Watching the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia; 3 best channels


Watch the match Sfaxien – Tunisian Bizerte; Live in the competition between the Tunisian club Sfaxien and the Northern Derby and its time, the composition of the two teams tomorrow, Sunday 25/12/2022, and the 3 most important channels that broadcast the competition, as it is considered the fourth game of a total of seven games.

Live Live Watch the match between Sfaxien and Tunisia’s Bizerte

The Tayeb Al Muhairi Stadium and Hall, which is located in the city of Sfax in the sister country of Tunisia, welcomes the players of the Tunisian club Sfax and the Morski Pas club from the north tomorrow, Sunday, the 25th of this month. , which comes as part of the group stage of the first Tunisian professional league championship, which brings together two reputable teams, while watching the match between Sfaxien and Tunisia’s Bizerte. You can also follow the events and competitions without missing one of them or missing on the Sport Index website, and find you will find anything that suits your sporting interests.

Schedule of the Tunisian club Sfaxien Club and its prizes

The sports team Tunis Sfaxien at the Tunisian Football University ranks eighth in the ranking of the teams of the first professional league of Tunisia, because they won three points from a total of 5 games, did not win any of them, drew in 3 matches and lost two other games, and it is worth noting that the club from Sfaxien won He won several medals and titles before watching the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia, including the following:

local awards

  • Championship of Tunisia: 8 times.
  • Tunisia Cup: 6 times.
  • El Hadi Shaker Cup Championship: Twice.
  • Tunisia League Cup: once.

International recognitions and titles

  • African Confederations Cup Championship: three times.
  • Arab Champions League competition: twice.
  • CAF Championship Cup: once.
  • Competition (Maghreb Cup for Cup-winning clubs): Only once.

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Tunis Derby Club team schedule and their honors

Schedule of the Tunisian Derby Club and its honors

The Tunisian club Benzerti is in the seventh place, ahead of its counterpart Sfaxien by one place, with a total of 5 points, the outcome of 6 matches, of which it has won only one, drawn the other two and lost in three contests, before watching the match between Sfaxien and Tunisian Bizerte, and the prizes won by the team are as follows.

native surnames

  • Championship of Tunisia: 4 times.
  • Competition for the Tunisian Cup: 3 times.
  • Tunisian Super Cup: once.
  • Tunisian League Cup: only once.

International awards

  • African Cup Winners’ Cup: Only one.

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Time and date to watch the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia

This group includes 5 teams, namely (Chebba – Hammam Sousse – Ittihad Sports – Bizerte – Sfaxien), which created a great spirit of competition between them and trying to win as many points as possible by leading the group and get advanced ranks, to win the cup or win the first four places, and on the date and time (Time) of the competition, according to some countries in Cairo time, here are the 6 most important capital cities watching the match as follows:

  • Cairo/Tripoli: 15:00
  • Riyadh / Kuwait: four in the afternoon.
  • Dubai / Muscat: Friday evening.

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The broadcast channels are watching the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia

Satellite channels, receivers and transmitters are preparing to watch the match between Tunisia’s Sfaxien and Bizerte tomorrow, Sunday 25.12.2022, and live broadcast via frequencies that have ownership rights over the show, which is the Qatari Al-Kass group of channels, as well as various web sites related to sports tournaments and leagues, here are the 3 most important casual channels, as follows:

  • Alkass Extra 1 HD.
  • Al Kass Extra 2 HD channel.
  • Al-Kass 3 HD channel frequency.

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Line-up of the Sfaxien club tomorrow

Line-up of the Sfaxien club tomorrow

After the club Sfaxien protested with an official request against the referee Naim Hosni, he officiated his match against Etoile du Sahel, who lost it with one clear goal without reply, last Wednesday 23/12/2022, because of his bias against the rival teams for them where were also their falling into mutual conflict, without knowing the clear reasons for it, which made them write this protest and its presentation, before watching the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia, and about the expected lineup for its competition with Bizerte and its ambition to win it, it is expected to be 4-3-3 as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Ayman Dahman.
  • Both sides of the defense: Muhammad bin Ali / Muhammad Amin Al-Hamrouni / Alaa Gram / Muhammad Al-Nasrawi.
  • Forward line: Shadi Al-Hamami / Abdullah Al-Amiri / Nabi Kamara.
  • Fronts of attack: Ayman Al-Harzi / Hussein Ali / Firas Shawat.

List of players of club CAB Qirsh Al Shamal

CAB Shark Al Shamal Player List

CIB club is trying to win the competition, which is to watch the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte Tunisia in different ways, and try to put pressure on the goal through the attacking front to score goals while watching the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte Tunisia; Regarding the possible plan, it is possible to play the 4-3-3 plan as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Khaled Al-Saeedani.
  • Defensive sides: Elias Dridi / Khalil Sassi / Mohamed El Dalali / Mohamed Razak Coulibaly.
  • Midfield: Ahmed Bou Saadoun / Amir Sheikh / Malik Al-Boulabi.
  • Forwards: Bowling Dembele / Wajdi Al-Jabari / Yassin Kishk.

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Predictions for the result of watching the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia

According to the media, Ayman Dahman, the goalkeeper of the Sfaxien club and the goalkeeper of the Tunisian national team, received a special offer from the Turkish club Qasim Pasha. What makes the players of the Sfaxien club grow in confidence and break through the opponent’s net, it is necessary that he wants to return to his position in the rankings to break out among them again, so that the competition ends with a two-goal to one-goal lead. club Bizerte or as they are also called Sfaxien and North Shark team (CAB), their arrangement and carrier channels are there.

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Result and summary of today’s matches, Sunday 24.12.2022

Today, several competitions were held in different leagues, which we mentioned and mentioned in other articles, the results that ended for the teams, the most prominent of them, you can find out before watching the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia, as follows.

Egyptian Premier League

Today I played four competitions of the Egyptian League, namely:

  • Border Guard and National Bank

The match between the border forces team and the National Sports Bank ended with the victory of Hurry Al-Hodoud, two goals each for Mustafa Jamal, a penalty in the (41) minute of the game and the second goal for Ahmed Fathi Felix in the (55) minute.

The team from Aswan won with two unanswered goals from Enppi Club, the first was scored by Mohamed Hamdi in the (18th) and the second by Delson Kamoni in the (42nd) minute.

  • The future vanguards of the army, Ghazl El Mahalla and Pharco

The competitors ended in a goalless draw with the aforementioned four teams, then follow and watch the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia.

UAE League

As for the first league of the United Arab Emirates, three matches were played:

  • Betota 1:1 Al Taawun.
  • Dia Al-Hosn 3: 2 Al-Hamriyah.
  • Al Orouba 2:2 Al Rams.

What is the nickname of the club from Bizerte?

The club and team from Bizerte won several titles, including: Shark El Shamal, CAB, CAB, Derby Tunis and finally Bizerte.

Who is the coach of the Tunisian club Bizerte?

He is Captain Khaled bin Yahya.

What is the name of the main stadium of the Qirsh Al Shamal club?

It is called the 15th of October Bizerte Stadium, which can accommodate 20,000 spectators.

Do you know the name of the Technical Director of Sfaxien Club?

He is the Italian Maurizio Jacobacci, the new technical director of the club from Sfaxien.

What is the result of the match between JS Kabylie and JS Belouizdad in the Algerian league?

The contest ended in victory for JS Kabylia, with two goals to one for fellow Shabab Riyadi Belouizdad.

What is the result of Al Wasl and Al Ain in the Iraq League?

Their match ended in a 1:1 draw.

In conclusion, we talked about watching the match between Sfaxien and Bizerte of Tunisia; Live broadcast of the competition, their standings, the team of Sfaxien Club and Tunis Derby Club and their medals tomorrow, Sunday 25/12/2022, the results of today’s matches and the expectations of the confrontation between the two teams.

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