Heavy teasing is a temporary smile and permanent sadness

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Increasing the number of followers of an influencer’s profile on social networks has become a goal in itself, which reduces the quality and manner of presentation, to the extent that it poses a danger, either for the participants of this content, or even for members of society, who become exposed to negative content that they psychological damage, or even from It is possible that they imitate him, while on the other hand, between friends and acquaintances there are dangerous situations of jokes, which can result in injury or can lead to death, as a phenomenon that should be stopped and warned against, therefore the law states as a barrier and a wall that prevents such behavior by raising awareness of the dangers of it. Persons, who find themselves overnight, under criminal punishment due to the implementation of such situations, because the Federal Law on Criminal Offenses and Penalties provides for a prison sentence and a fine, or one of these two penalties, for anyone who intentionally commits an act that endangers the lives, health, safety of people, or the risk of freedom.

catastrophic situations

Examining some of these situations, we find, for example, that wife who wanted to make her husband a strange birthday, so she filled the swimming pool in the house with water and put a substance that produces thick smoke, and she agreed with his friends to surprise him, and indeed everyone started to celebrate, and the husband and his friends jumped into the water, while the wife documented the moment on her phone, with the aim of achieving a high viewership rate through her social media accounts, and it was only for a few minutes, and the husband and his friends disappeared into thick smoke in the pool, and the woman thought they were enjoying the experience, but the time was long and she could not hear their voices, and after 15 minutes of anxiety, she overtook her and called the police, who immediately came and determined the death of her husband and 3 family friends from suffocation in the pool, which caused the wife to collapse.

For his part, Lt. Col. Ali Abdullah Al-Qasib Al-Naqbi, head of the sea rescue department at the Port Police Station of the Dubai Police, revealed to Al-Bayan that there are cases of drowning that occur as a result of a serious joke between friends at sea, which can lead to injury or death, highlighting the seriousness of this matter, especially for users of jet skis due to their presence at sea and the difficulty of their timely rescue, noting that cases of pranks that almost ended in disaster were recorded between a group of young people while flaunting the water scooters, and one of them accidentally collided with another because of a mutual joke, which hit the other on the head and almost drowned. He too is saved, noting that some people do not understand the consequences of hard jokes, and a man can pretend to be drowning repeatedly until the moment comes when the drowning is real and there is no escape.

Lt. Col. Al-Naqbi indicated that the matter does not depend on pranks in the sea, but it can happen in pools, noting that there are certain challenges that youth and children undertake unknowingly, such as holding their breath for the longest time under water, hiding in a certain way or pulling another downwards Water purely for the purpose of a joke, which can end in disaster if not intervened quickly, calling for the need to be aware of its consequences.

Dangerous situations

For her part, lawyer Nadia Abdel-Razzaq confirmed that in recent years, through various social networks and satellite channels, hidden camera programs and hoaxes have appeared in which victims are involved, whether they are ordinary individuals or famous people or in ordinary life among friends or members of the same family By providing humor with funny content by spreading terror or panic regardless of the idea or the means used and the extent of its danger or the extent of its mental, physical or psychological impact on the victim.

She said that these situations can endanger the lives or death of people, and in addition, they extend the influence of this content on society by spreading incitement to violence, albeit jokingly, pointing out that we find this, for example, when a famous actor performs a television program in which he tortures a person. others, spreading the idea of ​​mocking people that relies on enjoying torturing others as a joke.

Legal separation

She added that from a social and legal point of view, these behaviors are punishable by law, because a criminal offense is any act that is contrary to what is in the interest of society and the individual, or a violation of customs or rules and standards adopted by society, and due to the progress achieved , the branching of relationships and their abundance, and the appearance of advanced forms of crime from time to time, the Criminal Legislator tried to keep up with various crimes that threaten the pillars of society and endanger it by establishing prior protection in order to avoid the occurrence of a criminal offense and prevent the targeting of new victims. Danger in the linguistic definition, it is the failure to destroy, while it is legally potential damage that endangers an interest protected by law.

Lawyer Nadia pointed out that Article 399 of the Federal Law on Criminal Offenses prescribes a prison sentence and a fine, or one of these two punishments, for anyone who intentionally commits an act that endangers the life, health, safety or freedom of people, and the punishment is imprisonment if the act results in damage.without prejudice to any more severe punishment prescribed by law.

Criminalization of assault

And since the life, health, safety and freedom of people are among the most important goals that the legislator wants to protect and preserve, the Criminal Code emphasized the criminalization of attacks on any of them and considered any action that would endanger the lives of others, leads to criminalization and binding punishment for the perpetrator, and it is noted that the article incriminates an intentional act without fault, which is what is legally known as criminal intent, which is the intentional execution of a legally criminal act and the will of the perpetrator to achieve the desired result, and the evidence of intentional behavior is extracted by the court from the fact of each case separately, because intent or intention is a mystical thing that is difficult to perceive, so it reveals it. Court from other evidence and evidence of the state.

And it showed that from this point of view, we find that the legislature adopted a new policy in criminalization, so that it decided to punish a dangerous act or behavior, even if no harm was done, so that the punishment is intended to provide protection to others in an attempt to prevent preventive and thereby establishing a policy of deterrence for any negligence that exposes others to danger.


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