Kazem El Saher’s fiancee catches the eye already at her first appearance.. daughter’s age and a million times more beautiful than Haifa Wehba!!

Artist Kazem El-Saher has announced his return to concerts during the New Year season, as his first concert will be held in Doha.

Kazem El-Saher revealed his upcoming concerts that will start in Doha on December 20, Kazem El-Saher will hold another concert in Dubai on September 23, and on December 30 he will end the New Year season with concerts in Lebanon.

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personal informations

The artist Kazem El-Saher became famous for his flirtation with women through his romantic songs, which made him the closest to the hearts of many women, and with what is scattered here and there about love stories from his life, the question arises as to what haunts him remains .. Habiba Kazem El-Saher, who is she?

The Iraqi singer, whose original name is Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim al-Samarrai, who is entering his 65th year, was born in Mosul on September 12, 1957. Since the beginning of his rise, he has been accompanied by many emotional rumors, most of which did not justify the official announcement, except only twice.

The first and only

Kazem Al-Saher married once, his wife was a cousin, called “Oruba Al-Saher”, and he was 19 at the time of the marriage and had two sons, Wissam and Omar, before their separation in 1996.


Kazem El-Saher, during a guest appearance on the show “Labyrinth”, with the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, revealed the reason for his separation from the mother of his children, that he married very early, and that he is not mature enough to take responsibility for home and family, so he discovered that the solution was divorce.

He confirmed that he felt great guilt for what he had done to his wife and the mother of his children, but she repeatedly assured him that she forgave him for what he had done, and they formed a strong friendship, before her final departure from our world. March.

Death of the children’s mother

During his guest appearance on the show “With you”, Kazem spoke about the departure of the late mother of his children, saying: “The shock we experienced after the departure of the children’s mother is not something I would wish on enemies, not even the worst people…we were separated, but everything related to the children with whom we were in contact, and I was comfortable that she was deeply in the faith, she prayed and advised them.. I was comfortable and convinced myself that she was responsible for everything. That closeness existed between us.. Until now we enter the house after we disbelieve.

A pleasant puzzle

In 2016, Kazem El-Saher caused a controversy regarding the identity of the girl who proposed to her, because at first he only mentioned her name Sarah.

Moroccan rumors chased “Sarah”, that she was intended, after pictures of her with Al-Saher spread, before communication sites confirmed that she was only the interior designer of his house.

Al-Saher revealed the identity of his fiancee, the Tunisian Sarah Mufti, at a party he threw in Washington, explaining that he had not yet married her, and softened the crowd: “We wore a double, but we didn’t get married,” before appearing with him behind behind the scenes of the program “The Voice”.

Sarah Muqna, who is 35 years old and Caesar is about 25 years older than her, her steps with Al-Saher have not reached the stage of marriage, and her appearance in his life has decreased since 2018.

Fatima and Jessica

In the past years, Al-Saher has been dogged by many rumors about his emotional attachment to several women, such as singer Yousra Mahnoush, Iraqi journalist Haifa Hussein and Moroccan Fatima Jamali, Miss Arab 2014.

And the Lebanese presenter Jessica Azar entered the list of women in Kazem’s life, with his multiple appearances in the programs of the “Lebanese MTV” channel, until “Jessica” came out and confirmed that her relationship with Caesar was only a friendship.

Non-stop parties!

Kazem El Saher held a big concert at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in Boulevard City, Saudi Arabia, in the presence of a large number of his fans.

During the ceremony, Kazem El Saher presented a number of his most famous new and old songs, in addition to his new song, which he performed for the first time at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater.

The audience interacted with the singer Kazem El Saher for two full hours, during which he presented his most famous songs, including Say I Love You, The School of Love, The Despot, Here’s My Love, I Hate It, The Court, My Delight, I Increase My Love, and the more you grow, the sweeter it is.

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