Jordanian athletes passed away in 2022 and left an eternal legacy

Yahya Qutaishat

Amman – Death disappeared during the year 2022, a famous Jordanian sports personality, after a long journey of giving, achievement and creativity, which had clear traces and a long career.
The athletes remember these statures fondly and pray to the Almighty God to have mercy on them after leaving a sporting legacy that is hard to forget or ignore. These sports personalities have given great services to Jordanian sports over the years of their lives, and beyond loyalty, “Al-Ghad ” provides an overview of the most prominent ones who left during the current year.
The late Abdul Halim Samara: the historic president of Al-Ramtha club and one of the leaders of Jordanian football, he took over as the president of Al-Ramtha club since its inception in 1966, when he assumed the position of vice-president of the club for two years, before assuming the presidency of the club Al-Ramtha from 1967 to 2019, and witnessed the era of Al-Ramtha During the era of Samara, the club football team achieved domestic and international achievements, as the team won third place in the Asian Club Championship. During his reign, Al-Ramtha participated in multiple Arab and Asian championships, with the team winning local league, cup and Shield titles.
The late Maha Al-Barghouti, who is the first Jordanian to hold the position of Secretary-General of the Paralympic Committee and the only Jordanian to win a gold medal at the Paralympic Games during the Paralympic Table Tennis Competitions in Sydney 2000, and holds an international Award from the Women’s Committee of the International Paralympic Committee for inspiring, successful and influential leaders in the world of women in general and disabled sports in particular in 2020.
During her distinguished sports career, heroine Maha Al-Barghouti won many achievements and was crowned with 105 colored medals, 50 gold, 30 silver and 25 bronze in many local, Arab, continental, international and Paralympic competitions in wheelchair racing, push-button , discus throwing and table tennis.
The late Nader Sorour, goalkeeper of the national team and former club Al-Faisaly, was one of the most prominent players in Jordanian football, winning many titles with Al-Faisaly.
The late Adel Bakr Al-Atari: a national team player and Kufranja club player, who passed on to the mercy of Almighty God while participating with his club in a Jordan Cup match against Al-Salt club.
The late Ali Al-Kobri, president and one of the founders of Al-Hussein Youth Club, contributed greatly to the club’s success in volleyball tournaments.
The late Ibrahim Flip: One of the most outstanding Jordanian volleyball stars who achieved various achievements at the club or national team level.
Late Samir Qardan: Former secretary of Al-Jeel and Al-Ahly clubs, and member of many sports associations, including table tennis and handball.
Rahmetli Fahd Al-Abadi: One of the founders of the Youth Welfare Foundation. He worked as assistant secretary general of the Ministry of Youth and general director of the Institute for Youth Leadership. He also held many positions. He has a high degree in sports and an international arbitration certificate in athletics and table tennis. He is one of the founders of the Sport for All association. He also held several positions in the Jordanian Olympic Committee.
The late Ibrahim Al-Shaalan: A former national team player and handball club Oman, he started his career in the Zarqa Camp team, which was later called Al-Awda Club, and then moved to the Amman club in the early eighties.
The late Awad Al-Aboudi: Former national team weightlifter. Al-Aboudi achieved many achievements, most notably a gold medal at the 1999 Arab Championships, a silver medal at the 2005 West Asian Championships in Doha and a bronze medal at the Islamic Solidarity Tournament, before retiring in 2008.
The late Abdul Raouf Al-Kilani: One of the stars of Jordanian football about half a century ago, his name was engraved in “golden letters” while he played for Al-Faisaly, Al-Jazira and the national team, and he also served as the president of the fencing association.
The late Jamal Fayez, a former wrestling member and national coach of the game, achieved many achievements with the national team and contributed to the development of the skills and abilities of the national team members.
The late Imad Al-Asoud, a former volleyball player, started playing as a coach in Al-Hussein Youth Club, from 1975 and continued until the end of 1981, and with Al-Hussein Youth participated in the Arab Clubs Championship in Libya in 1978, and went to administrative work, and worked as the administrative director of the men’s national team, in the Working Party of the players’ union committees.
The late Ahmed Hamid, Al-Jazira player, who was the first Jordanian player to play professionally abroad, playing for Kuwait in 1954. He played for Al-Jazira in the early fifties and took part in the famous match in 1951 against Al-Ahli from Egypt. Like the national team that participated in the first Arab sports tournament in 1953 in Alexandria.
The late colleague Raafat Sarah, who in Jordan is considered a true football encyclopedia and one of the respected media workers who have provided great services to sports in recent years, in the Sultanate of Oman, and after his return, contributed to the establishment of the sports website “Stadcom”. He also worked on archiving Jordanian football and telling its secrets through social media platforms.
The late Saeed Al-Sarfi “Abu Saadou”, the president of the Al-Wehdat Club Supporters’ Association and the main supporter of the national team, who always called for exemplary cheering and sportsmanship.

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