Stories.. The journey of marriage with “I am your wife” for “presentation to the drug analysis commission”

“Conducting a medical examination and drug analysis for both parties, and presenting to a committee headed by a judge and with a membership of doctors to ensure that the young man matches the girl and give permission to an authorized person to document the marriage. , then pay a subscription to the family support fund that will be established in the future.”

These procedures are some of the features of the new law on personal status that was recently drafted, and the state is working on its implementation in the near future.

Although these measures followed as a result of the denial of rights and disputes were rampant, until the courts were flooded with family disputes, you, dear reader, must have wished that you were born in the “beautiful time of marriage”, when marriage was concluded with the phrase “your wife is me” or “your wife is my client”.

“And among His proofs is that He created for you women among yourselves, so that you may find peace in them, and that He placed between you love and mercy.”

Marriage at the beginning of creation

Our master Adam lived alone in paradise and felt lonely, so God created Eve from his rib while he slept, and when he woke up he found her next to him, so he asked her: Who You are?! She said: Woman.. He said: What is your name? She said: Eva. He said: Why were you created? She said: live with me
This was the story of humanity’s first marriage, and the beginning of creation, and so life on earth began to marry and reproduce.

What is the age of the institution of marriage?

Dear reader, perhaps this question has already crossed your mind, if the marriage relationship is as old as man, but here we are looking for the period in which the institution of marriage was organized.

Marriage is defined as a legally sanctioned relationship between a man and a woman based on compatibility between them to complete their life together in order to legitimize the children they will bear.

Exchange of benefits

The oldest forms of marriage ever invented by primitive man to meet his own needs, when he was all alone without a tribe or group to belong to. The woman here only needed protection while the man needed someone to cook for him, so the two were connected into a marriage for mutual benefit.

Allied marriage and expansion of interests

In the beginning, marriage served only for alliance and expansion of interests between different families, or within the same family.

The idea of ​​connecting love with marriage, we know very well in the 21st century that it is self-explanatory, but for our early ancestors there was no connection

Between marriages, but it’s done For other considerations, such as the preservation of power in marriages that took place in the royal milieu and the ruling class, as well as the matter in the lower classes whose daughters were married to preserve the inheritance.

Man then lived in groups of up to 30 people, including male leaders and a group of women who shared them, except for children.

By moving from a hunting life to an agricultural life and stability, man felt the need to regulate these relationships. The first marriage in history was recorded between a man and a woman in Mesopotamia around 2350 BC, then this concept spread to other nations such as the Greeks, Romans, Hebrews and many others.

Marriage in Islam

An Islamic marriage contract is concluded between the husband and the bride’s father or guardian. One of the conditions of the marriage is that the husband presents his bride with the agreed dowry.Les in advance, which is an amount of money considered as a gift for the bride.

In Islam, there are conditions and stages for entering into marriage, and a man is allowed to marry the woman he wants to marry, so that she is not forbidden to him for any reason by temporary or lifetime ban, offer and acceptance, and testimony. conclusion of marriage by two witnesses. And the guardian’s consent is only for minors. This must be approved and authorized by her guardian to say.

Documentation on marriage in Egypt

The issue of documentation in marriage is a procedural issue resorted to by the Egyptian legislator

For the preservation of rights, when the denial appeared and the denial of rights and marriages appeared

Egyptian law resorted to documenting ejaculation in order not to deny it

marriage of a husband or wife, and that before 1931, the legal legislator did not require the documentation of marriage contracts

5% of Egyptians have genetic diseases

According to the Human Genome Project (Egyptian DNA database), “4.5 to 5 percent of Egyptians have genetic diseases, or an average of 5 million Egyptians”.

Psychological and psychological examinations can also reduce cases of domestic violence, to which 42 percent of Egyptian women are exposed, according to the statements of the Minister of Social Solidarity, Nevina Kabbaj, in September 2021.

Representative Irini Saeed, one of the signatories of the bill, said: “It will provide a solution to psychological problems, thereby reducing this percentage and alleviating family problems,” adding in televised statements that “after the implementation of the law, on domestic violence and assault by a husband on a wife we will not hear once.”other”.

Medical examinations

The beginning of medical examinations before marriage in Egypt was in 2008, when an amendment to the Law on Civil Status was adopted, according to which those who want to enter into marriage are obliged to attach a certificate that they do not have diseases that affect the life or health of each of them or the health of their descendants. but the non-determination of controls for inspections and the absence of supervision Making the application of that legislation in most cases absent or false.

The new law on personal status

Considering the great development that has happened to society, the provisions of the current law could not keep up with the demands of families, so many families asked for amendments to the Law on Personal Status.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi sent a series of messages regarding the personal status law in May 2022, saying that “the personal status law is one of the most serious issues facing society, and a fair and balanced law is needed, just such as religion places conscience as a controlling factor, and thereby does not ignore the actions of the state.”

President El-Sisi added that the disintegration of the family affects the future of future generations and problems of personal status. This leads to the reluctance of young people to get married and start a family.

He also said that the marriage contract is the ruler, and the law regulates the issue of divorce, pointing out that the same problems have existed for more than 40 years, and there should be a balance in the rivalry, and he called on the judges to take matters into account in order to draft a new law.

At the end of the story.. the most important question remains.. will the new law be applied in a deterrent and serious manner?.. and will there be hope to end marital disputes and reduce family disputes in the courts?

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