A rare picture from Osman Dembele’s wedding, and a surprise in the Moroccan uniform that the player wore, and the Spanish newspapers made fun of him!!

After the end of the World Cup in Qatar, the audience asked about the wife of the player Othman Dembele, who is of Moroccan origin, and they shared a picture of her account and wrote on it with my soul, my heart, I will help you, my country.

Among the many paradoxes that happened on the sidelines of the World Cup that was held this year in Qatar, Othman Dembele, who played against his wife’s country, in these events did not stop only at what happened in the green rectangle, but the matter went out of the social life of football players. Participants of the football tournament.

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The football player’s wife is the Moroccan-French social activist Rima Adbouche, who is 20 years old, was born in 2001 and has lived in France since his birth, and is known for her fashion content on social networks.

Especially Tik Tok, and in the end he is connected to Othman in 2022 AD in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. An atmosphere of joy prevailed, because Othman appeared at a traditional Moroccan ball in the presence of his small family and performed with traditional Moroccan songs.

1- His wife is Muslim

2- A young French woman of Moroccan origin

3- She wore a Moroccan kaftan during the wedding ceremony.

4- The Moroccan has been strongly connected to the Barcelona star’s family since childhood.

5- The duo belong to the same region in France, where they have known their father since childhood.

And the star of Barcelona celebrated his wedding in the Moroccan way, in the city of Tangier, surprisingly, because the Spanish newspapers did not publish any other information about his wife or the wedding, which, thanks to video clips and pictures, spread on various social networks.

Rima has gained fame through social media as a fashionista specializing in hijab, as she shares her fashion for veiled women with her followers, apart from traveling and other things.

On the other hand, Rima’s popularity and fame is expected to increase through social media after her marriage to Barcelona player Osman Dembele.

Dembele is about 5 years younger and has French citizenship. As a child, she immigrated with her family to France many years ago, where she studied and graduated in medicine, and currently works in a hospital in the Catalonia region of Spain, where Dembele has been playing for Barcelona since the year.

The girl belongs to a conservative Berber family from the Souss region in southern Morocco, in the city of Agadir. Dembele met her many months ago and then decided to marry her.

Dembele appeared happy with his wife and their relatives during the ceremony, which was held in the Moroccan style, wearing white robes for Dembele and a traditional Moroccan embroidered dress for the bride.

The wife’s family held an engagement ceremony in Agadir, attended by Dembele and his family last June, without announcing it at the time.

Preparations were being made for the wedding that took place a few days ago. It is expected, according to Spanish newspapers, especially Catalan ones, that this matter will be an indication of Dembele’s continuation with Barcelona, ​​especially since his wife works in Catalonia and has been settled there for a long time.

And the Spanish newspaper AS made fun of Osman Dembele who, during the wedding ceremony, wore a white suit, which is the color of Real Madrid, his team’s traditional rival, Barcelona.

Dembele wore a white suit and his bride a white Moroccan kaftan, and the couple played Moroccan tunes accompanied by family and friends.

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