Top 10 Tourist Spots in Riyadh for Families 2022

Top 10 tourist places in Riyadh for families in 2022. Find what they like, replace negative energy with positive, enjoy movement, joy and enjoy change. He comes to these beautiful places while enjoying with his family, because Riyadh includes several unprecedented places; The capital is full of everything your heart desires, and in the following lines we will let you know the 10 best tourist places in Riyadh for families in 2022, where you can find fun and enjoyment.

Tourism in Riyadh

There is no doubt that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for religious tourism, but due to the understanding of the wise leaders of the importance of entertainment in society, as well as in the light of the interest in recent decades for the comprehensive development of all cities in the Kingdom to create extensions and renovations to increase green areas and beautify the beaches, The Kingdom offers other tourist activities that attract everyone from all walks of life. All over the world, and Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is the largest city by region and population and is the front of the Kingdom, and because of this, abundant sales of tourist and entertainment places were ensured in it until it became a model in the art of city management, appreciating its resources and developing tourism in it.

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Riyadh for Families 2022

It is difficult to determine the top 10 tourist places in Riyadh for families in 2022. Riyadh is full of tourist and recreational places to visit, and the number of public parks alone is (433) gardens, not to mention amusement parks, museums, archaeological sites, restaurants and cafes, but among all the wonderful places out there, we have provided you with some distinctive places to visit when you go to Riyadh, and accordingly, the 10 best tourist places in Riyadh for families in 2022.

Snow city in Riyadh

Who has ever seen a foreign film and not wanted to go ice skating with it? What made the snow city of Riyadh possible, as it became possible to live in the atmosphere of snow and ice in Europe, and it is a unique and unique place at the state level in all its cities, and it is a place of entertainment for adults and children with 12 games on ice in addition to the existing ones recreational activities and the city is located in Al-Othaim Mall It is located in Rabwah, Riyadh, and operates daily from 1600 to 2200 hours.

Kingdom Tower

the kingdom’s tallest tower ever; It is about 300 meters long and has 99 floors, they have to find their destination in one of the corners of this huge place, the tower has a unique design that reflects luxury and sophistication and contains everything you can imagine such as (mall, hypermarket, markets, shops , entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes, banquet halls, offices, apartments, hotels), and is located in the “Olaya District” on King Fahd Street.

Al Fasaliya Tower

Saudi towers competing with Dubai, China and others; Among the towers that you should not visit Riyadh without walking is the Al Faisaliah Tower. Its distinctive hierarchical design, surface and height have made it one of the best sights to see in Al Ain. The Al Faisaliah Tower is ranked 40 among the most prominent towers in the world and consists of 30 floors.

The most unique place in the tower is the restaurant located inside the glass ball which is located inside the pyramidal triangle at the highest point in the tower and contains international shops, markets, shopping malls, restaurants and so on, which realizes the pleasure of shopping, and the luxury tower is located at ” King Fahd Road” in the “Olaya” area.

Al Hokair Land Amusement Park

Its fame is not only because it is an amusement park, but also because it is a comprehensive place with integrated facilities, which allows you to spend a long day of fun with everything you want. As for the games, they appeal to adults more than children, so despite the abundance of amusement parks in Riyadh, Al Hokair Land is a popular place for tourists and citizens, and is open to families every day of the week except Thursday and Friday. It is reserved for women only, and the place is open from 4 in the afternoon to 12 in the evening. There are amusement parks in the “Al-Hamra” area on the eastern ring road.

The zoo in Riyadh

It is a place where innocent birds and animals known to man eat from his hand, so even small children can be taken there to introduce them to animals. There are almost 200 species of animals, including endangered species, and it is characterized by a very wide and beautiful green area studded with pines and palm trees. And the place was built on an area of ​​55 hectares.

The Garden opens its doors every day except Sunday, which is an official holiday, and on Mondays for men and Tuesdays for women, and on other days the Garden opens its arms to families, and the restaurant is located in the city of Okrug Al-Malaz.

peace park

One of the top 10 tourist areas in Riyadh for families in 2022, the park won a bronze award in the International Park Competition and is divided into sections, including the “Thousand Palms” area, where you are allowed to sit on the green areas and enjoy in the close green beauty of the blue sky and fresh air in Prizor, which wins hearts and has a “protected” part with numerous fish, animals and birds. The place is very spacious and has walking and jogging paths, a fountain that lights up in different colors at night, restaurants and so on.

The place is open every day except Saturday, when the working hours are from four in the afternoon to two in the morning, and Sunday is a day off, and the entrance fee per person is about 6 rials. located in the heart of Riyadh near the ruling palace on King Fahd Road.

Wadi Hanifa

It is not permissible to be in Riyadh without visiting the famous Wadi Hanifa; It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city of Riyadh, where the area of ​​a huge valley is 80 kilometers long, and the General Authority for the Development of the City of Riyadh wanted to make this place a tourist front to attract various investments to the place, which of course it succeeded, so that the place will be a tourist destination that everyone must visit.

The site has won many awards, the most recent being the Aga Khan Award for International Architecture. The place is the center of playgrounds and gardens (Dam Park, Alpine Stone Dam, Hanifa, Wadi Dam, al-Jazi’ al-Buhaira, Lake al-Masanaa) and aesthetic green spots, pedestrians and other places for cars, lakes and boats. Both restaurants and cafes, the valley is located in Najd, in the “Al-Arid” region.

National Museum in Riyadh

A huge museum that reflects the entire history of the Kingdom, built on an area of ​​170 meters, with 8 halls, each specializing in the history of different stages in the life of the Kingdom until it became what it is, a civilized interface that reflects the history of the Kingdom. .

Murabba Palace Museum

The palace, which was converted into a museum and became a tourist site that attracts tourists and visitors to learn about the ancient past of the Kingdom and the phases it went through, and is a historical landmark that combines ancient and modern styles, as well as a place that is equipped with lush gardens. And manuscripts, the museum opens its doors every day from 800 to 300 pm except Sunday and is located on King Saud Road in the Al-Murab area.

Island Falcon Museum

For lovers of war and military history of the countries, this museum is designed to reflect the historical weapons of war that were used in the peace of aviation in the war, and the museum consists of two floors, the first one houses the planes and the second one houses the weapons that were used like bombs and missiles, the museum is located on the eastern ring road of the city of Riyadh on Saqr Island, is open throughout the week except for the four women, and has a schedule of 9 am to 12 noon. , then from 4 to 9 p.m.

A guide to the best tourist spots in Riyadh

We have presented you the top 10 tourist places in Riyadh for families in 2022, which are the places you visit. A person will have a good idea about the other places in Riyadh, unless he does not have time to visit a city yet. We will nominate the names of other interesting places in Riyadh

  • Rafal tower.
  • Dam in the Namar Valley.
  • – Museum of Antiquities in Riyadh.
  • Al-Masmak Palace, Al-Hamra Palace.
  • Landmark Park, Home Park, Ultimate Park.
  • King Abdullah Park, Granada Park.
  • King Salman Wild Park, Bijan Park.
  • Water park Fantasy Land Riyadh.
  • Al Batha Market, Al Owais Market and the popular Village Market.
  • Marina Mall, Riyadh Gallery Mall, Al Qasr Mall.
  • Star City Entertainment City, Al Rajoon Entertainment City.
  • Sparky’s Splash Water Park.

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