You need Sundus and marry two men at the same time!

Mahdi Mubarak Abdullah

For a man to marry a woman or even two or three or four women is a reasonable thing, and Almighty God has made it legal in His Holy Book, and it is conditioned by justice and equality and health reasons that prevent his wife from having children. Even the customs and traditions of many human societies, and this is an idea that transcends the lines of Eastern societies and even Western societies in general. Many considered it a new form of heinous pornography, and it differs from group adultery only in terms of legalization.

A few days ago, a Tunisian girl named “Al-Hajja Sondos”, a possibly 30-year-old fake name, appeared in a video on the TikTok app, announcing the date of her marriage to (two men at the same time) ) on the 31st of this month, with consent and knowledge of both, as she invited her friends to attend the party. During her speech, she expressed that Tunisian law, which prohibits men from polygamy, allows women to marry more than one man.

She expressed her immense happiness to be the first Tunisian woman to marry two men at the same time. In another video, Hajja Sondos promised justice between her husbands and proudly stated that she had recently received several requests from other men who expressed their wishes to marry before this insolence. We can only say (when not Humans deserve their humanity and compete with animals in their instincts, so there will be no reason to be surprised)

Exposing a Tunisian girl to the world in this crude way, by announcing her marriage to two men, is a strange and shocking case that has caused widespread controversy on forums and social networking sites, especially since true Islamic law categorically rejects a woman in a union between two spouses, and if a woman marries two men with the knowledge of both, her marriage will be invalid.

Tunisian law prohibits polygamy for men over the age of 60, and anyone who does so is punished with a one-year prison sentence and a fine. A woman from two men at the same time is not allowed according to Sharia and is socially rejected. that this happens, scientists, jurists and muftis consider pure adultery, legalization of prostitution and mixing of lineages. Hence there is an urgent need to amend the Tunisian Law on Personal Status by adding the word husbands while preventing polygamy for women.

These misleading calls mean an explicit violation of God’s law and impudence. They also undermine the purity of women and society and open wide the door to the promotion of adultery and immorality under the name of such a marriage that is not a legitimate and true marriage. For this, the Tunisian state must urgently intervene and take a firm and firm position to prevent this marriage. What is prohibited by law, values ​​and morals, and punish those who promote it, to be an example to others

The argument and justification for the absence of an explicit legal text in the law punishing Tunisian women for polygamy does not justify the need for Sundus from interrogation, trial and imprisonment. Being a Muslim, she is held accountable to the rules of Islam, the law that follows its teachings, and not to positive law as long as she breaks the law.

Do you know Hadji Sundus, may God guide her? It has been medically proven through studies, analyzes and laboratories that dangerous and deadly diseases that have spread throughout the world in recent years, such as AIDS, cancer, etc., are the most important causes (mixing of different semen) in the womb a woman who has intercourse with more than one man. That is why God prescribed a waiting period for a divorced woman Or whose husband has died, so that there is enough time to clean her uterus and urethra from the traces of her previous husband, if any. Menstruation that occurs during the period waiting has a role in this process.

All monotheistic religions, such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity, agree that a woman is not allowed to have intercourse with anyone but her husband. Belief in God requires submission to His decisions and His law, because He, Glory be to Him, is Wise, All-Knowing what is good for people. At the same time. time, the father will not be known, the lineages of people will be mixed, homes will be destroyed, children will be homeless, and the woman will become burdened with offspring she cannot raise and spend on him, and perhaps some women will be forced to sterilize themselves, which will eventually lead to death. Extinction of the human race

What confirms the wisdom of the Most High God and His kindness towards slaves in this regard is the observation of scholars that any practice of prostitution causes serious diseases, God forbid, most of all uterine cancer and AIDS. Also, the waiting period for divorced women and widows is one of its advantages that ensure that the woman’s womb is free of the fetus, which is an important period for reconciliation between husband and wife, but there is another reason that modern science has finally discovered, and that is that the seed differs from person to person, like a fingerprint, because each person has its own code.

Research and scientific studies have also confirmed that women carry in their bodies something that looks like a computer that stores the code of the man with whom she has sexual relations.

And at a time when intensive research studies could not find solutions or a cure for this dilemma, where a brilliant scientific miracle revealed that Islam knows what they do not know and that women need the same period granted by Islamic law as the waiting period after divorce or widowhood in order for women to could receive the new code without damage. That is why Almighty God forced a woman to marry one man and she is not allowed to have more than one husband

This forbidden heresy and this strange and shameful act (a woman marrying two men) is a crime and a great violation of God’s law, which approves polygamy only for men and not for women, because it is contrary to the common human instinct. A child can be attributed to another father and not to his father, so he inherits from him, and he does not deserve an inheritance, including (diyat) for anyone who marries her, because a jealous man never consents to his wife being married to another man. , and every marital relationship can take place according to this marriage in which a woman has joined two men

Hajja Sondos is a Tunisian TikTok activist who has 76,700 followers on TikTok. She walked a different path. You know, she caused controversy and outrage with a video clip in which she announced that she would marry two men at the same time. The video exceeded one million and 800 thousand followers at a time when her most viewed videos did not exceed 50,000 views, and for this reason many discovered that she may be seeking fame and attracting followers to her accounts on various social networking sites.

In a detailed research report, the French women’s magazine The” stated that the phenomenon of polygamy for women exists in four prominent countries: Paraguay, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, China and Nepal, and that it is not generalized in these countries, but is present only in some tribes.

There are several other countries and peoples whose wives took more than one husband at the same time, as it is widespread and we find it in South Africa, the Canadian Arctic, Nigeria, Bhutan, the Maasai tribes of Kenya, northern Tanzania and the Native Americans, as it was widespread among the Guanche, the indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands before the entry of the Spaniards, despite the fact that it was prohibited by all monotheistic religions and most laws and legislations in the world.

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said that in the hands of the Hour there will be trials like parts of the dark night, in which a person will become a believer, and in the evening a disbeliever, selling the people their faith for a little offering from the world. Narrated by El-Hakim

Yea, brethren, we live these days in a state of unrest which has subsided and almost spread, and kinds of apostasy which we have not seen come to light until a man is afraid for himself of misguidance after misguidance, and obstacles after victory.

We turn to God, begging him to bind our hearts and strengthen us in our faith, because hearts are weak, doubts are quick, and Satan lurks. Troubles and troubles, what comes out of them and what a belly

In the end, we ask God for the need for guidance, repentance and return to God, and to bring her back and direct her to the path of good, guidance and success, and to base her on His tolerant law, knowledge of the truth, and its implementation, adherence to the principles of the faith of Islam, and abandoning all other heresy and delusion, and behind the intention stands Almighty God.

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