Signs of mental illness in the wife

Mental illnesses have recently spread among many people, especially among women, and the reason for this is the various pressures that a wife and mother are exposed to from the responsibilities of marriage, home and other private obligations that make her mind distracted most of the time and make her more vulnerable to various mental illnesses. Therefore, women and mothers must be helped to recover from these diseases, consult a doctor and follow a treatment plan to overcome these pressures.

Signs of mental illness in the wife

Some signs of mental illness appear in the wife, and these signs differ in the way they appear and the severity from one wife to another. Mental illnesses differ and are divided into many different types.


However, there is a great similarity in the symptoms that appear in the wife when she suffers from one of these diseases, so doctors want to continuously spread psychological awareness,

Explaining the symptoms of various mental illnesses, advising you to see a doctor, and there are many illnesses that can affect a woman as a result of pressures and various reasons.

Signs of mental illness in the wife

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A constant feeling of anxiety

The feeling of constant and continuous anxiety can be an indicator of suffering from some mental illness and one of the signs of the wife’s mental illness.

As a person constantly suffers from mind wandering and the inability to perform their tasks regularly, and those with anxiety suffer from some physical symptoms associated with mental illness,

Among these symptoms is a feeling of difficulty breathing, palpitations, and the feeling of anxiety leads to headaches, dizziness and other physical symptoms that have a psychological cause.

Therefore, you must pay attention to your wife in case these symptoms appear and go to a specialist doctor to help her in treatment and recovery from the disease, and to complete her life normally and properly.

A feeling of sadness and gloom

The wife may feel deep and constant sadness for an unknown reason, and may also show signs of depression, which is a sign of the wife’s mental illness.

This condition can continue for consecutive weeks with the impossibility of going about the day normally, in addition to the fact that the woman does not have enough energy to perform even simple daily tasks,

And her intense desire to cry and isolate herself most of the time, which are the most common symptoms of depression that many wives suffer from, and require her to see a doctor and seek help from people around her to overcome these symptoms.

Sleep problems and difficulties

Many women suffer from various sleep problems when they are exposed to mental illness, and these problems differ from woman to woman, since some women often sleep for a long time,

Because her sleep period can reach more than half of the day, others suffer from continuous insomnia and difficulty getting a short number of hours of deep and restful sleep,

Both cases make it impossible for the wife to live with her day, perform basic tasks, make her mentally and physically unbalanced, which requires seeking help and going to the doctor as soon as these acute symptoms appear.

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emotional stress

During periods of depression and mental illness, many women suffer from severe mood swings and emotional changes that make them unable to live their lives.

These symptoms lead to some emotional outbursts for no apparent reason, which negatively affects her and the people around her, and is evidence of mental illness.

Signs of mental illness in the wife

Signs of mental illness in the wife

Appetite and weight disorder

One of the signs of a wife’s mental illness is a woman’s appetite disorder for a long and continuous period. Some women may suffer from blocked appetite and reluctance to eat for a long time.

Because of which her weight is disturbed and she loses a lot in a short time and in a completely unhealthy way, while other women tend to eat voraciously and voraciously.

They eat more food than they need in an unhealthy way, which leads to weight gain and obesity, and all these fluctuations indicate the presence of mental illness in the wife.

He prefers to be isolated from people

Excessive calmness that occurs in many women may indicate the presence of a serious mental illness and requires consultation with a doctor.

Where to find some wives prefer isolation even in the gatherings they love, and resort to spending time completely alone, and show signs of calmness and sadness.

Constant feeling of guilt

We see many wives repeat phrases that indicate their constant feelings of guilt and inferiority, and practice self-flagellation in a continuous and excessive manner, even in the simplest of matters.

You find many wives repeating various phrases that point to self-blame, such as being a failure or an unfit mother, and other phrases that many wives repeat even in the face of their success and fulfilling their duties to the full. .

This requires necessary psychological counseling to help the woman overcome this feeling.

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Ways to help a sick woman

Some things must be followed in order to provide help when one of the signs of mental illness appears in the wife, and one of the most important things that a husband can do for his wife during these times is to work on maintaining her mental health.

In order to be able to bear and support her, and help her overcome the difficult periods of her life, among the methods that a husband must follow to help his wife are the following:

  • Language of dialogue: The husband must strive to improve the language of dialogue between him and his wife so that she can more easily express her feelings to him and share her illness with him.
  • Do not feel angry with her: Many women may suffer from panic attacks or emotional disorders which can sometimes affect the husband.
  • Positive conversation with the wife: the psychopath always needs to be reminded by the environment that he is a good person, the possibility of treatment and improvement, so the husband must always speak positively about his wife and her and remind her of her virtues and what she always offers for him and for the benefit of those around him, how would help her regain her self-confidence and overcome the psychological crisis experienced by her husband.

The husband must know that his wife may suffer from one of these diseases at some point, so he must always make sure to consult a doctor directly as soon as symptoms appear on the wife and last for weeks on end, and care must be taken to support the wife and helped her feel better.


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