A step away from the “Jordan Hawks” from the World Cup… and local glory for Al-Fuheis, Al-Wehdat and Al-Ahly

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National Basketball Team – (Tomorrow) Khaled Tayseer Al-Amiri – The year 2022 has witnessed many successes in the sport of Jordanian basketball, which has taken the limelight from other team sports, having achieved outstanding achievements at international and local levels. levels. Farewell year 2022 is approaching and while the whole world is getting ready to welcome 2023, the success of the first national basketball team that took a big step towards placing in the second consecutive and third in its history must be highlighted. take the 2023 World Cup in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, and “Hawksi” Jordan” 34th in the world. And fifth in Asia, and second in the Arab world, with a score of 337.8 points, according to the latest classification of the International Basketball Federation “FIBA”. Under the leadership of the national professional staff led by Wissam Al-Sous and his assistants, Muhammad Hamdan and Abdullah Abu Qura, emphasizing that the best success of the basketball team is winning the title of the Asian Cup in 2011, and the third place in 2009 under the supervision of the coaching leadership The latest classification issued by The International Basketball Federation, so that the “Women’s Falcons” took 73rd place in the world, 13th in Asia and 4th in the Arab world, with a score of 83.8 points, behind the women’s national team returned to participation abroad after a long absence of 26 years , and the results were modest. The performance of the men’s national team 3×3, led by coach Haitham Tlaib, was its worst performance in the fifth edition of the Asian Cup, which was. It was held at the “Marina Bay Sands” resort in Singapore, because it did not reach the group stage after losing to the Philippines (19-19). 21) and Indonesia (13-18). The picture was not much different even in the recent participation of the 3 x 3 national team in the fifth edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games, after the ‘Sokols’ achieved one victory over the Qatar selection (22-12), while they suffered three defeats against the Senegal national team (10 -18), Palestine (14-16) and Azerbaijan (18-20). Also, the players of the women’s national team 3 x 3 failed to pass the preliminary round at the Asian Championship in Singapore, losing to Thailand (7-7). 16) and the Philippines (9-21), which requires a logical reading of the reality of the situation by the Federation of the game and the selection of a new, reputable technical side at a high level. Re-evaluation: The U-18 girls national team took sixth place out of a total of 8 teams participating in the second level of the Asian Championship. Where the youth national team played 5 games in the Asian Championship, and ironically, that was the only victory they achieved in the first round against the “defending champions” Malaysia (40-36), before losing in four games against Hong Kong (41 ). -43) and Mongolia (36-48), Samoa (55-61) and Thailand (41-63), with a modest 20% win rate compared to an 80% loss rate. Fourth place in the West Asian Championship, after three consecutive defeats against Lebanon (79-56), Iraq (60-56) and Iran (88-43), in exchange for one victory over Syria (70-50). Local achievements Locally, Al-Ahly Club won the Jordan Cup title for the fourth time in its history, while Al-Wehdat won the Basketball Premier League title for the second time in its history, and Ittihad Amman. Crowned with the second league title. The Fuheis Youth Club team retained the Women’s League title for the fourth time in a row and in its history, while Al-Fuheis finished fourth in the Arab Women’s Club Basketball Championship, while the orthodox team’s campaign was halted in the quarterfinals. at the Arab Championship. The English club won the under-16 and under-18 youth league titles, while Orthodox won the under-16 youth league, the Fuheis youth team won the under-18 youth league title for the first time in its history, and Al-Riyadi won the under-18 youth league title. 14 years with the organization of the first Kingdom for Triathlon Basketball tournament with the participation of different age groups. The Princess Sumaya University team also won the men’s and women’s varsity Blink League titles, with the relaunch of the Schools League, at a time when the Interim Committee of the Basketball Association renewed its sponsorship deal with the CFI. Al-Duwairi, the Jordanian basketball ambassador and oldest national team member Ahmed Al-Duwairi, has taken a bold step, which represents access to a new professional experience in the Turkish club Bursaspor, coming from the club Fenerbahce. which he wore for six seasons. Al-Duwairi, 29, is regarded as one of Jordan’s standout players at the last Asian Championship, having achieved a performance-to-efficiency ratio of 23.2. Al-Douri is also the most frequent follower of lowered balls under two baskets with an average of 11.8, and the second best ball passer behind Freddie with an average of 3.5 assists. Participate in the “wasl” mission to advertise a local player, gain experience and raise the player’s technical level. A new path Jordanian basketball seems to be walking at a new crossroads, with the official announcement by the Interim Committee of the Basketball Association that elections will be held for a new Board of Directors, after the end of the sixth and final window of the season. Asian qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup finals, to be exact at the end of February next year.

A step away from the “Jordan Hawks” from the World Cup … and the local brilliance of Al-Fuheis, Al-Wehdat and Al-Ahly

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