Harvest 2022 Moroccan football shines and other sports revive

Moroccan sport is living the last days of 2022, and throughout the year it has recorded results that have fluctuated between ebb and flow in team and individual sports, after some sports played brilliantly and others continued. to drown in a sea of ​​managerial problems and negative results, to postpone the hopes of her fans for next year, then to shut down She had a dust of humility, the opposite of what she did in the past. years.

Amidst the roar of the “Atlas Lions” at the “World Championship” Qatar 2022, the echo of which was heard by the whole world and decorated the end of the year in national sports, and the sobs of other sports that used to go out with nostalgia, and others that had nothing in continental competitions if have booked a qualification ticket, the journey continues with the hope of preserving what has been gained and overcoming the “bump” in the next year.

And between the positive and negative results achieved in 2022, “Hesport” followed the harvest of national sports in a year in which she lived the role of a mother who is satisfied with the results of some sports, and disappointed others with her continuous deepening and solving problems.

A historic roar for “Atlas Lions” at the “World Championship”

The Moroccan national team left its mark on the busy road, which national football entered history with the widest gates, after the “lions” finished fourth at the sixth World Cup, the second in a row, presenting the best lessons and lessons in exceptional participation that will remain tattooed in in the heads of young people rather than adults.

The Moroccan “lions” were a strong guest at the “World Cup” in Qatar 2022, and the opponents fell one after the other before the pride of the Moroccan stars who were determined to write the glorious history of national football, to surprise everyone by taking over the throne of the sixth group at the expense of the great teams of Croatia, Belgium and Canada, so Ashraf Hakimi’s teammates continue Playing the gig, they passed the round of 16 by defeating La Roja, and then defeated Portugal in the quarter-finals, to arrange a date with the French “roosters” at the “Golden Square”, before the wonderful Moroccan adventure came to a halt in fourth place.

Historic official and public reception

After returning to their homeland, the Moroccan national team received a great royal reception as a sign of gratitude for their historic success at the “World Championship”, after they deservedly took fourth place, and the Moroccan people warmly welcomed Yassin Bounou’s comrades as they wandered through the streets of two enemies in an open bus Sale and Rabat.

Historic Moroccan jump in the world rankings

The Moroccan national team flew to the 11th place in the ranking of international national teams, according to the latest FIFA update, and the “Atlas lions” sat on the throne of the Arab and African national teams, thanks to their historic success in the recent “World Cup”.

Wydad sits on the throne of the brown continent, and Berkane is the champion of the Confederation

In 2022, Wydad Sports Club crowned the CAF Champions League title for the third time in its history, and Nahdet Berkane won the Confederations Cup title, confirming the dominance of the “red” and “orange” national clubs over the brown continent.

“Super” is pure Moroccan for the first time in history

Nahdet Berkane won the last African Super Cup title, defeating the champions of the African continent Wydad Athletic in an all-Moroccan match, the first time in history that two Moroccan clubs met in this competition that brings together the winner of the “brown princess” and the champion of the Confederation.

Al-Rakraki and Al-Dakik are two sides of the same coin called brilliance

The national frame, Walid Regraki, achieved great results during 2022, after leading Wydad Athletic Club to the CAF Champions League and Professional League titles, before leading the “Lions” to fourth place at the last World Cup.

Hicham El Dkaik, the selector of the Moroccan national football team, continued to write a new era of the national team in this sport, highlighting his height as one of the most prominent creators of national football achievements in the last period.

The “Black” hall has a cosmopolitan character

The Moroccan “futsal” national team, led by coach Hisham El-Dakik, continued to page the world book with all its competence after winning the title at the International Confederations Cup hosted by Thailand in September of last year, after defeating its Iranian colleague by four points. goals to three after extra time, and “Aswad” sat in the hall. On the Arab throne, having won the title of the Arab Cup, confirming the height of his heels on the continent.

Feminine splendor and Lionesses embrace cosmopolitans

The year 2022 witnessed the glory of national women’s football after the Moroccan national team secured qualification for the finals of the Women’s World Cup to be held in New Zealand and Australia in 2023 for the first time in its history, an unprecedented achievement for the women’s national football team. confirming the great awakening of the “Atlas lionesses”.

The draw placed the women’s national team in Group H, which includes Germany, Colombia and South Korea.

At the last edition of the World Cup, which was held in India, the Moroccan women’s national team under the age of 17 took part, which reached the “World Cup” for the first time in its history, because the “lionesses” left the competition from the group stage, after placing on third place with only three points.

Women’s Royal Army Continental Champions

The Moroccan treasury was decorated with the first title in the African Champions League, which was crowned by the Royal Army Club, after “Zaimat” defeated the South African team Sun Downs with 4-0 in the final.

Al-Baqali is a golden runner who has been named the best in Africa

The African Athletics Confederation has chosen Moroccan champion Sofiane El-Bakali as the best African female athlete at the Mother of the Games in 2022, after she won the world championship in the 3000m hurdles race.

Al-Baqali, who is not satisfied with anything other than gold and climbing to the top of the “winner’s podium”, placed in the group of champions of Kenya, noting that he won the Diamond League, achieving the best number of the season in the 3000-meter steeplechase.

It revives national handball and ensures participation in the “World Championship”

Morocco’s handball team won third place at the 25th African Cup of Nations in Egypt, after a well-deserved victory over Tunisia in the qualifying match, securing a place in the World Cup finals to be held in Sweden and Poland early next year.

Fans of the national handball sport hope that this game will be revived at the club and team level, to raise the national flag high in continental competitions and move forward with this type of sport that has an important continuation.

Mardi pays tribute to Moroccan noble art

Moroccan champion Khadija Al-Mardi managed to win silver at the 81kg World Boxing Championships held in Istanbul, Turkey, as she came close to winning world gold, hoping that the Moroccan glove will return to the fore, men’s and female, and surpass the Royal University of Boxing. Problems she had during 2022.

Basketball is still drowning in a sea of ​​problems

The sport of basketball continues to be mired in a sea of ​​problems, after its wheels returned to rotation after a long hiatus from competition stemming from conflicts that have stalled the wheel of a sport that needs new blood pumped into its arteries to embrace a brilliant life and fight against the big men on the continent and globally.

Modesty or games go on and Baqali is an exception

Moroccan athletics in various categories has declined alarmingly during the year 2022, as the world champion Sofiane Al-Bakali remains the only glimmer of hope on a dark road for the mother of the games, which has gone out with nostalgia in many continental countries. of sporting events, at a time when Morocco had great ambassadors, such as Nawal Al-Mutawakel, Hisham El-Karouj, Said Aouita and others, before the bitter reality became as if we had no birth history.

Individual and team sports She refused to leave the recovery room

The Kingdom of Morocco invests enormous efforts in promoting national sports in various collective and individual disciplines, but many disciplines continue to lag behind and remain in the recovery room, with the criticism of the masses and the suffering of heroes amid a lack of conscience that arouses jealousy in the hearts of some coaches whose facilitation characterized by improvisation. The results are disastrous.

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