MPs explain the gains of divorced women with the new law on personal status

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A number of parliamentarians explained the advantages that divorced women will receive after the adoption of the new proposal of the Personal Status Act, as well as their situation and the suffering they live in due to the current law in exercising their legal and legal rights, emphasizing that divorce is a document and the Family Support Fund will achieve great gains for the divorced woman and enable her to exercise these rights without suffering.

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Representative Abla Al-Hawari, a member of the Legislative and Constitutional Committee of the House of Representatives for the future of the National Party, said that the new draft law on personal status, which is being prepared according to the instructions of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, and some of its provisions were discussed by adviser Abdel- Rahman Mohamed, the head of the law drafting committee, will work on Equalizing divorced women and giving them usurped rights is the opposite of what was happening in the current law.

Al-Hawari explained in exclusive statements to “Akhbar Al-Youm Gate” that the divorced woman was verbally divorced in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law, and therefore could not claim her rights because there is nothing that obliges the husband to document the divorce, except that can be withdrawn by divorce at any time. time without the knowledge of the wife, during the three months of waiting, and the husband manipulated her when she demanded her rights.

A member of the Legislative and Constitutional Committee stated that with the new draft law, according to the official’s statements, according to the divorce documentation, the divorced woman will receive all her legal rights, including the salary for the breast. -feeding, alimony, custody, sight and housing.

And she continued: “After the issuance of the divorce certificate, it will enable the divorced woman to go to Nasser Bank and exercise her rights to alimony, but for a small amount, and she is obliged, when the court verdict is passed for her alimony from her ex-husband, to return the amount , after receiving money from her husband.” As for custody, she won’t be able to hug the child if she doesn’t have a document and a resolution for her.

And she continued: “As for seeing, and if the father is the guardian, you will not be able to see the child except through the divorce document.” In addition, the Family Support Fund that will be established will benefit the divorced woman and support her financially until her rights are acquired.

The representative concluded that the current law on personal status does not have a document for divorce, so the divorced woman had a hard time realizing her legal and statutory rights and turned to the courts and stayed in them for a long time until she realized some of her rights, stressing that the new draft law will greatly to serve divorced women and help them live decently. She and her children.

For his part, MP Olfat Al-Mazlawi, secretary of the Labor Committee in the House of Representatives and assistant secretary of the Central Women’s Secretariat of the Republican People’s Party, said that a divorced woman who does not have custody is kicked out of the matrimonial home. she herself is homeless, and the decision to make a marriage home possible through the courts takes a lot of time, several years until she gets it, which is why she is homeless.

Al-Mazlawy added, in exclusive statements to “Akhbar Al-Youm Gate”, that there are other problems for the divorced woman that she is currently facing, including delays in getting alimony and taking a long time in the courts. in order to get a small amount for her and her children to live on. Unfortunately, an Egyptian husband, when he divorces his wife, separates from her, his children and does not spend on them.

And she continued: “The educational mandate is even when the children are in private schools. When a divorce occurs, the husband himself transfers the files of those children to public schools, in spite of the mother, which destroys the mental health of the children.” In addition, the father can run away with his children without the knowledge of the mother, according to the passport. As for the mother, she cannot travel with her children without the consent of the father.

And the representative in the House of Representatives clarified that with the new bill, a divorced woman will be able to obtain power of attorney within 15 days from the matrimonial home, and the educational guardianship will be over the mother in case she is the guardian, in addition to that. that children travel with the consent of both father and mother.

The deputy indicated that the Family Support Fund will support the divorced woman with monthly and emergency subsidies until she receives alimony, and Nasser Bank will also support her immediately on a monthly basis, and the husband’s money will be collected later, in addition, the homes will be returned. established for divorced women in all governorates to have recourse in case of expulsion, especially those who are not guardians.

The deputy pointed out that documenting the divorce will allow the divorced woman to exercise her rights, and the woman is living her golden age in the era of President Al-Sisi, due to the gains she has made and is still making.

Counselor Abd al-Rahman Muhammad, head of the committee preparing the draft law on personal status, revealed statistics that 32% of divorce cases occur between the ages of 18 and 20, and that more than 5 million divorce cases have occurred in Egypt since 1965. years.

He pointed out that when divorcing his wife, the husband will be obliged to document his divorce with an authorized person, as it happens in marriage, emphasizing the establishment of a fund for family care and an insurance policy that will financially support her in case of expenses. .

He pointed out that in 2012, according to the latest statistics, there were more than 166,000 divorce cases, noting that the worrying percentage of divorce cases in the first years is among those who have children as young as one month old.

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