I forcibly left football and returned to it from training..!



Sana’a – “The Yemeni American” – Interview by Muhammad Al-Amawi:

He left football forcibly, while he was in the prime of his youth and glory, due to the conditions in the country that forced him into exile.

And since his love for football is still in his blood even when he traveled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for expatriation, as soon as he found the opportunity to return to football through the Saudi Al-Hilal Club Academy Coaching Wanted, he answered the call of longing. , submitted his papers and won the management’s trust to return to football. He served as an age group coach at the Leader of Asia Clubs Academy (Al-Hilal Club).

He is captain Mohamed Al-Ammari, better known as (Enchanted), former defender of the national team and club Shaab Ibb, and current coach at the Saudi Al-Hilal Club Academy.

A Yemeni American newspaper interviewed him and made the following interview with him:

* Welcome, Captain Muhammad al-Ammari, to the Yemeni American newspaper?

– First, all thanks and recognition to the (Yemeni American) newspaper and all their staff, led by Captain Rashid Al-Nuzili, whom I do not know personally, but we hear all the best about him, and we thank the athletic family (Al-Nuzili) itself, and through you, I greet captain Walid Al-Nuzili from the bottom of my heart, who encouraged and supported me a lot in my sporting beginnings.

* Tell us how you got the job as a coach at Al-Hilal Club Academy?

Namely, during my stay in Saudi Arabia, I found the management of the Al-Hilal club publishing an advertisement for a coach in the academy, and I applied, and since I met the required conditions, I succeeded in the first interview, thank God… They chose five of the 20 applicants who met the requirements and I was one of those five. Then we passed the second interview and thank God, God gave me success and I was selected.

  • I chose the training while I was in Saudi Arabia, where I went to work as a freelancer.

* What kind of test were you given in the two interviews?

– The test in both interviews was training under the supervision of the Spanish coach, who evaluated and selected us based on our performance, as well as our CV.

* What qualifications must you have to be accepted as a coach at the academy?

Of course, I am a former player and have a coaching license: C – B. I also hold a football coaching course, specializing in technical and physical aspects, from Al-Mutawa Academy, and have coaching experience in a number of other academies in Riyadh.

* When did you start working at Al-Hilal Club Academy?

– God honored me by working at the Al-Hilal club since my first year in the Kingdom. I have been working at the academy since 2018 AD, that is, a short time after arriving in Saudi Arabia, so far I have been five years, and the Al-Hilal Club Academy is one of the best academies I knew based on my specialization and familiarity with many academies here. Thank God, I have gained great and great experience in the field of training from various academies, whether I trained with them, including Al-Mutawa Academy, Shark Academy, Fitness Club, Goal United, Zamzam, Asia, or watching others.

I am also proud to have joined the Al-Hilal Saudi Club Academy, with which I won the first championship and won the cup with the team I coach.

For these reasons, I was selected and accepted as a coach at Al-Hilal Club Academy.

* How did you experience the club’s management and staff, especially since you are the first Yemeni to work in this specialty and in the Al-Hilal club?

– Honestly, the management treated all of us in an elegant, encouraging and motivating way, and the staff is cooperative, we respect and value each other extremely.

How did you find Al-Hilal Club?

In short, I think that Al-Hilal Club is a great club, and this is confirmed by its status, as shown by what it has achieved in the past and what it is currently achieving.

* What is the nature of your work and specialization at the academy?

– I am a junior soccer coach, and I start my work at the beginning of each working day, where we receive a training plan for the students, and the leader reviews that plan with all the coaches in the meeting room, after which it is time for the players to come, so we train the players by age group in the way the club asks and that’s how our daily work is done, and every coach has tasks that he performs according to nature. his work and style and then management is reported on what he sees and the discussion takes place on an ongoing basis and any imbalances are addressed in favor of working and achieving the best results, whether in matches or tournaments, or even achieving On outstanding players, which is most important.

With them I won the first championship, and with the team I led I won the cup.

* Captain Mohamed.. When did you decide on the coaching call?

In fact, I decided to pursue the coaching profession while I was in the Kingdom, although I did not coach in Yemen. Because I decided to alienate myself even when I was a player.

* I mean, you traveled to the Kingdom for emigration and self-employment?

Yes, due to the conditions in Yemen and the cessation of Yemeni sports and clubs, I traveled for emigration and self-employment, i.e. that work was in search of life, and I traveled in 2018 AD and found an opportunity to work in training, and I first started with a private academy in Jeddah, the same year I arrived in the Kingdom, 2018 AD.

* What is the difference between sports work in Saudi Arabia and Yemen?

– There is a very big difference. Sports in Yemen is in a serious decline, support is scarce or non-existent, and the infrastructure is weak and limited, but in Saudi Arabia, sports are better and receive wide care and attention, and in different aspects, and the most prominent coaches and experts are present here from the field of sports… They are in clubs and academies, and at the highest level.

My specialty is youth soccer coach, and I start my job every day.

* Why did Muhammad Al-Masohour retire early from football?

– I did not retire, but I left sports and football because of the situation Yemen is going through, as you know and everyone knows that Yemeni sports do not make a living, and we destroyed our youth playing football, and we are nothing for the future; So I decided to leave the ball… I am not alone in this matter, there are many Yemeni players who have done this.

* Are you satisfied with your sports career and what you have achieved in football, be it clubs or national teams?

Yes, I am very satisfied, thank God. I have achieved a lot, especially with the people from Ibba where I started playing, with them I won two public leagues, seasons 2002 and 2004, along with being runner-up in the President’s Cup in the season 2004.

I also played for the people of Sana’a, Ibb Union and Crescent of Hodeidah, and with the national teams I played with the young national team, then the Olympic and first national teams, and for ten years I participated with the national teams in the qualifications for the World Cup in 2010 and 2014, Asian Nations and Gulf 19 and 20.

I didn’t retire, but circumstances forced me, because you don’t make a living from sports in Yemen.

– I don’t know who called me enchanted, but I liked it.

* Your name is Muhammad al-Ammari, and in Yemen you are known as Muhammad al-Mashur.. Why this nickname, who gave it to you and when?

“Enchanted” is my favorite name from a long time ago… maybe because I was adventurous as a kid, doing crazy things and moves, or maybe it was weird, especially when I was playing with my friends in the neighborhood or at school, so they gave me this name… but I don’t know who gave it to me and when.

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