The conversation about alienation and travel has the most beautiful, supreme meanings

Speaking of alienation. Alienation is considered one of the most difficult stages that a person goes through outside of his homeland, while growing up and adapting to it from a young age. A person experiencing alienation is a person who is forced to separate from their loved ones in order to travel for education, work or any other purpose in solitude. On memories of the past for family and loved ones and their desire to live again… In this article, the site explores the rise of tender and fragrant words that express alienation.

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Talk about alienation

  • People are always jealous of you for something you don’t deserve to be envious of, because their property is your property falls, even a stranger who envies you has to pay taxes in cash and hate like homelessness is earned.
  • Weirdness, man, is a tragedy felt in stages, and the awareness of it is only complete when that coffin closes on your questions that have remained open all your life, Wouldn’t you be here that day if you knew how weird you were before? How long will you not be exiles?
  • Do my friends know that I refuse to look at the stars of the night after their parting until I have time, time, time, time, if I stop longing and pain or fall into sadness, a stranger will be sad wherever he is. (Ahlam Mosteghanemi)
  • Souad said: “Unless you are depressed, there are no chirping birds with artists, our paid neighbors. We are strangers here. Every foreigner is our hireling.” Grammar)
  • My body is next to me, my soul is with you, my body is in a foreign country, and my soul is in my homeland
  • O my heart, do not grieve and do not drown in darkness, because the light is coming, here it is, its aura is becoming more and more flexible, more sincere and more secure, nothing can save you except your dream, sincerity and devotion to God, your soul, soul and soul .
  • The hardest thing in this life is when you feel like a stranger.
  • It is a shame that your sincerity and honesty is a shame that you are a dreamer, and a shame is a dream that you are good, and that kindness towards those you love is a dervish in the eyes of others, purity and love.
  • You are a sensitive and loyal loving contemplator who is valued by others

It has long since died out and disappeared and they look at you with scorn and feel that you are from another world and that you are destined to live here and are looking for a destination for a dream that will keep you alive.

  • Separation is sorrow like the flame of the sun, it evaporates the memories from the heart, and raises them to their places, so their eyes respond by splashing their waters to extinguish the flame of memory. for medicines.
  • Separation is like love, letters cannot describe it, and parting is like an eye flowing after parting.
  • Let your eyes be words, those who love you will read its darkness and say goodbye, let artists paint the canvas of the feelings they need the most and can’t, that’s the last thing time will save on your credit.
  • After parting, do not expect the rising moon to complain about its distant suffering, because it will move away from what it carries and return to us like a new moon and will not stand before the sea and its raging waves, and shed more than a hundred tears of your anguish will bring you to the unstable bottom and return to us the calm sea that is the year of the universe. It’s the day you wear it to yourself and the day you wear it. (from cold words)

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The most beautiful phrases of alienation

  • Exile taught me more than any other teacher to write the name of the homeland on the board at night with the stars.
  • How cruel is the alienation of a human being, neither a jasmine flower, nor the memory of jasmine.
  • Who denies that alienation is a borrowed life?
  • Alienation does not heal the wound.
  • Strangeness is like everything, strangeness is like everything.
  • Each tense completes the other half of a sentence, so weirdness is like a sentence, so weirdness is like everything else.
  • A man suffers from an aversion like asthma, and both have no cure, and the poet is worse because poetry is foreign to himself.
  • What does not lead their homeland, foreignness eats the edges of their clothes, their souls trapped in the middle of freedom.
  • The most extreme kind of alienation has to do with how you feel at home.
  • I can’t stand this window into alienation, like a wall where I can’t see anything.
  • Wealth in a foreign country is a homeland, and poverty in a homeland is a foreign country.
  • I am a stranger to this world, a stranger, and no one in existence knows a word of my soul’s language.
  • He is a stranger who believes in this world, who does not bother with its humiliations and does not match his people in its glory.
  • If you think people are distant or distant from you, remember your closeness to God.
  • Alienation does not allow you to get to know a person as it should be, like a person who sees himself in a mirror for the first time where his life is not like him and who did not understand alienation for a long time.
  • We miraculously got rid of alienation from our songs.
  • The best part about alienation is that he makes friends with strangers and becomes friends like brothers.
  • Alienation is the way he chews you up and throws you home when something is out of his hands.

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quotes about alienation

  • Ghada Al-Samman says: I am not a wing, I am not a stranger, but I am a stranger, I am not free, I am free, and completes her explanation: I am a sailor who says that salt is exile. almost burned out, and he also said: Happiness confuses me and it scares me because I am a woman who alienates me. . Many come to the stage of love, because it breaks the isolation of the heart and removes the frost of alienation.
  • Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky: The time has passed when our people were afraid of alienation and the time has come when we feared them in our exile.
  • Naguib Mahfouz says: The extreme form of alienation is the alienation you feel in your homeland.
  • Ibn Rushd says about a foreign country: Knowledge in a foreign country is a homeland, and ignorance in a homeland is a foreign country.
  • The author Al-Nadawi says: Exile gives you much if you are in it as an individual, and it benefits you more if you are in a group.
  • Ali bin Abi Talib says: Poverty is a foreign country, and wealth is a country.
  • The French poet Voltaire said: The bread of the motherland is better than someone else’s cake.
  • Ghassan Kanafani: It is unusual to lose the words of a loved one.
  • Poet Ibrahim Nasrallah: In alienation you claim nothing, in alienation you have nothing but your dream.
  • Jelal Amer says: When the role of the citizen in the home is reduced, the homeland also disappears.
  • Gibran Khalil Gibran says: This world is oddly strange, and there is brutal isolation and painful desolation in alienation, but it makes me think of a magical homeland that I do not know, and my dreams are full of ghosts of a distant land. No one will hear me.
  • Muhammad Alwan says: It is strange that it is a dilapidated building with an old roof. You don’t know when it will be demolished.

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The best quotes about foreigners and travel

  • A person travels more to travel than to arrive.
  • Short-sightedness due to not traveling, and whoever looks a lot brings a lot.
  • Anyone who wants to travel must open their wallet and stamp it.
  • He who has seen only his own country will read only the first page of the Book of the Universe.
  • Traveling is a science for the young and an exam for the elderly.
  • There are five benefits of leaving one’s homeland in search of fame, travel and liberation in travel, earning a living, knowledge and morals, and Majid’s company.
  • If it is about journeys of humiliation and sorrow, cutting off Fiafi and getting into trouble, then the death of the child is better for him than his resurrection.
  • Don’t travel with the rich, because if you spend money on yourself it hurts you and you should spend it if you want.
  • My difficult formula: I love to travel and hate to leave.

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In this post, we talked to you about alienation and covered quotes written about the most beautiful expressions of alienation, feelings of alienation, longing and feelings of nostalgia for family and friends. We also gave you many beautiful quotes about alienation.

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