Al-Jubaiha and Al-Ahly cut the opening ribbon.. and the top of the sports and Orthodox gathering

Khaled Tayseer Al-Amiri

Today, the competitions of the first round of the seventy-first edition of the Premier Basketball League “CFI” begin, in which 6 clubs are participating: Orthodox, Al-Ahly, Jubaiha, Al-Riyadi, Kafriuba and Ashrafieh.

The Al-Ahly club team begins its journey by facing the Jubai team today at 5:00 p.m., followed by the expected summit clash between the Sports and Orthodox teams at 7:00 p.m. at the Prince Hamzah Hall, while the Al-Hassan Hall in Irbid will to host a meeting between Ashrafia and Kafriub at 5:00 p.m.

Orthodox tweet outside the flock. Al-Ahly is reviewing its accounts… and the athlete sends “reassuring messages.”

The first phase, “back and forth”, will be held in the period from December 26 to January 28, with the second phase of the tournament, after a long break, continuing on March 3 with the aim of preparing the national team. The sixth and final part of the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup Championship 2023.

The third stage (home and away) matches, during which the teams are seeded 1-3, will start on March 21st and end the following April 5th, with the final stage matches of the “final series” on April 8th. Next, the curtain will come down on the tournament on the 28th of the same month.

The Premier League champion gets 30,000 dinars, second place 24,000 dinars, third place 18,000 dinars, fourth 12,000, fifth 6,000, and sixth 4,000.

Achrafieh and Kafryouba… equal chances

The two teams want stability in the Premier League championship, compared to the size of the technical differences in the level of contracts of the two teams compared to the rest of the competing teams, such as Kafrioba, led by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Asous , again looking for stability in the league of light, armed to his homogeneous team, which includes American playmaker Dicard Romero and the support of Youssef Shatat and Ammar Al-Shuraiqi around the arc, with Ibrahim Al-Nasr and Ghazi Al-Salah under two baskets, in addition to having a good bench on which the players are: Ammar Al- Omari, Hamza Batayneh, Amjad Jabara, Ali Ziyadneh, Ahmed Al-Momani, Muhammad Bakir, Khaldoun Jabara and Malik Qawasma.

Kafrioba includes the American Dicardo.. and Al-Ahly terminates the contract with Al-Buhairi

On the other hand, Al-Ashrafieh, led by coach Abdel Salam Saleh, are looking to start their beautiful adventure in the championship in the best possible way, as Musa Abu Hussein is expected to take up the task of setting the pace. and he will be supported by American professional Taj Tait and Sultan Al-Nasr around the arc, with the condition that Alaa Yaqoub and Ahmed Abu Rashid will be present. In depth, players Youssef Thiabat, Muhammad Alawneh, Jalal Bastami, Moaz Azayza, Hussam Badr and Radwan Basatna will be available for the match according to the technical vision.

Jubaiha and Al-Ahly .. strong start

Al-Ahly can’t wait to reconcile its fans and make up for the failure in the cup, after the defeat to Al-Riyadi in the semi-finals (73-74), armed with its team full of distinguished players, led by Sami Bzeih and next to him around the bow Mahmoud Darwish and Fadi Qarmish with the absence of the owner of individual solutions, Amin Abu Hawass is injured, while coach Samer Nino will rely on the presence of Americans Gerard Tarin and Zain Najdawi under the basket.

The technical staff of “Al-Layth Al-Abyad” is improving the appropriate use of its substitute bench, with the expectation that Mahmoud Al-Hazaymeh, Mahmoud Abdeen, Omar Nashwati, Omar Abu Shrikh, Ali Kanaan and Muhammad Ghoneim will get the opportunity to play more minutes of the game, depending on during the match.

For their part, the Jubaiha team must shake off the consequences of a modest performance in the Jordan Cup after losing to Orthodox (82-114) and winning over Kafryoub (61-51), to enter the Premier League championship in a different way, relying on the speed of movement Mitri Busha, Muhammad Al-Shamali and Muhammad Al-Abdallat around the arc, with Mahmoud Mansour taking on the task of catching and scoring under two baskets alongside Youssef Al-Awamla, with the presence of American professional Michael Kevin Augusten, Isaac Maraqa, Yazid Hegazy, Issa Bawab , Muhammad Jamal, Ahmed Qaramsa, Laith Shatat and Sanad Al-Khawalda on the bench to ask for their help according to the progress of the game.

Al-Riyadi club coach Faisal Al-Nsour has a young and ambitious squad that has the skills and weapons needed to pull off a surprise. Relying on Malik Kanaan to guide the movements of Yazan Al-Taweel and American pro Brandon Spearman around the arc, with the presence of Ahmed Obaid and Youssef Abu Waznah to secure the deep area. While the substitutes’ bench is full of young elements and has support elements for the main players, whose physical load can be affected by the passage of time and the nature of the match, namely: Adham Dajani, Munir Idais, Basil Abu Abboud, Nader Ahmed, Talal Bitmouni, Nabil Katkhuda and Musa Mutlaq.

On the other hand, the Orthodox “runner-up” enters this face-off, with eyes set on making a strong start, buoyed by the recent Jordan Cup title win against Al-Riyadi following his victory (89-80); Where Lebanese coach Harry Savaya is expected to increase the level of harmony and harmony between the orthodox players while diversifying his tactical methods, relying mainly on the duo of Freddy Ibrahim and American Daxter Miles to provide assisted passes, penetration and shooting towards the basket, supported by Ashraf Al -Hindi, while Ahmed Hamarsheh will be present, “multiple”. In addition to Muhammad Shaher under the basket, along with “Nusour Abdoun” he has a strong bench of substitute players, which includes: Khaled Abu Abboud, Hani Al-Faraj, Akef Al-Shayyab, Abdullah Al-Akash, Zaid Khoury, Ahmed Al-Khatib and Muhammad Al- Makhtoub, noting that it is still the position of the American Brandon Peterson to participate in the meeting instead of him. From Daxter, it depends on seeing the coaching staff, since the former missed the cup final due to “fatigue”.

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