What are the material qualities of the wife? And how to deal with it

Material exploitation is one of the bad traits that is always associated with selfishness and greed, and it can negatively affect care for others.

If these qualities are present in a woman, the marital relationship can become unstable, because these relationships are based on affection and compassion, not on exploitation.

Dealing with a materialistic wife is difficult and accompanied by feelings of insecurity, since she cares deeply about material things and a high level of well-being without regard to changing economic conditions or social changes.

Through the article, we learn together what are the most important material qualities of a wife and how to deal with them.

Who is a material woman?

A materialistic woman is characterized by her superior ability to exploit her husband or others, since she always wants to get money and pays for it to satisfy her excessive needs.

She prefers to shop and buy household items and her own needs without regard for others, and she is a woman who does not have the household skills to face crises.

With all these bad qualities, she becomes an exploitative and cruel woman who has no compassion and love for others, only cares about her husband’s financial affairs, and her constant story revolves around money and material needs.

How to define an exploitative woman?

Exploitation in a marital relationship is the material and moral exploitation of the other party in an unfair way. This means financial benefit from the husband in all forms without offering anything in return.

An exploitative wife is known to be selfish, and she can also be characterized by greed, as she only cares about herself and her demands, as she does not care about the material or psychological needs of her husband.

You can quickly recognize a materialistic woman, because she is a woman who does not appreciate her husband’s circumstances and is a person who is not interested and does not show any real feelings and does not try to resolve the differences that the relationship faces in order to ensure stability.

Physical characteristics of the wife

There are some physical personality traits, especially in women, and most of them are bad traits that you wouldn’t want to have in a life partner, including:

1- Selfishness and possessiveness

The main problem of a materialistic woman is selfishness, because she is a person who only cares about herself and her needs and does not care about anyone else, not even her husband.

She only wants to take and does not know the characteristics of giving, not even interest or sympathy.

She is also known for her intense love of possessions, as her love of material and money makes her want to own everything.

2- Lack of empathy for others

The materialistic personality shows no compassion for others or their changing circumstances. He does not give up his material or financial needs even in times of crisis. Instead, it may increase their pressure and suffering to meet their own needs, which may be unnecessary.

3- Haste and haste

In healthy relationships, it may take some time to build a foundation of stability, while in exploitative relationships, the materialistic personality tries to rush things and move at lightning speed to start a relationship. The more you trust them, the easier it will be for you to get what they want from you.

4- Dishonesty

One of the most important characteristics that can be available in a material wife is lying and dishonesty, so she continues to show demands and needs even if they are not real.

If you feel that your husband is being dishonest, this may be a sign that you are being taken advantage of in the relationship.

5- Constant pressure

Constant pressure on your husband is a powerful weapon used by a materialistic wife to make you feel guilty and is one of the main signs of your exploitation.

He resorts to these tricks to control you and make an imaginary sacrifice to achieve his goals in return.

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6-Keeping you away from those around you

In order to achieve her goals of complete control and exploitation of you, a material woman tries to distance you from close people, whether friends or family members, and does not value the time you spend with them, or even your own time. .

It may seem nice at first, but as your isolation techniques continue, you may feel very taken advantage of by her.

7- Constant blaming

A materialistic woman wants to constantly blame her husband, making him feel that he is the wrong person, despite your inner feeling that you are not to blame.

This is a form of psychological abuse in an abusive relationship, where a series of manipulative tactics are used to make you feel guilty.

You play so many mind games that you can end up doubting yourself and end up getting carried away by her wants and demands and gaining complete control.

How to deal with wife material

Many husbands are looking for a way to deal with the material feminine, as being attached to this personality is exhausting, especially when you are going through economic crises and global changes.

However, breaking up can be difficult, and some people want to move on while fixing those unwanted traits.

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Here are some solutions to help solve the material woman problem:

1- Effective communication and participation

The participation of the wife in the financial affairs of the family is essential, so she should be used for financial planning to meet the needs of the house and inform her about the full sources of income. He can then identify necessary needs and things that can be given up.

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2- Setting financial limits for your requests

In the event that the wife persists in her demands, a special budget should be determined for this with limits that must not be exceeded.

Financial responsibility is one of the qualities that a woman must have. In time, you may be able to acquire it.

3- Coping with his control

Attempts to impose control must be dealt with wisely, because understanding the material personality and its goals helps to overcome the problems that may arise from it.

Make sure you have defined appropriate roles for both of you in the relationship and don’t respond to dominance.

In conclusion, after getting to know the wife’s physical qualities and how to deal with them, we must note that focusing on flaws is a completely wrong behavior, because every person has several aspects that vary between positive and negative.

Instead of focusing on the negative traits, be sure to highlight the positive ones because that way you feel that you are able to accept the other personality and even improve it.

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