Al Jasmi and Mahmoud Hamida participate in the concert “Able to be Different”.

Today, the fourth “I can do it differently” concert under the slogan “Lena Makan” was held in the Al-Manara Center in the Fifth Settlement, and the ceremony was led by media presenter Heba Al-Abasiri, host of the “Women Don’t Lie” program, along with a group of artistic stars who expressed their great pride and happiness in participating in this event.

The most prominent artists participating in “They can be different”

Artist Karim Fahmy

Artist Karim Fahmy participated for the first time in front of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in the celebration of “Qaderoon with a Difference” and expressed his great happiness for participating in a great ceremony that supports these children.

Artist Karim Fahmy said during the Able to Different celebration: “All of Egypt saw the children with abilities and loved them. I am happy to stand before the president for the first time and may God protect you for us and for the children of Egypt.”

And Karim Fahmy addressed the child participating with him, saying: “I am honored to stand next to you, so the president commented, saying: Oh Muhammad, Mahmoud, you are a very nice broadcaster. You beat Karim.”

Actress Kinda Alloush

Where the artist Kinda Alloush participated in the ceremony “They lead differently”, where she presented a festive segment entitled “Heroes of the story.” Artist Kinda Alloush revealed her happiness at President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s interest in people with special abilities, saying: “Thank you, boss, for your interest in these models. Before I was a mother of two children, I saw that the role that parents play an important role, but now I see it as a big one. Being real heroes.

Artist Ahmed Saad

Artist Ahmed Saad participated in the presentation of a new song at the concert “It can be different”, and the lyrics of Ahmed Saad’s new song read: “I am from this night, my head is raised above, who am I tonight? This, share this dream with us, we are tired of it, for you and for you, we are all present. Today is your day, and we are all flying.”

Artist Amr Youssef

Artist Amr Youssef, who participated in the “Able to Differently” concert, pointed out that President Elsa became a role model for all people, after supporting these children.

During the “Capable in Different” celebration, Amr Youssef said: “I want to thank you for your efforts and support for children and the able-bodied in a different way.

Amr Youssef presented an excerpt, with the media, of Rahma Khaled, who narrated some of the difficult situations she went through in her life, where she said: I am 26 years old, and when I was born, the doctor said to my mother, your daughter will not live, and the school refused her admission.

Amr Youssef answered her, saying, “This is cutting off the tongue of this teacher. There is no school in Egypt.

Artist Ahmed Amin

Artist Ahmed Amin also participated in the presentation of the film called “The Hero of the Story.” Ahmed Amin said during the event in the movie “The Hero of the Story”: When you are part of the family. about love.

And Ahmed Amin continued: What I saw was that love achieves the impossible in an overcrowded world.

And Ahmed Min continued: When God blesses you with a gift, you want to turn it into a magical lantern.

Artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi

Artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi presented a piece entitled: “The Best Sahib” to integrate those who are capable of doing differently in Egypt.

Abdel-Baqi said, during the “Able Different” ceremony, in the presence of President Al-Sisi: “The Best Friend Initiative.. We all have friends, while we study and work, but those who are able differently, what is the difference in their friends? There is a need for him to be used and benefited.

Abdel-Baqi presented two models of those who are capable of different, saying: “We have more than one model for comrades.. Yassin is a first year of high school and he is 12 years old, and Ibrahim is my friend, my cousin and my aunt .. Ibrahim replied, his owner is 12 years old and the closest to him.”

The artist, Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, added another model, who is Amr Darwish with 2 Bachelors of Commerce and High Institute of Dramatic Arts, who said: “I brought a crutch to free myself from my mother’s obligation to drive me to school in primary and preparatory, and I also went to high school.

Amr’s friend, Ahmed, said: “Amr is a friend of mine, a grocer, 20 years old.. I met him in the first year of high school. We were at school in Shubra.. before my joy, the day I didn’t make him.

Ashraf Abdel-Baqi Amr joked, saying: I bathed him in public, so Amr replied laughing, “My friend, I also ate with him.”

At the end of the paragraph, Abd al-Baqi expressed his wish that there would be many friends and best friends at the concert next year.

Artist Mahmoud Hamida, Amr Wahba, and here is an ascetic

The great artist Mahmoud Hamida, the artist Amr Wahba and the artist Hana El Zahed performed a performance in front of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, as part of the art section. And between the talents of those who can be distinguished, the main and the teacher discuss.

Artist Hussein Al Jasmi

Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi took part in the presentation of a new song at the concert “Able to Different” The lyrics of Hussein Al Jasmi’s new song read: I am happy because I am happy and a salvation, and I go to be angry with people, and those who do not understand will understand tomorrow.

The President was also on hand to congratulate Hussain Al Jasmi on his marriage contract, saying: “Congratulations…a thousand congratulations…and we are happy to have you with us…UAE is a beloved nation.”

Hussein Al Jasmi answered him, saying: “This is the most precious blessing. An Egyptian is not told ‘No’. Egypt is sweet with you.”

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