In a difficult public send-off and another welcome

I think this year’s World Cup has received unprecedented international coverage and attention. Even those like me, who do not play sports as an amateur, including football, which I have little or no knowledge of, were attracted by the general enthusiasm, the conversion of cafes into galleries on the roads, and the media’s preoccupation with reporting. for a long time in the regular broadcast time, so that they became one of the introductions to the news, all of which infected me to follow its results.

And this despite the fact that my friends and I agree that he is a mad scientist spending billions of dollars on sports in this tense international situation. Huge fortunes are spent on the preparation of the stadium and on the players, as well as on advertising, which in turn encourages more and more unnecessary spending. This is a time when the globe is suffering from disturbances that threaten the future of humanity. From the problem of global warming and the consequent threat to the lycosphere, biodiversity and natural disasters. It does not allocate the necessary funds or measures to deal with it with the necessary seriousness and responsibility.

Not to mention the millions who are at risk of starvation as a result of natural conditions and the ongoing world war on Ukrainian soil.

In this particularly difficult time, the world took a period of excitement, fun and unprecedented joy.

In Lebanon, during the violent days of reproductive wars and threats hovering over the heads of Lebanese people, they used to go out to raucous evening parties in homes, restaurants, cabarets and entertainment venues and celebrate wildly, as if defying death or taking time out to compensated for suffering and imminent danger all the time.

That’s what seems to have happened with this World Cup. The conditions the world went through, including natural disasters and economic hardship, culminated in the Covid pandemic, which threatened humanity and turned its life upside down; Thus, the stone experience represented the most difficult challenge for the inhabitants of the ball and its systems at all levels, and it also spread the fear of death. The movement of production and industry was stopped, until the discovery of grafts, serums and antibiotics.

No sooner had the people breathed a sigh of relief than the war against Ukraine spurred them on. People renewed the cycle of fear, problems and risks that arose from the disruption of supply chains of raw materials and goods.

From here it seems that what happened at this World Cup was compensation for all that frustration, angst, fear and frustration, with a compensatory wave of fun, joy and celebration to inject some spirit into everyday life to bring it back to normal.

In addition to political exploitation, i.e. the attempt to market religion as homosexuality, the Arabs had their own great joy. First, because the World Cup is on Arab soil; Qatar struggled for years to host him, and was not frustrated by counter-efforts and rumors that it was a well-deserved success. So it has received worldwide consensus that it is one of the most successful, beautiful and well-organized courses.

Another thing is Saudi Arabia’s surprise victory over Argentina, and its hero, Messi, whom everyone recognizes as the best player ever. And the qualification of the Moroccan football team to the quarter-finals for the first time in the history of Arab countries. All this contributed to the explosion of the united feeling of Arab brotherhood and the overcoming of rivalry between their governments.

The Arab nations are thirsty for any kind of success or achievement and they found it in the World Cup. And since the deep wound remains Palestine, they have not forgotten to remind the world of its righteousness, although some read it as a political contest between the regimes.

The question remains: why exactly does sport occupy such an ever-increasing space?

In my book The Body Trap, I covered a chapter on the athletic body and what gave the sport this page.

It started with the change in attitudes towards work during the last twentieth century. Working hours decreased, paid vacations for workers were regulated, entertainment became a necessity, the importance of gaming became important, and competitive games turned into violence-rejecting simulations.

There is also a change in the attitude towards the body. A man who instinctively seeks beauty is no longer satisfied with what we add to the body to beautify it. It has become necessary for the body itself to be beautiful and graceful. People had to acquire beauty in the sweat of their faces: that’s how man invented sport. Therefore, individual sports are recording increasing success with the spread of jogging, and clubs specializing in body exercises to maintain its softness and permanent youth are expanding.

Sports news and their achievements filled the front pages of newspapers, along with news of wars and unemployment.

The body now fills billboards in cities and conquers magazines and all screens. The glorification of the body and the search for its superiority is an invention of modern societies. The Greeks played sports to glorify strength, practice cruelty or overpower others, and for religious rites.
Now all that has changed, sport has become a celebration, glorification of the body, its shaping and strengthening.

Today, we engage in professional sports in order to surpass ourselves and push the boundaries of possibilities more and more. From now on, beauty is associated with effort. A body that is subject to standards and has specific specifications and sizes.

A sports body only achieves its victory as such and enters the arena of economic interests. New equipment, new movements and new exercise protocols are entering the realm of sports to achieve results and achievements that reach almost the limits of the possible. And the numbers of sports achievements are broken against each other in order to achieve the highest number.

For the Olympic and international player, sport leads to a certain obligation that forces him to engage intensively as an individual. He undertakes a series of preparations, precautions, and kinds of care which make him live a series of sensations which he shares with all others who expose their bodies to athletic competition; Those who “use” the maximum capacity of their muscles, who receive blows and establish contact relationships with others. They also share a set of symbols: club, swimsuit, locker room, team, and venues for competition, i.e. arena, baseball, gymnasium, indoor court…

They also share common values ​​and experiences: training, psychological preparation, tactics or feeling for the game, aggressiveness, the taste of victory and the pleasure of hearing cheers, as well as pain, fatigue and the feeling of being at a high physical level. conditions than others. The sport of the aristocracy has been transformed into an aristocracy of some athletes, who form a class enjoying a kind of natural selection, and we find them in all classes and countries without any distinction except their aptitude for high achievement on the mathematical level. . And this ability turns their lives around and makes them chosen like Neo, the hero of the movie Matrix.

The scale of expansion and spread of the sport means that it has its own rhythms and imposed strictness. The sports champion, in addition to the privileges, also carried the burden of daunting daily responsibilities and obligations that he embarks on for his calling-like talent, to maintain his professional level and the level of his achievements, depending on the technique he enjoys and on his physical and mental characteristics.

All this makes this talented person marginal and exposed to pressure: his work is fleeting, his career is short, and he is constantly exposed to injuries and traumas. The life of a top athlete is punctuated by many crises that he has to face alone. Hence the feeling of isolation, torment and falling into cycles of stress.
It’s the age of the sports world!!

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