Uptown October Real Estate Development Company announces that the consortium of companies has completed the realization of 97% of the works of all the basic facilities of the project

At the annual meeting of owners and investors

Announcing a new pricing plan that aims to offer a range of build-ready lots for direct sale to individuals and businesses with flexible repayment schemes

Publication of the company’s investment plan in the service sector with the condition that it starts operating within two years

“New Uptown October” a new cultural shift in the heart of the “6th of October” cities.

Cairo: Uptown 6th of October, a leading real estate development company in the field of urban development in Egypt, announced at the general assembly of project owners and investors at the Hyatt Regency Hotel a big surprise that amazed everyone, which was the announcement that Orascom Construction, Hassan Allam and El Sewedy Group completed the implementation of 97% of communal works. The main components (roads, drainage, rain, water, irrigation, fire and electricity) for the New Uptown 6th of October project, which had a good effect on the faces of those present, who expressed their satisfaction with this news, because they were convinced that the company uniformly is moving at a pace towards fulfilling all promises to owners and investors and delivering on time. Uptown October” is one of the most important integrated smart real estate projects in the city on October 6. It happened at the annual meeting of project owners and investors.

Engineer Ahmed Abu Zaid, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Uptown 6th of October Real Estate Development Company, confirmed that the company is moving rapidly to realize all the wishes of the project owner, based on the principle of maximizing the use of every meter in order to benefit both the customers and the company, and we announced our plan at the annual general meeting. A new pricing system, which aims to offer land for direct sale to individuals and companies with flexible payment systems, while providing after-sales services such as licenses, permits and supervision of construction and finishing works at cost to ensure a high-quality real estate product , values ​​and prices, which aims to accelerate the development and renewal of the city, especially since the total area of ​​the project is 14 million square meters, in which the company launched the first phase of its projects, represented by the mini-complex “Uptown Quattro”, with investment size of 500 million, and consists of 4 single-story buildings and two floors inside the wall, and the delivery of the units should begin in 2024.

Engineer Ahmed Abu Zaid added that we also announced a new investment plan of the company, which we will start implementing in the coming period in the service sector, in order to implement the first international school in the project, a group of commercial and administrative centers, social and sports clubs and places of worship, in addition to achieving agreement with one of the largest gas and oil companies for the construction of gas stations and the shipment of cars of all kinds, and we also discussed ways of investing in service projects available to owners and investors, especially because we established a group of specialized companies for the implementation of projects and allocated plots of land to them to build a school and administrative-shopping centers along with a large mosque and a church to serve customers and we are studying more investment opportunities to establish a community sports club International University and a global trade center.

Moataz Shaarawy, CEO and Vice President of the Board of Directors of Uptown 6th of October Real Estate Development Company, added that the annual meeting is always an opportunity to disclose information between us and the owners and investors because they are our successful partners, and we are used to disclosure with them , especially since the region has become the center of everyone’s attention and everyone is rushing to buy. In it, due to its strategic location, which made it the center of attention of large companies, but also of the region in general, which is witnessing a distinct urban renaissance, with the imminent completion of the monorail in October and its main stations in front of the project, which made us think about converting from a real estate development company to a general contractor, since we have large land areas as one of the largest real estate portfolios in West Cairo, and we have capabilities that make us recognizable and able to successful management and implementation, which forced us to invite large investors, etc kindergartens for real estate in order to obtain attached plots of land (small and medium areas) to develop them as an urban community according to the detailed plan and architectural character of the project.

Shaarawy added that Uptown 6th of October Real Estate Development Company has the tools to compete strongly thanks to new thinking and management’s ability to think outside the box. Therefore, at the general assembly, we agreed to invite banks to finance clients of real estate units and small developers with direct financing or real estate financing systems. construction work within a week to deliver various units with elegant unified architectural design to achieve the company’s vision of maintaining excellence and achieving leadership.

It is significant that the “Uptown” New October project is being built on an area of ​​14 million square meters, in which the company launched the first phase of its projects presented in the mini-complex “Uptown Quattro”, with an investment of 500 million, and consists of 4 buildings within walls with an area of ​​2,500 square meters, total area for each building. On a perimeter of 1,080 square meters, it consists of villas consisting of a ground floor and two floors. floors, the total number of total units in it is 24 residential units of different sizes starting from 150 square meters, all units of the complex overlook the main street, garden and pool, with charming classic design and advanced technological solutions Provide a distinguished model that combines privacy and communication in the community .” It is characterized by the presence of many shopping services through shopping centers, a gymnasium, a special area for children’s games, a large garden that includes a swimming pool, a private theme park, and a barbecue area, along with sports and social clubs, medical centers, commercial complexes and shops. Various educational institutions, as well as many green and open areas. The project enjoys high-quality Internet services, with 24-hour camera surveillance to ensure maximum comfort and safety of all resident families, and is designed on the model of mini-cities as an urban community with integrated services and amenities, thus providing ideal opportunities for housing and investment.

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About the company “Uptown 6th of October”.

Uptown 6th of October is a promising model for real estate companies with an enlightened mindset and a clear vision, as it is the first real estate developer to apply the concept of flexible design in its products, since the company allows the design of real estate units in a flexible way commensurate with the needs and desires of customers while providing advisory and executive support to achieve their vision. At the highest levels of quality and efficiency, in addition to offering an integrated package of high-level services, including land and real estate management, as well as the execution of contracting, residential, administrative and commercial construction works, in addition to providing services in lease, management and business for own and other’s account from natural persons, companies, owners and investors, relying on his experience The large real estate industry is managed by a group of experts specialized in all areas necessary to create an integrated community that meets the needs of residents and invest itor.

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