After Sobhi’s speech about organizing the World Cup… Dying minutes in Superbasket expose sports corruption

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Egypt witnessed a tragic sports accident that is almost written among the disasters of sports events that have hit the sports street in recent years, such as the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad Alexandria, in the Egyptian Super Cup for basketball players, on Saturday night, witnessed the fall of the fan stand in the Hassan Mustafa Hall, and the fall of the runway led to the death of many From injuries among the masses sitting at the site of the collapse, were taken to the hospital.

Disaster in Hassan Mustafa Hall

The first images transmitted by the television cameras showed a state of pandemonium among the fans of the Al-Ittihad club from Alexandria in the covered stands of the hall, before the television broadcast was cut off completely.

It is not yet officially known what resulted in the fall of the railway track in terms of injured or killed, as well as the causes and circumstances of the incident and how it happened? However, some information we got from there says that among the masses of gap leaders there are several different injuries, without deaths.

The game came to a complete stop after the score reached 45/67 in favor of Al-Ittihad from Alexandria, which is completely overwhelming compared to most of the events of the match, as confirmed by the results of the first period 9/24 and the second 30/. 42 before temporarily stopping.

The minister of sports escapes from accusations

In the first reaction to the Hassan Mustafa Hall disaster, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, the minister of youth and sports in the coup government, confirmed that he wished recovery to all those injured after the incident at the basketball match between Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad Alexandria.

Sobhi said, through the sports program, that “there is only one medically unstable case, explaining that this case has been transferred to a major hospital to provide all necessary procedures.”

He added, there is a coordination meeting before the match, and all administrative matters are resolved before the start of the match.

He pointed out that before the start of the game, all procedures for securing an ambulance will be confirmed, explaining that the statements of the vice-president of the Basketball Association, Amr Moselhi, are related to the work of the Association, and will be checked. .

He added, what I have seen is that the procedures for providing emergency aid are on paper, but what Amr Moselhi said will be the subject of a comprehensive and important study and investigation to find out those procedures and their veracity.

Vice President of the Basket reveals all

For his part, Amr Moselhi, the vice-president of the Basketball Association, admitted that there was no ambulance before the start of the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad in the Supercup championship, confirming that an investigation has been opened into all procedures related to this match.

He added: “It must be recognized that there are shortcomings in not providing an ambulance, although the instructions are clear that no basketball game should be started without an ambulance being provided.”

He emphasized that this file does not go unnoticed, and all negligent people in this crisis will be held accountable.

£1.5 billion and a real disaster

Strangely, Hassan Mustafa’s compound, where the disaster occurred, was built in March 2022. Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi witnessed the inauguration of the complex, which was built on an area of ​​7.5 hectares at a cost of 1.5 billion pounds. complex for team games and handball according to the highest world standards.

It contains a covered hall that can accommodate 4,500 spectators, an auxiliary hall used as training halls, the headquarters of the African Confederation, the Egyptian Handball Federation and the African Handball Academy, along with a swimming pool, a health club, meeting rooms, and administrative offices.

Forbid laughter

Strangely, three months ago, the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the coup country announced its desire to apply to host the 2036 Olympics after receiving the approval of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and receiving Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee.

Then Ashraf Sobhi, the Minister of Youth and Sports, said: “Al-Sisi agreed to the request to organize the Olympic Games.”

The statement adds that, in addition to Sobhi and Bach, the meeting was attended by Hassan Mustafa, president of the International Handball Federation, Mustafa Braf, president of the Federation of African Olympic Committees, and Hisham Hatab, president of the Egyptian Olympic Committee.

The press release quotes Bach’s statement that Egypt’s sports infrastructure makes it possible to host the 2036 Olympic Games.

The process of submitting a bid to host the 2036 Olympic Games has not yet begun.

Ambulance kills athletes

It is significant that the disaster of Hassan Mustafa’s complex was not the first among sports impact disasters, because it was preceded by the death of player Sami Saeed from the Matrouh club, during the match between Matrouh and Salloum in the third league, the player fell, so those present rushed to transfer the player to the hospital, but he passed away.

After that, the president of the Matrouh club announced that due to the non-arrival of an ambulance, the player died as a result of a serious drop in blood circulation.

And in December 2013, in the 18th minute of the second half of a match between Al-Badrashin and Al-Hawamdia in the Second Division Football League competition, 30-year-old Al-Badrashin player Sherif Mohamed Okasha died after swallowing his tongue.

Medhat Mahdi, the general coach of the Badrashin Youth Center, said that he tried to save the player with the help of the coach, putting a shoe in Okashi’s mouth, but they failed and he died before the arrival of the car that took him to the Islamic Medical Center in Badrashin. kilometer away from Badrašin Stadium.

Saeed Al-Saedi, a Daqren Youth Center player, also fell to the ground but swallowed his tongue and died before his friends could help him. to save Al-Saidi’s life.

Israa Hosni, a soccer player from Al-Said Sports Club, left while participating in a match in front of Al-Khouli Youth Center, on the ground of Jabriya Youth Center, after swallowing her tongue in November 2015, and the match witnessed the absence of an ambulance and team doctor.

It was then that Isra’s friends from the team confirmed that negligence and the lack of a doctor or ambulance was the main cause of her death, as she was taken to Mahala Charity Hospital at their expense in a private car.

And in 2021, the match between El Sekka El Hadid and Abnaa Qena at the Al Nahhas Stadium in Alexandria witnessed the death of the player, Mohamed Hani Al Korean, after swallowing his tongue, in January 2021, and the match started without the intervention of an ambulance save the player born in 2004

The failure of sports medicine

The sports opinion survey, which included a large number of former athletes in various team and individual sports, showed that the most prominent reasons that prompted the survey sample to refrain from playing sports in Egypt were the weakness of the sports medicine system, in addition to poor financial returns.

Injuries and the weakness of the sports medicine system in Egypt were at the top of the main reasons that prompted 19.1% of the total survey sample to actually refrain from exercising as a primary reason, and came second among secondary reasons, at a rate of 42, 6% of the total survey sample.

The deterioration of health services provided to athletes in various sports sectors in the country has been proven by many research studies, including a master’s thesis, published at the Faculty of Physical Education, Helwan University, completed in 2016 by researcher Mustafa Muhammad. Abu Al-Saud, an expert in emergency services at the Egyptian Ambulance Authority, is titled “Evaluation of Ambulatory Services in the Fayoum Governorate for Youth and Sports.”

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