Text You are the most beautiful song written by the artist Abdel Rahman

You are the most beautiful words, the lyrics of the Yemeni Arabic song that became very famous on all websites, and many listeners and followers admired the famous artist Khaled Abdel Rahman, who is well known in Yemen, and is also considered an artist, poet, musician and composer. The article will get to know all the details of this wonderful artist together and find out which words make you the most beautiful.

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Summary of my acquaintance with the artist Abdel Rahman

  • Khaled Abdul Rahman is an artist from the Yemeni city of Najd, he was born in 1965 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and what distinguishes him the most and what is known in the Arab world is that he wrote many different lyrical songs and also composed most of his poems before he became a great poet. Being a singer and organizer of many poetry evenings, he is a versatile artist in writing, singing, composing and playing.
  • Khalil grew up and completed primary education in Qutayba bin Muslim, but did not complete secondary education. He has five brothers and sisters, the oldest of them. His father died in 1983, and when he was not yet 15 years old, he took over the responsibility of the whole family. .
  • Khaled Abdel Rahman also suffered an emotional crisis before entering this musical field, and this is what made Hallett sing this sad color of poetry and poetry.
  • He married his uncle on May 1, 2009, and his life returned to the atmosphere of traditional slavery, and he grew up in a middle-class family of 10 sisters with his father and mother. His father was born in Al-Quwa and moved to Riyadh. He was also farmer and poet. the advertiser. His father did not allow him to play the oud while he was alive.

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An overview of his artistic life

  • When the artist Khaled Abdel Rahman was learning to play the oud, he was greatly influenced by the famous great artists Salam Al-Abdullah and Hamad Al-Tayyar, so he sang for all his relatives, wrote lyrics and composed them himself, and all the songs he recorded with his voice become a distinctive recording and publish it. It is sold as a non-original version.
  • Despite this, she was very popular with many listeners and was in high demand, and the demand for this version became greater with recording venues whose songs were inadvertently leaked, as she initially rejected the idea of ​​being a songwriter. He wanted to be satisfied and not famous with everyone, to become an artist and singer for himself and his relatives, so he considered it a hobby that he acquired and practiced from time to time, and he did not have to continue as a world-famous singer recognized by many fans.

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The beginning of an introduction to the lyrical art of Abd al-Rahman

  • His first appearance as a singer was as a well-known artist, with the release of his first album (Sahrini) in 1988, and this album was the first work of an artist from Najd, which at that time was suffering from a lack of singers.
  • Khaled Abdel Rahman was also afraid of people’s praise, so he published his songs under a pseudonym other than his own, which increased the number of his fans and his impressive presence in many newspapers and magazines. who used it.
  • The artist Abd al-Rahman used the pseudonym “Makhawi al-Layl” for his fans, and after many different accusations appeared, some poets called “Makhawi al-Layl” discovered that he was the author of the poems distributed under by the name “Makhawi”, he is directly Khaled Abd al-Rahman. began to appear. night “.

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Nice words

  • You are the most beautiful feeling of love, affection and honor than what I have explained. You are the greatest. They lived happily and sadly. My heart knew it. You are a real wound.
  • Perfume with her and after her blood spilled You cure more than hubris and hubris, Shine, worst honest You are the last I wrote in the lines that crush my dreams.
  • Unfortunately you are more precious, but the world is turning upside down, I promise what I will face.

One of Khaled’s successful singing works

  • Artist Khaled Abdel Rahman (Remains of Jouruh) has many successful works, as it was the first production company he signed with (Afraq) in 1989 AD, 1990 AD, then he began to grow successively with many production companies that bear the name national album. (Saudi Muslim).
  • He also participated in the last Janadriyah festival in 1411 and released an album (Waiting for It) in 1991 in the same year.
  • Halt also presented a very successful album in which he described the pain of a disabled child and the indifference of his parents, and this work was called (Letter to the Disabled).
  • In 1991, Khaled held a concert in Cairo and gained a large audience.
  • In the middle of 1412 AH, Khaled released two albums (If I Wept) and (Mawaddah), followed by an album called Watani (The Essence of My Country), which contained two songs praising the Saudi representation.
  • AH made a Samaritan album in 1413 and this album had a pure Samaritan color.
  • Then, according to the words of the poet Samer, he released an album (Aahat) on which there is a song of the same name as well as the album, and the sales of this album amounted to close to HRK 1 million.
  • In the case of Abd al-Rahman, the poet Prince Badr bin Abdul Mohsen participated for the first time in 1993 with a song (Ah Min Lail Al Tajafi) and an album (Wadi Chouf Ilham), and in the middle of 1414 he published an album by Ahmed Khaled (Amer Talal), which was released with many rhythmic numbers. He was outstanding. And various melodies in it.
  • He finally withdrew from his state on 4/29/1415. AH which corresponds to 5/10/1994, but with strong persuasion from his fans, he changed his decision and in the middle of 1415 AH released an album (New page) with a new design based on the presentation of oud and rhythm. . Only.
  • In 1416 A.H., he issued the A. Khaled Al-Boom (necklace and bracelet) with many poets such as Badr bin Abdul Mohsen, Talal Al-Rasheed, Ahmed Al-Nasser and Saad Al-Khereiji.
  • AH released an album (The Joy of Elkana) in mid-1417 and it became the title track of the album and remains the first Arabic song to appear on MBC Radio’s Top 10 for more than two months.
  • Then, in the middle of 1419 AD, he released an album (Ali Al-Nawa), which he shared with the poet Badir bin Abdul Mohsen, and achieved great success with it.
  • The album (Your Heart is Big), which was released at the beginning of 1420 AD, was prepared only with oud and rhythm, and the album, which contains 10 works, achieved numerous successes.
  • In 1420 AH, the artist Khaled Abd al-Rahman al-Dosari attended the Janadriyah festival and supervised the crown prince and received him in a national ceremony that would have made any artist in attendance proud.
  • In 2000, Khaled released an album (I suffer), and all the lyrics were written by poets.

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From here we have come to the end of the article. We gave a full explanation of the words You are the most beautiful, and we also talked about the great poet Khaled Abdel Rahman, who wrote and composed these words, and we talked about the introduction of his life, his upbringing and some successful lyrical works, and I hope that this article succeed. . like you.

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