Look.. one of them eats scraps from the garbage.. shocking fate for the stars of Hajj Metwally.. you won’t believe what happened to them!

Now watch the news as one of them eats scraps from the garbage..shocking fate for the stars of Hajj Metwally series..you won’t believe what happened to them! And now with the details

Riyadh – Ruwaida bin Abbas – 26.05.2022 01:40 in the morning | Follow Favorite

Marwa Mohamed, the Extras actress, set social media on fire last year after a picture of her sitting on the pavement eating garbage went viral.

Many connected the image of Marwa Muhammad now and her image in the past when she participated in the events of the series “The Hajj Metwally Family” 21 years ago, specifically when the work was presented in 2001, which caused great surprise among those who did not understand her homelessness on street.

Marwa failed to realize her dream of acting, becoming a star, and did not achieve fame in the art world, as the audience or fans of the family series Hajj Metwally Marwa Muhammad did not remember a single sentence except her face during the few scenes she was happy with in her artistic portfolio , to settle for that and withdraw from the Light she went to in a completely different way, due to her displacement on the sidewalks after an acute psychological crisis that the Facebook pioneers touched on in their comments on her photos.

The series “The Hajj Metwally Family” when she was 20 years old, with a large group of stars such as Nour Al-Sharif, Fadia Abdel-Ghani, Ghada Abdel-Razek and Rania Youssef.

The Hajj Metwally family series is considered one of the important series in every Egyptian home. It discussed various family problems, and many stars acted in it. Through this reportage, we review what the heroes of the work have achieved in 20 years of showing the series.

Some of the participants in the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally” moved away from the spotlight, while others became first-rate stars, but the role of each of them in the series is still firmly rooted in the minds of the audience.

Despite the departure of many participants of the series from our world, led by the great artist Nour Al-Sharif, Mamdouh Wafi and Raja Al-Jeddawi, they are still remembered, and their works, including this series, remain the best consolation for their fans .

Fadia Abdel-Ghani, the first wife of Hajj Metwally, graduated from the Department of Acting of the Higher Institute of Cinematography, and since her graduation she has participated in dozens of television works, the most famous of which are (Al-Mal and Al-Bunun, Nisf Rabi’ Al- Akher, Gemini, Al-Watad, Hajj Metwally’s family, Aunt Nour), and she suffers from a lack of participation in new works of art.

Magda Zaki, the second wife of Hajj Metwally, graduated in dramatic art from the High Institute of Dramatic Art, and she began her artistic life by simply participating in some series such as (Dreams of the Flying Boy), and after a period that stretched to the early millennium acting in various works, she managed to participate in some important series such as (Helmeye Nights), (Journey of Mr. Abu El-El Al-Bishri) and (Professor Shalash Family).

By the beginning of the millennium, she managed to achieve famous roles that brought her great success in famous series, such as participation in the famous series (The Hajj Metwally Family) with (Nour Al-Sharif) and (Abbas Abyad in the Black Day) with (Yahya Al- Fakharani) and the series (Kid Al-Hamawat), which was She has the main role in it, and currently participates in the series “Qout Al Quloub 2” and the series “Counterattack”.

As for the grace of God, who is the third wife, performed by the artist Ghada Abdel Razek, she was born in the governorate of Giza and graduated in computer science Metwally, then she continued her participation in many films and series, among the most famous series in which she participated (The Struggle of the Strong, Family and People), and she also presented Ramadan Fawazir Farah Farah in 2003.

In the field of cinematography, she worked in many films with director Khaled Youssef, who rediscovered her in the cinema in a new way and made her appear in very bold roles presented for the first time on the screen, and she is preparing to compete in the upcoming Ramadan drama in the series “Lham Ghazal”.

And the fourth wife in the life of Hajj Metwally, who is Madiha, and who embodied her character, the artist Sumaya Al-Khashab, is currently competing after 20 years in the upcoming Ramadan drama through the series “Moussi” with Muhammad Ramadan. She was born in the city of Alexandria. Faculty of Commerce of the University of Alexandria in 1997.

And she started her artistic career in 1999 and at that time she was preparing to present songs, but suddenly the directors chose her to act in more than one film, and the artist Salah Al-Saadani advised her to focus on acting and delay her singing step, although she studied music at the Alexandria Conservatory, she started playing a small role. In the series (The Account) with Salah Al-Saadani, but the series (The Stray Light) is the beginning of her real launch into the world of fame and stars.

The fifth wife, whom Metwally married after the death of his first wife, was the artist Monia, who disappeared from the artistic community for a while and did not participate in many artistic works, she was born in 1969. She studied at (Najat Ali), where Monia nominated director Bassem Mahfouz for his work in the TV series (To whom I leave everything) as an actress. This), then she would participate in the series (The Unknown, Umm Al-Arousa) in 1998, but her real starting point was through the series (The Hajj Metwally Family) in 2001. After that, she participated in many works.

The Wesh Al-Saad series dealt with the artist Rania Youssef and the artist Mustafa Shaaban, and they have taken steady steps in the art world so far and always want to be present in the art scene.

As for Samira Habiba Mustafa Metwally, whom Metwally wanted to marry, and she played the artist Nourhan, she is currently trying to fulfill her role in the series “Between Heaven and Earth” with Hani Salam, and she was born in Alexandria. 1982 and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Alexandria, then worked in the art field since the beginning of the third millennium, and most of her work was on television, including: (The Hajj Metwally Family, Souk Al-Asr , Qassem Amin, Al-Eisyan , Al-Masrawiya).

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