the end of the day in certain areas of the northern coasts, Lower Egypt, Delta, Greater Cairo, Canal Cities, North and Central Sinai, and Northern Upper Egypt.

She also said in a post on her personal account on the social network “Facebook” that low and medium rain clouds will continue to multiply there, followed by rain of varying intensity, until the end of the day.

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