On the occasion of the celebration of the New Year 2023.. Teach your child the etiquette of visiting

For a few days, the world welcomes the birth of the new year, and on the occasion of New Year’s celebrations and family visits for joy and congratulations; How about using the remaining days to teach your child visiting etiquette and good behavior outside the home? The celebration will not be reduced only to buying new clothes and preparing delicious pancakes, but the joy will be complete with accompanying and socializing with children, and teaching them how to be loved children among people? Meeting with an expert on children’s issues, Dr. Manal Al-Shami, professor at the Faculty of Education; For explanation and details.

Be polite and courteous when visiting

Warn the child before the visit what is right and what is wrong
  • On the occasion of the New Year celebration; The family can be invited outside the house accompanied by their children, and in terms of education, a child is welcome and loved among people, if he is kind and quiet, and plays without screaming and loudness when visiting.
  • If the celebration is outside the family and relatives – with friends – then it is necessary to warn the child again about what is good and what is not in speech and behavior in front of people.
  • And for parents to understand that it is inappropriate to admonish and blame children for the inappropriate behavior they cause, whether it is relatives or strangers; The child does not mean to do bad things.
  • Tell your child that as soon as he arrives, he should first shake hands with the family members, using titles and polite words, stand firmly in front of them and greet them.
  • We warn your child to avoid going to all places that are not intended only for play, which the owner of the house has allowed them out of respect for the family’s privacy.
  • Ask the child to take off his shoes before entering the apartment. Some people do not like their visitors to enter the apartment in shoes in accordance with the house rules.

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Speak in a calm and non-aggressive voice

The child must return the toys to their place after playing
  • Let the child know that the toys should only be returned to their places; So as not to distort the general view of the house and anger the housemates.
  • Take the child aside if you repeatedly feel his excessive movements or his voice and cries of emotion and ask him to be calm, especially if there is a sick or elderly person nearby.
  • One of the most important things is to notice the child when he eats food or sweets in the house of unknown people, and if he is offered food and does not want to eat it, he can refuse it in a polite way.
  • But if he is hungry; He must wait until everyone is seated to eat and ask permission before leaving the table after giving thanks.
  • Also tell him that if he exposes himself to any of the situations that are not satisfactory for him at his age, he should immediately inform the adults without any aggressive actions.

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Let your child join you in creating beautiful memories

Follow the child’s opinion in choosing the shape of the candy
  • New Year celebrations are beautiful days; Therefore, all parents these days should spread positivity with their children, take them shopping for toys for the Christmas tree and give their opinion on the shapes of decorations and sweets.
  • Ask them to cooperate in decorating the house and decorating the Christmas tree, and to participate in making pastries and desserts to prepare this day that creates beautiful memories.
  • It is recommended to make a time plan for the day; Ask your son to make a few calls and invite close friends and family at least a week or four days before the party.
  • If it is an invitation to dinner; The house must be prepared and properly dressed before the guests arrive. Guests can prepare pastries or snacks as a gift.

Teach your child: how to be loved?

A child’s interaction with others makes him likable
  • Every mother strives for her son to be loved among people, and until the child becomes loved; You have to raise him well and observe his behavior and reactions well.
  • One of the characteristics of this beloved child is that he has an inborn intrinsic ability to attract the attention of others and arouse their feelings towards him, such as admiration, courtship, love and kindness.
  • The child’s social intelligence and his interaction with others makes him very popular.
  • Beloved is a child who can introduce himself to others and establish many good relationships.
  • A confident child will do better in learning. Which makes him even more endearing.
  • Teachers always love the top child, and so do colleagues and parents.
  • Sport promotes self-confidence, strengthens the child’s personality, teaches him cooperation and flexibility.

Teach your child sports and cooperation

The cooperative child is loved by others at home
  • Some children have an instinctive sense of humor and playfulness.
  • Some acquire it through parenting and some sense of humor skills.
  • Likewise, a child who cooperates with others is a loved child, as well as a clean and beautiful child. It attracts more attention than a beautiful baby.
  • Taking care of the child’s appearance leaves a good impression on the mother and the child.
  • Taking care of the child’s proper nutrition, without obesity and thinness, is more pleasant for the child.
  • Some children have an innate mischievousness; Where they do some nice and interesting movements, in the way of speaking or humorous body language.

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