Al-Ayyam newspaper – Abdullah Al-Kateb: We dedicate the rise of our club team to the first for all the sons of Al-Halima

> * From the womb of suffering that creates creativity (Tahesh Al-Hawban) bares his fangs in (Seiyun Gathering), announcing first place in his group by qualifying and returning to League One League (Al-Adwaa) and wins bet to be a Trojan horse in the championship and turn the tables in an attempt to move from second place to the League of Fame and Lights.. And behind that stood the technical and administrative staff, the club’s management and the loyal audience, all of whom tried to succeed despite the difficulties.. On this occasion, we conducted a survey with technical and administrative staff, and a number of players, and our goal was basically the participation of Al-Tali’ah club in the joy of climbing to the league of light, and we came to this result:

* And we started with the creator of joy and qualifications, captain Abdullah Al-Kateb, the coach of the team, are these the conditions? We answered:

Glory be to God for this wonderful success. Efforts were made and everyone bravely decided to participate in the competition, especially the management. They rolled up their sleeves and the dream came true.

* The board of your club submitted a resignation to the Office for Youth and Sports, it was rejected, and the team could not practice until the last part of the qualifications for the second league.. How did the preparations for the qualifications go, especially since the time was very close to the start of the tournament?

– I won’t hide it from you, at the last training session of the team, the management came to the stadium represented by the president of the club, captain Nawfal and the general secretary, Mr. Rami Al-Osaimi, and this presence was a great motivation in raising the morale of the players, who felt a sense of responsibility and were really at the level of the event.

* What did (captain Abdullah Al-Kateb) do with his team to achieve (the miracle of ascent) in light of the club’s deteriorating financial conditions?

– We used the most powerful weapon that man has, which is the will, with reliance on God of course, and the predecessor has already gone through such circumstances and managed to overcome them because (Tahesh Al-Hawban never fails his lovers).

* Did you expect, Captain Abdullah, that the team would rise or stay in the second league… Tell us honestly?

– In the beginning, we were interested in staying because of the circumstances, but we got an opportunity when several teams dropped out of our group, so promotion was our ally.

* Captain Abdullah Al-Kateb showed his superiority in the field of training, and proved that he is a highly qualified coach. In a short time, Al-Tali’a reached the first league. How did you cope with the competition from the clubs, and what was the secret of your rise?

– Coaching is a difficult profession that needs to be introduced to everything new, and thank God we knew the level of the clubs that are in the group with us, their strengths and weaknesses, and we worked on that with outstanding players. , who were able to realize everything that was asked of them on the field.

To whom do you dedicate this beautiful climb?

– I dedicate this achievement and rise to first place to all sons of dreamers, including athletes, fans and the generous governor, and to all those who bet and supported the avant-garde in the most difficult phase of its history.

* And after that we met with the sports supervisor of the Al-Talee club, captain Adel Sultan, to whom we asked the following question: How did you overcome the difficult circumstances you were going through?

Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, the first for this achievement, how the efforts were united and everyone in our club decided to participate for the sake of the competition. It was a brave decision by the administration, which did everything in its power to make our dream come true, which came thanks first of all to God, and then thanks to our coach and his heroic players.

* And we talked to the star of the team (captain Osama Mahyoub), and we blessed him with boarding.. And we started him with a question.. You, as one of the prominent players in the team, refrained from training due to club circumstances until you were called before the trip.. So what did you expect from this participation?

– First of all, I congratulate the representative of Taiz and the loyal fans of Al-Tali on this success. In fact, we were not physically ready before the tournament due to the postponement of the league and the change of its starting dates. But when the league was announced, we were psychologically and morally ready for Al-Tali’ah, we had the confidence and will to grab the qualification ticket. Glory to God, God has honored us.

* Before participating, did you just think that you would climb to first place, and how about the pleasure of climbing and to whom do you dedicate this achievement?

– Yes, we had the certainty of an ascent.. We thank our dear captain and our father Abdullah, the writer who worked hard with us, and we also thank the loyal players and the management who made a great effort with us.. And we thank the fans of the avant-garde who visited us from the beginning of the preparations.

* And then we were with the star of the gathering, according to everyone’s testimony, captain Zidane Nabil Makram, who said: “It is true that we went through difficult moments until the last moments of moving to Seiyun, but the secret of what was achieved was the presence of the technical staff and management who created closeness and harmony between us as a unique team and players and made us feel like one family. This was reflected in our performance and results, and thank God, we reached our desired goal, which is the ascent, and we do not forget to thank the fans of the avant-garde and their financial and moral support.”

* In your opinion, Captain Zidane, how will it be after the ascension to preserve this achievement, and how would you stay in this natural place for you?

– I do not hide from you, my brother Riyad, that the task is difficult now, after returning to the League of Light, because the demands require great financial and moral support, and the hope for the righteous supporters of Taiz is great, after God.

* The great attacking fullback, Captain Muhammad Wahib, spoke, saying, “Of course, everyone knows that the financial conditions that Vanguard Club of Taiz is going through .. no income .. no stable financial support .. and perhaps our biggest suffering is the financial aspect, knowing that we were before we prepared to travel to Seiyun. The biggest obstacle in front of us was the lack of buses to transport the players to Seiyun, and from here we thank the brothers at (Al -Shorouk Club), and the brother, General Director of the Youth and Sports Office, Mr. Ayman Al-Mikhlafi. Fans, financiers and businessmen, to ask them to provide (a special bus) for Al-Talia Club, because the bus of the previous club was damaged due to the war and the other bus is in Al-Hawban.

* Finally, here is Tahesh El-Hawban, he is back again in the league of light, so with his return, the soul returns to the dreamer and became another actor, with the (Al-Saqr) team, so that the sport flourishes in Taiz, and his fans they are rejoicing everywhere.. Congratulations to Taiz and his fans for this wonderful climb.

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