Companies licensed by the Capital Market Authority 1444

Companies licensed by the Capital Markets Authority 1444 will offer themselves an additional position, as the Capital Markets Authority has introduced and developed executive regulations for the licensing of Saudi companies, in order to improve capital operations. In addition to achieving better results than international practice in the capital markets, the competent authority will not only make this decision, but will enable it to attract more investors by imposing supervision on the market to make it safer for issuers of financial services.

Capital Markets Board 1444 licensed company

The Saudi Capital Markets Authority has clarified the controls that must be followed in order for firms to obtain licenses, and has also obtained licenses from the authorities and announced the firms where clients can trade, and these firms are as follows:

  • Saudi Ithmar Financial Consulting Company, by classification.
  • HSBC Saudi Arabia.
  • The standard, privileged capital of Saudi Arabia.
  • Adim financial company.
  • Investment company Osoul and Bakheet.
  • Emirates NBD Saudi Capital.
  • Alawwal Capital Company.
  • First Geojit Capital Company.
  • Al-Jazira Corporation for Financial Markets.
  • Saudi French Capital Corporation.
  • First team company.
  • Financial company Malaz.
  • Growth Financial Financial consulting.
  • Saudi Investcorp a financial investment company.
  • BNP Barbia Saudi Investment Company.
  • Raed Advanced Investment Company.
  • National Bond Corporation.
  • Financial company Esnad.
  • Sico Saudi Finance Company.
  • Standard Financial Corporation.
  • Curiosity Financial Company.
  • Impact Financial Corporation.
  • Baraq Al-Khail Financial Corporation.

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Companies that have applied for licenses

We currently offer you companies with a Capital Markets Authority 1444 license, whether it is a whole group or separate companies, whether they are engaged in a profession, because a company that has a license does not mean that it is forced to work. Rather, it means recognizing a legal practice that he can use in due course. According to him, we complete companies in the following lines:

  • Saudi Kuwaiti Finance House Company.
  • Tharawat Securities Brokerage Company.
  • Gulf One Capital Corporation.
  • Jadwa Investment Company.
  • Goldman Sachs Saudi Arabia.
  • JPMorgan Saudi Arabia.
  • Derayah Financial Company.
  • Sidra Financial.
  • Societe Generale Saudi Arabia.
  • Audi Capital Corporation.
  • Shuaa The capital of Saudi Arabia.
  • Kassab Finance Corporation.
  • Muscat Finance Corporation.
  • McCain Capital Corporation.
  • Royal Investment Company.
  • Merrill Lynch Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi Northern Trust Company.
  • Saudi company UPS.
  • Al Dakheel Financial Group.
  • BMG Financial Group.
  • Arab Finance Company.
  • International family office company.
  • Saudi City Group Company.
  • Alpha Financial Corporation.
  • Watheeq Financial Services Company.

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Conditions for licensing the company to the Capital Market Committee

The licensing system in the Saudi Capital Market Authority is a complete and comprehensive system that gives the investor, company owner and businessman the opportunity to apply and request a license to carry out commercial activities. It was also obtained in order to amend and supplement the licenses that were previously issued, and based on the licensing services provided by the Agency, some conditions were set for the company to obtain and accept the license, and these conditions are presented in the following lines. :

  • A person applying for a license must be familiar with the Saudi financial market, its systems and regulations and everything related to it.
  • He must attach all documents and papers necessary for licensing.
  • The company must submit a document on its trade name and this document must be submitted to the Saudi Ministry of Commerce.
  • Fees required to consider the submitted application must be paid.
  • A person applying for a license must complete an application form.

Types of CMA Licensed Firms

We have supplied most of the companies licensed by the Capital Markets Authority 1444, and we have also met the requirements for obtaining a license from the Authority. There is also a third question that arises for us, which is the types of companies that can get a license from the competent authority.

Namely, the institutions that can obtain a license from the competent authority are classified according to their activities after the license into “management company”, “classification company”, “recommendation”, “trusteeship” or “company transaction”.

The client’s activity is also classified as follows:

  • Merchant as agent.
  • original seller.
  • Trade as an insurance company.

The body also clarified the administrative activities for which it is allowed to license as follows:

  • Client portfolio management.
  • Portfolios of experienced investors.
  • Private investment funds that do not deal in real estate.
  • investment funds.

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We have provided you with all the companies licensed by the Capital Markets Authority 1444, the conditions that must be met to license a company, the types of companies that the Agency can license and the types of departments. License is granted.

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