World Children’s Day: “I thought I was the perfect mom, but I wasn’t”

  • Hevar Hassan
  • BBC News Arabic

image copyright GettyImages

“When my six-year-old daughter ignored me on our way home from school and angrily pushed my baby’s pram into a street full of cars, my reaction was unintentional, I screamed at the top of my voice and scolded her for almost causing a terrible accident for her little brother. I grabbed the stroller and pulled it out of her hand forcing her to walk in the crowd.

This was told to me by Yasmina (she asked that her real name not be used), who came from Syria to live in London some eight years ago, telling me about her daughter’s aggressive behavior and how she was interrogated by social services in London six months ago.

Studies show that aggressive behavior in children is caused by all forms of violence to which they are exposed at some point in their lives.

This happens in all countries and everywhere; In the child’s home, community, school, on the Internet and in some parts of the world, violent discipline is common and socially acceptable.

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