How to deal with a husband who sleeps a lot

The husband is bound to leave the house and stay up late after a long day at work with his friends and go back to sleep, which is one of the repeated complaints of a large number of women, especially newly married women, which angers his wife and makes her feel unappreciated and neglected her right and the right of their children to communicate with their father, says Dr. Amal Ibrahim, my lady’s family expert: Many women suffer from the problem of their husbands’ attachment to friends, since this attachment seems to consume a lot of time. a long time with friends after finishing work and returning home late and after feeling tired to sleep.

Reasons for the husband’s attachment to leaving home:

Be reasonable

Character of man:

Men by nature do not like to be limited, and there is a large segment of married men who believe that marriage suppresses freedom, which forces them to go out as they used to in front of their husbands, so that they do not feel limited in their freedom.

Some couples suffer from work pressure:

Which increases their desire to spend time with their owners without any responsibilities and obligations.

Husband’s escape from domestic duties:

With numerous pressures and burdens, leaving the house is the only way for the husband to escape from any pressure, because the husband’s friends do not represent any pressure for him, because they share only the happiest moments with him.

Relationship tension and numerous problems between husband and wife:

This stems from the difference in their nature and ideas, and their inability to reach common ground between them.

Wife’s inability to create a pleasant atmosphere at home:

Many women fall into the trap of routine, which is why they ignore their husband and his requests, so he feels gloomy and bored and prefers to spend time outside the house.

How to solve the problem of your husband leaving the house often:

Be careful not to disturb him

First, be logical.

Ask yourself if you are right about this and if your husband actually spends most of his time with his friends or if you want him to be with you all the time. Your honest answer to this question is very important and is the first step in solving the problem.

Talk to your husband calmly.

An open conversation is one of the best solutions you have to resort to and ask him to arrange his priorities and time and assure him that you don’t mind meeting his friends but at the same time he has to give you and his house and his children their rights to be with them and share their various activities, and pay special attention to the importance of choosing the right time to talk to him. In that case, listen to him and his reasons and tell him your feelings.

Don’t be stubborn and give him freedom.

A man is like a stubborn child who wants to get from him what is forbidden to him, so if he finds his wife who keeps him out of the house or fights with him whenever he goes out to socialize with his friends, he will stubbornly go out to prove that he is free and that he can do whatever he wants, so don’t act like that if you find that your husband likes to go out, leave him alone He has the freedom to feel free and not only does it turn into stubbornness, but we warn him that the house and family have a right to him .

Do not compare me between your husband and his companions, or your female friends or relatives:

Each person is different from the other, and comparisons are very harmful things in a marriage relationship.

Don’t greet your husband with a frown after he comes home.

This will not solve anything, it will only increase his persistence and stubbornness. If he does not find comfort in his home, he will look for it outside the house or with friends.

Share your husband’s interests.

Create a friendship between the two of you and share mutual interests as much as possible.

Designate a day to get out of the house and do different and new activities:

Having common interests and activities between you limits your husband’s attachment to his friends and creates an opportunity to bring you closer together.

Beware of questioning your husband:

Do not go with him in the style of an interrogator, where did you go? and with whom? And when will you be back? But try opening things up with him to check how he is and his day, and you’ll see that he’ll tell you without asking.

Use the opportunity for your husband to leave the house:

And try to occupy your time as much as possible and enjoy life, you can make friends and participate in activities and work that occupy your time, go out with your friends and arrange to do different things with them, and enjoy your personal space.

Put aside grudges and grudges.

And replace it with nice words.. Let your husband feel that he has the right to go out whenever he wants and come back when he wants… But you also have the right not to be late, especially if his date is a day… You also have the right to set an approximate date for his return so that you can prepare to receive him… When you are asked about his return, ask him gently why he longs to return home, and be aware that your husband feels that he is attached to you and that you stand in the way of his happiness out of the house… This feeling will not make him come home, but makes him angry with you and feel that you are the reason for his lack of comfort. And bliss.

Avoid talking about problems and repeating them.

Constant repetition of husband’s mistakes.. Husband knows what mistake he made… Sometimes he doesn’t like to admit it and prefers to apologize in his own way.. But if he finds you constantly admonishing him, he will prefer not to apologize and continue to make mistakes..

Be careful not to disturb him.

Follow him with messages on his cell phone and frequent calls when he is among friends… This first embarrasses him and then makes him angry with you…

Suspicion between spouses:

If he enters into a relationship between spouses, then there is love, a thousand peace.. Have a good opinion of your husband, and if you have doubts, deal with him honestly.. before it gets worse. Doubt is like a worm that bites an apple because it kills the heart that beats with happiness… and it is difficult to treat it then… and its consequences are many and only those who have experienced it will understand that… We ask God for safety for us and for all…

Listening to the words of women:

Beware of inciting speech against your husband.

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