Announcement of the results of His Majesty the Sultan’s Youth Cup.. tomorrow

Awarded by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al-Muazzam – may God protect and preserve him – His Excellency Dr. Saud bin Hamoud Al Habsi, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, will be patronizing the 2021 results announcement ceremony tomorrow morning. His Majesty the Sultan’s Youth Cup at the “W” Hotel. The number of clubs participating in the competition has reached 31, and the expensive competition aims to achieve a deeper comprehensive vision of the role of sports clubs. Being an incubator institution for young people, supporting their sports, intellectual and cultural activities and contributing to instilling and strengthening the concept of volunteer work among them. The competition also works to achieve a number of goals, the most prominent of which is to support and highlight the efforts of clubs; To develop and develop its performance at all sports, youth, administrative and financial levels in accordance with the approved evaluation criteria, while encouraging clubs to achieve quality and management standards in the field of sports management, and developing sports and work with young people by supporting initiatives that help achieve goals of clubs, and emphasizing the concept of volunteer work in the field of sports, and raising awareness of the importance of the role of clubs in caring for young people and responding to their aspirations.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, represented by the Main Committee of the Competition, has prepared a Guide for applying to the competition, as well as the method of distributing grades for the activities and events that the clubs carry out during the year, as the grades are calculated for the clubs. who participate in football, hockey, handball, volleyball and basketball. In the competitions of His Majesty’s Sultan’s Cup, Ministry Shield, General League, Olympic League, Youth League or Junior League, in each match, as well as each club participating in each match in different categories, diplomas are awarded, except for the acquisition of diplomas when participating in buds or youth centers Approved by sports federations, points are calculated for each player representing a club whose name is listed on the official list of one of the teams in the group games, according to the number of players in the four categories.

Points are calculated for the sporting activities of clubs when they participate internally in competitions, federation programs, sports committees, departments of the Ministry for individual games and traditional sports approved by the Ministry, whether these championships were at the level of the provinces or at the level of the Sultanate of Oman, as well as positions which they will get during the participation in the Tournaments, with the calculation of the results if one of the players belonging to the clubs is represented in the national teams of the federations, sports committees and departments of the ministry for individual games and traditional sports. Each club will also receive points if the club participates in external participation in team and individual games.

On the other hand, a large share in the calculation of grades is played by the participation of clubs in youth activities conducted by the Ministry, such as the Competition of Clubs in Cultural Creativity, and among the aspects included in the evaluation are the levels of administrative and financial activity in the clubs, such as minutes from board meetings, and the financial report as the final account for the club, as well as if there were any liabilities of the club, as well as the marketing and sponsorship that the club receives annually.

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The competition was launched in 1998 and was honored to win its first edition, Al-Seeb Club and in 1999 Nizwa Club won first place and in 2000 and 2001 Al-Nasr Club won first place and in 2002 Nizwa Club won first place and in 2003 Al-Seeb Club won first place in 2004 Nizwa Club won first place and from 2005 to 2009 Al-Seeb Club won 5 consecutive wins and Al-Ittifaq Club was won the edition of the competition in 2010. Al -Nasr Club won His Majesty Sultan’s Youth Cup for the year 2011, while Al-Seeb Club won the first place. For the year 2012, the cup was also won by Saham Club in 2013, and in the competition in 2014, Al -Seeb Club. won first place, and Al-Seeb club preserved the precious cup in the competition in 2015. And in 2017, Al-Seeb club was crowned with His Majesty’s Youth Cup for the twelfth time in its history, and in 2018, Al-Ahly Sidab club was crowned for the first time time in its history, His Majesty’s Youth Cup, and Al-Ahly Sidab club retained the precious title for the second time in 2019, and in 2020, Salalah Club was crowned with the title of the competition for the first time in its history.

The ten clubs with the highest number of points are awarded prizes for winning the His Majesty the Sultan’s Youth Cup competition as follows: 30 thousand Omani Rials for the winner of the first place and a golden shield of the ministry, while the second place gets an amount of 28 thousand and a silver shield of the ministry, while the third place gets bronze shield of the ministry. And the amount of 26 thousand, while the fourth place winner gets the amount of 24 thousand rials, and 22 thousand for the winner of the fifth place, and 20 thousand rials for the winner of the sixth place, while the winner of the seventh place gets 18 thousand, and 16 thousand for the winner of the eighth place place and 14 thousand for the ninth place winner, while the tenth place winner will receive 12 thousand Omani rials.

It is worth noting that in the last edition of His Majesty’s Sultan’s Youth Cup for 2020, 42 clubs participated, namely: Ahli Sidab, Seeb, Oman Club, Muscat, Bausher, Qurayyat, Salalah, Al-Nasr, Dhofar, Al-Ittihad, Mirbat, Khasab, Madha, Dibba, Bukha, Ibri, Yanqul, Nizwa, Bahla, Samail, Al-Bashaer, Fanja, Al-Hamra, Sohar, Saham, Al-Suwaiq, Al-Khaboura, Al- Salam, Majis, El- Rustaq, Al-Musanna, El-Mudhaibi, Bidiyah, Al-Nahda, Al-Wusta, Al-Kamil, Al-Wafi, Al-Wahda, Sur, Al-Tali’ah, Al Orouba, Jalan , and Masirah Club, where Salalah Club won the cup and the first place for the first time in its history, and Al Seeb Club won the second place and won the silver equipment, and Al Bashaer Club took the third place and won the bronze equipment, and Ibri Club came in the fourth place, and Ahly Sidab in the middle Fifth, Al-Suwaiq in sixth place, Al-Nasr in seventh place, Saham in eighth place, Nizwa in ninth place and Qurayyat in tenth place.

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