The devil’s idea.. The girlfriend of a traitorous husband ends his life for money

Muhammad Magali

He constantly eluded his wife and encouraged her to come to a relative’s wedding, because her absence from home would last more than 5 hours, which is enough time to spend a red evening with his girlfriend.they betray their wives.

And that at a time when the household was preparing for the happy occasion, and the wife was getting ready to attend the wedding ceremony and preparations for this occasion, and the husband helped her choose the most beautiful clothes and prepare a valuable gift, so that his house would be empty, after his demon whispered to him, taking advantage of his life partner’s absence to receive his girlfriend and spend a red night thanks to the trick that Cunning made him not to show up with his wife at the wedding, but he didn’t realize that it was his demon that made him write the last chapter of his life story after his girlfriend hatched a plan to get rid of him and stole him from his apartment claiming she needed money and that he didn’t help her.

A romantic relationship

The victim and his girlfriend, who was accused of killing him, were in an emotional relationship, and the meeting place remained the first obstacle, fearing that their affair would be revealed in front of relatives and families, after a long sleep and spending pleasant moments they knew their way , so they both started planning to take advantage of the opportunity and set the meeting place several times.

In every meeting, the accused tried to get any amount of money to help her and meet her needs and personal needs, and in the last meeting he brought them together, he asked him for a large sum of money, but the victim refused to give it to her. amount, which made her angry, but she kept it to herself.

Before the event, the injured party called the accused on the phone and told her that his wife would be leaving the house for one of the weddings, and that he would not be with her and that he could meet her during that period, and asked her to name the place of the meeting.

Here, the accused had a demonic idea with the aim of stealing the victim from his house. I proposed to him the idea of ​​holding the meeting at his house, taking advantage of the wife’s absence from the marital nest and spending that time together, which made the victim happy and immediately welcomed her presence as soon as the wife left and asked to wait for a phone call to inform her that she was leaving the house and make her way home easier.

The accused planned to bring sleeping pills with the aim of putting them in the drink so that the victim would become completely unconscious so that she could carry out her plan and rob the victim despite the relationship that brought them together, in order to confiscate his money.

The beginning of the mission

After the wife left the house, the husband – the victim – quickly contacted his girlfriend and told her that the apartment was ready for her and that she could come, so the meeting started with a big storm, but the accused looked tense and her need for money she pushed her to confirm the implementation of her plan, and half an hour after the session that brought them together, she offered him a fresh drink, she would prepare it herself in the kitchen… She brought juice and put a sleeping pill, but she was surprised by the vigilance of the victim .

The accused did not despair in her intention to complete her plan, so she gave him the narcotic pills that she had brought with her to carry out her plan and gave him another drink, but the victim remained awake and neither the narcotic nor the sleeping pills worked on her.

Soon the accused returned to the kitchen to think about how to carry out her plan, because she did not want to surrender to the failure of her plan, so her eyes got stuck on the scissors, and she quickly brought them and hid them in her clothes. .

Signs of fear and tension appeared in the accused, who thought of running away, but returned to the thought of stealing the victim, so she brought a sheet and wrapped the body and put it under the bed for sleeping, and then took some of the contents from it. apartment, except for the amount of money and the victim’s cell phone, she then fled, thinking that she would get away with it after getting what she wanted.

Disappearance of husband

Immediately after the victim’s wife returned to her home, she was surprised by the disappearance of her husband, so she tried to communicate with him via mobile phone to check how he was, but the phone remained switched off, and with increasing anxiety and tension, she began to inquire about her husband in his work environment and among relatives and close friends and neighbors who confirmed that he had not seen him. On the day when the incident happened, she quickly filed a report with the third Montaza. Police station, crying over the disappearance of her husband.
In the statement, she stated that she left the house for a wedding, and when she returned, she did not find her husband, and he has been missing for a long time, so she decided to look for him, so she informed the third Montazah police department that they would be looking for him.

The criminal investigation team at the third police department of Al-Montazah began searching for the husband after he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but the cameras were blank and those who left the house and those who did not were followed, so it was confirmed to them that the husband was on the property and that he did not come out for long hours, so the security services decided to search the house so that it would be a surprise that the husband was wrapped in bedclothes and placed under the bed to sleep.

Here, the Directorate of Security in Alexandria, headed by Major General Khaled Al-Barawi, Assistant Minister of Interior, Director of Security of Alexandria, received a notification from the third police station of Montazah, stating that a report was received from a housewife, stating that the victim, “AGL”, her husband, disappeared without being able to find her after her return from the wedding celebration and that his mobile phone remained switched off.

By carrying out the necessary investigations with the knowledge of the officers of the Investigations Department, it was established that the husband was wrapped in a bed mattress and placed under the bed to sleep, under mysterious circumstances, and that there were traces of multiple stab wounds on his body, and that he was hit by it and that he died because of it.
access to the accused

Security services and criminal investigations in the Security Directorate in Alexandria were able to conclude that the perpetrator of the incident was “KKA”, a housewife, in her fourth decade of life, using the latest advanced technology, because it was determined that the victim and the accused perpetrator of the incident brought them together. An emotional connection , and the security services managed to arrest her in the hiding place, and the state attorney’s office was also informed, which decided to forward the case to the Criminal Court in Alexandria, which took into account the details of case no. 12435 of 2022 crimes of third police station Montazah.

Confronting the accused with what was stated in the arrest, she tried to deny her knowledge of the incident or the existence of a relationship with the victim, but all the necessary legal procedures were codified until she admitted that she was the perpetrator of the incident, and that she got rid of him with the aim of stealing him and entering into a state of great collapse.

And the accused added, as tears flowed from her eyes: “I didn’t intend to kill him.” I just wanted to steal him, so he wouldn’t see me again.” Confirming that she had a great emotional relationship with the victim and that they met several times in various places that they often visited, confirming that she had brought She used narcotic pills and sleeping pills to be able to carry out her plan, but she confirmed that the victim’s husband was spending a special night with his girlfriend, so he refused to give in to the idea of ​​sleeping and stayed awake.

The accused appeared before the Alexandria Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Baligh Abdel Aziz Abdullah, the president of the court, and members consisting of Counselor Hisham Al-Saudi Al-Satohi, Counselor Abdel Moati Muhammad Rouhi and Criminal Affairs Secretary Ibrahim Muhammad Gharib, so the court decided to send her documents to the Grand Mufti of Egypt to express a legal opinion. In her execution, and as soon as the opinion arrived, the court made its decision to execute the accused.

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