My experience with the virginity site and my marriage to him

My experience with the Al-Afaf website and my marriage to it. The husband is considered one of the best actions that all Muslims around the world do, which all citizens want to get married with Al-Afaf website and also make a real experience in Many individuals want to know more about the experiences of others through Al-Afaf website For legal marriage, because the Al-Afaf website is among the sites that aim to facilitate matrimonial matters between two parties, two parties according to the teachings of the Islamic faith and based on a series of conditions and procedures. Through the site, we will learn many experiences related to the Al-Afaf website for legal marriage.

Al-Afaf matrimonial site

The site Al-Afaf for husband is considered one of the Saudi sites that guarantee finding the right partner, because this site aims to make it easier and easier to find the right spouse, based on the many procedures and conditions that are required through the site, which advocates the Islamic Front, legal provisions and in cooperation and coordination with legal authorities regarding matters Marriage can be registered with it and follow the instructions and ensure that all conditions are met and supported by many other Arab countries.

Legal controls for place of virginity for marriage

The site is subject to many procedures and legal issues in accordance with the customs and traditions of Muslims, and these controls are presented in the following points

  • It is forbidden to post pictures of women on the site.
  • Not describing women to men is an exaggeration.
  • The site does not contain correspondence and communication between the two parties, which may result in some damage and injury.
  • The need to seek help from family, friends and legal authorities to find the right partner.
  • The condition of the wife’s consent to the marriage contract.
  • The need to adhere to the terms and conditions of the Islamic religion when concluding a marriage contract in the presence of guardians and witnesses based on the Islamic religion.

My experience with the Afaf website

Many individuals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have shared their experiences through the Al-Afaf matrimonial site, where many of these experiences have succeeded in finding the right partner and wife, and many other experiences have faced failure in choosing the right partner, and we will recall some experiences from the lips of their owners.

The first experiment

The owner of the experience says: “I am divorced. I wanted to try the Al-Afaf matrimonial site to find my suitable husband, because I registered according to the procedures and conditions of the site, because people sent frivolous messages just because I am divorced, even though I clearly mentioned in my resume that I am a university-educated girl, and unfortunately there was a lot of harassment.” It was by people from my country, so my experience through the Al-Afaf website is considered a failure.”

Another experiment

The owner of the experience says: “I registered through the Al-Afaf website for marriage and I wanted to write my resume correctly. We found that the site adheres to the teachings of the Islamic faith and Arab traditions and customs in many different procedures, and with the presence of a girl under supervision and under the supervision of the administration of the Al-Afaf website, I found her the right partner for me. The marriage contract was concluded in accordance with legal solutions and instructions.

Third attempt

The owner of the experiment says: Good evening, how are you, girls? I have a special experience related to the Al-Afaf marriage site under the supervision of many sheikhs and departments, because during my experience through the site I found that there are many individuals and male members who send many inappropriate and bad messages to girls registered through the site because it contains these messages , and they also contain special numbers to communicate with them, because I was surprised after the administrators of the site discovered these malicious messages, so we expected these messages to be from the supervisors themselves, so I wanted to warn you from this site and advise you to do not register on it and stay away from it.

The fourth experiment

The owner of the experience says: “When I found out that most of the girls register through the site, I also attached my resume, I really wrote the information and registered according to the stipulated conditions. One of the members, who is 40 years old and married, wrote to me, but at first I did not agree to the request for correspondence, and then I discovered that he is a man, “intelligent and understanding. We contacted based on the conditions of the site, and after a while he requested to come to my sermon in accordance with Islamic principles, customs and traditions, so I told my brother and my family about this matter, because he was from another city and tribe, and when he came to deliver his sermon to me, he caused admiration. brother largely because of his intellectual consciousness, since my brother assured me that this man was only suitable because he suffered from mild lameness, I was then very shocked and said what was the reason why he was hiding the lameness problem from me, because he did not clarify anything for me nor did he explain, so I left him, maybe to make up for it, God has something better than him, and after a while I canceled my subscription to the site because I got bored and that was my experience with the Al-Afaf matrimonial site.

How to register on the integrity page

Individuals can register through the Al-Afaf marriage website by following all the following steps

  • Go to Afaf’s official matrimonial website.
  • Register by writing your name and filling in all the required information.
  • Click on the word “Registration” at the bottom of the page.
  • Check all the data entered by the site administration and moderators.
  • Create a separate form for the marriage applicant that contains the membership number.
  • Find the right woman by going through the list of women on the site.
  • All girls registered through the site have a CV that contains all the information about them.

Terms and conditions for registration through the purity page for marriage

When registering at the place of virginity, a number of conditions must be met, and these conditions include the following points

  • Writing a pseudonym compatible with Arabic customs and traditions and Islamic teachings.
  • Make sure all required information is entered correctly.
  • The title of the applicant must not be a Quranic verse or hadith.
  • Avoid using obscene and inappropriate names.
  • Be sure to write down all information on the form to prevent the application from being deleted.
  • There is no direct communication between site members.
  • Anyone can request communication between the parents of both parties, but without using e-mail.
  • It is necessary to go to the administration and supervisor of the site if the girl does not respond to the sent marriage proposal.
  • Delaying the appearance of comments between the two parties by management so as not to leave room for exaggeration in the conversation between them.
  • If the parties agree on a link, the request will be sent via the site’s email.

Is the chastity of the pages guaranteed

Many individuals, especially women, want to know the seriousness and guarantee of the Al-Afaf site for marriage, because they ask many questions about the site and want to know the experiences of the members in finding the right husband and partner. The largest possible number of individuals expressed their own opinion through their experience on the site, and the most important of these reviews are the following

first opinion

He says: “I never recommend matrimonial sites, because unfortunately girls are good at finding the right partner, but men only want fun and entertainment, and when it comes to seriousness, they withdraw even if the marriage is arranged.” A man calibrates a woman to meet her, because I advise you to stay until she comes. It’s a part for a girl without any place.”

Second opinion

The author of the opinion says: “From the experience of my friend, I can see that it is a successful site, because she is 40 years old and was not married, so she registered and applied through the site for marriage and met a married man who has 8 children, but she is satisfied with her marriage with him 6 years ago, it is important that a girl knows how to distinguish a serious man from a frivolous one.

Maine got married through a virginity site

Many individuals, especially women, want to know the successful experiences of the Chafing Marriage website and want to make sure that the site succeeds in facilitating and bringing individuals together in accordance with Islamic principles, since many people have narrated their own experiences and shared them with others, and these experiences include the following

  • The owner of the experience says: “I am a 40-year-old girl who has never been married and because of the fear of not living alone, I tried to register through the marriage sites, so I attached my resume through the purity marriage site.” A married man with 8 children contacted me, I was hesitant about the success of this relationship, but now, despite my fears, I have been married to him for 6 years and I am happy with him.”

Afaf wedding site. Do you know a woman who got married from this site?

Many individuals want to meet people who have succeeded in getting married through the Al-Afaf website, so we find many questions about the site, and among the most important opinions related to experiences are the following

  • One of them says that many marriage experiences through the site were successful, especially in finding a serious and suitable person, because he explained to a friend through the site that he managed to find a suitable life partner for him, and he married her 7 years ago.
  • The girl says that my friend had a successful experience in finding a suitable husband through the chastity marriage website, because she was forty years old and was not married, so she wanted to browse the site and find a suitable husband, and now she has been married for 7 years and very is happy.

Al-Afaf Marriage Site Twitter

People from Arab countries can follow the official account through the Twitter application of the marriage website Al-Afaf directly “” and follow all the news regarding the conditions that must be met and registration procedures, and requests and complaints can be submitted through the page.

Link to Alafaf matrimonial site

People can subscribe and register through the website Al-Afaf marriage directly “”, after following all the instructions and instructions of the site and ensure compliance with all the necessary conditions and ensure that the information entered through the site is correct so that the applicant can search for the right person and partner.

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