My experience with attracting money – in brief about Egypt

My experience with attracting money

My experience with withdrawals, I want to know what the law of attraction is and how successful others have been with withdrawals through their experience?

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My withdrawal experience

My withdrawal experience

Many have written about their withdrawal experiences, and here we will share an excerpt to represent those experiences called my withdrawal experience:

  • One said: “I came across a post on Facebook about withdrawing money through the Law of Attraction and was keen to try it out for myself.
  • I wrote down some motivational phrases and kept them on a piece of paper.
  • I repeated it every day and decided to double my work and withdraw money, I really loved freelancing, but I did not expect success.
  • I was finally able to withdraw money and I think this experience helped me.”
  • Another said of my experience with giving up: “I used to believe a lot in aspiration rather than the law of attraction.
  • And when I tried to believe in the law of attraction and get rich, I made more money.
  • Someone said about the law of gravity: It didn’t work for me, and I think that’s a myth, because every time I photograph something and work on it, it never happens.
  • I tried to make money legally and get closer to some friends, but it didn’t work.

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What is the law of attraction?

Below we learn about the Law of Attraction and what its conditions are:

  • According to the Law of Attraction, your financial situation is nothing more than a reflection of your vision and ambition for money. According to the Law of Attraction, you need to improve your view of money in order to improve your financial situation.
  • The Law of Attraction supports action and striving towards any goal, and the Law of Attraction is used to attract happiness, hope, love and optimism.
  • The law of attraction says that there is no place for inertia and inactivity, and we must visualize the situation we dream of and work towards it.
  • It is included in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which says in the context of the Law of Attraction: If you desire something, the whole world conspires in you to satisfy your desire.
  • In Islamic society, certainty is a condition of response to prayer and morality.
  • The basis of the Law of Attraction is that when you hold something in your mind and constantly think about it and make it your main concern, you attract it to you.
  • Philosophically, the Law of Attraction is one of the mysteries of life because it is a magnet that attracts thoughts, experiences and events.

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Cash withdrawal exercises

After showing my withdrawal experience, we will show you something amazing and strange that is used to withdraw money:

  • You are setting up a triple force meditation session for yourself, the three forces (imagination – hearing frequencies – and affirmative speech) when combined produce a gravitational force.
  • In order to completely relax and clear your mind of negative or disturbing thoughts, you can do this every day before going to bed and rest for about 7 to 15 minutes.
  • You should use binaural headphones, slowly inhale and exhale in the same way, when you exhale, imagine that the daily problems come to light.
  • Repeat this three times, then turn on the music of the frequency, say the affirmations quietly and feel their meaning.
  • Affirmations tell yourself that you have money, for example, I am open to a rich life, I have wealth, I deserve success, I will achieve prosperity.
  • And there are so many phrases that you can repeat to yourself, I will make my dreams come true, Everything I wish for will come true, I feel rich, Money loves me, I am a money magnet.
  • And you can say a few words to yourself in your day and in your normal life, you can say that I have a great talent for attracting money and that money flows easily in my life.
  • Continue to practice and say affirmations before going to sleep, then visualize your life and imagine yourself getting what you want and having money.
  • Feel everything, buy what you want and imagine what your house and car would look like and what your life would be like.
  • After that, fall asleep and make sure that your subconscious is engaged in achieving everything you want, after which you have to make an effort, work and not be lazy and let your anxiety make your dreams come true.

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Secrets of attracting money into your life

We have collected the withdrawal secrets for you and we will explain how to apply each secret and some details about it as follows:

1_ Create positive thoughts and feelings about money

One of the most important obstacles to attracting money into your life is negative thoughts about money and the belief that you cannot earn money, the belief that you have little money and cannot create wealth

But one of the most important secrets of making money is building a positive idea about making money, my dears, you must know, getting money is not impossible, but it is possible and likely to happen.

2_ Write something and decide what you want to achieve with the money

  • Of course, you don’t want money for money’s sake, and you don’t just want a bunch of money, you want to achieve something with that money.
  • Decide what you want to buy and write down a list of goals that make you happy, because your money can go down or lose value with inflation, and all you have to do is make your dreams come true.
  • From now on, you should make a list of the things you want to achieve with full specifications, like owning a big house, a silver car and deciding what kind of phone you want.

3_ I feel an abundance of money that I don’t need

One of the foundations of the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like, if you think you need more money, don’t attract the idea that you don’t have money.

Since the Law of Attraction works on the fact that you need money and don’t, you should instill the feeling that you have some money and need more.

4_ Get rid of obstacles to showing money in your life

You should have positive thoughts about money and stay away from all the negative people who always tell you that you can’t make money.

In order to work and collect money, you have to establish a peaceful life for yourself. Don’t spend money on trivial things that don’t make you happy, just to buy what you want and make your dreams come true.

5_ If you want to withdraw money quickly, pretend you are rich

Many people in my rehab experience have said that being rich makes you feel good about money.

We are not saying to pretend to be rich and spend your money and buy everything expensive, choose big stores and shop in them at least once.

6_ Treat money with kindness and respect

  • Be careful, my dear, don’t curse money, don’t curse money, treat it as something beautiful and full of respect, besides you have to feel that money is worth working for.
  • Money is the way to fulfill your desires, with money you can buy a spacious house and a comfortable car, you must know the value of money well in order to attract it.
  • You can talk about money, it sounds funny, doesn’t it?! , but a method that has worked for some is to tell money that you want more, that you value it, and that you will keep it.

7_ Take pictures of the richest people with you

We mentioned above that like attracts like, you can use this idea by attracting energy similar to that of the wealthy.

Put a picture of a rich man in your bag or phone, and here we give you the names of the rich: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg.

8_ Put away all receipts, debit cards and blank cards

Just as images of wealthier characters attract money, images of bills and debt attract poverty to you because they are rooted in the law of the power of likeness.

Put receipts and debt papers in a box or in a confined space and put them where you see them every day.

9_ You must be addicted to the smell of money, the sound of paper

If you try to smell the soup, if you quickly pass it through, you will see that it has a special smell and makes a sound.

The smell of money and the addictive sound will attract you to it, it will also make you rich and remind you that you have money so you can earn more.

10_ I am grateful for the money you have

Don’t blame the small amount you have, be grateful for what you have and keep it, because loving and appreciating money will send energy to attract more.

Then know that you can accumulate all the money you have and become rich, even if it is little, you must save and put every amount you earn to the amount you have.

11_ Choose your wallet carefully

There are some wallets that have good energy to attract money such as a wallet that is red or clean and not worn.

Try to keep the wallet in good condition if it is not damaged, a wallet full of money cards, and care and gratitude attract money and protect what you have.

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At the end of the article describing my experience with withdrawal, we showed you the secrets of attracting money and how to apply the Law of Attraction with simple exercises.

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