Algerian Moroccan Humanitarian Corridor

In his intervention a few days ago, before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Algerian activist Walid Kabir, with unprecedented courage, discussed at length the reality of human rights in his country, Algeria and Morocco” for the benefit of Algerians and Moroccans. families, especially those living in the border areas, and this request, if anything, indicates that in brotherly Algeria, wise and wise people look at Moroccan-Algerian relations, with different glasses than those in which the evil regime looks.

In this context, it was possible for us to raise the level of enthusiasm, to ask for the opening of the borders between the two neighboring countries, due to the humanitarian, human rights, social, economic, security and development costs incurred by the closure, but we consider ourselves obliged to set the clock on the borders of the request for “opening humanitarian corridor”, supporting In this, the Algerian activist presented three considerations:

The first: the difficulty, if not the impossibility, of moving forward in the direction of “opening the borders” between the two countries at the present moment, in the light of an irresponsible regime infected with an incurable disease whose broad name is “Morocanophobia”.

Second: destroy the aforementioned regime at any opportunity or opportunity for dialogue and rapprochement, based on what it did at the “unification” summit outside the focus of practice, at the Arab Forum, which could have been a “good sign” for the two countries, and the introduction of melting the ice of disagreement. And bringing the bilateral dialogue to the table, in a way that guarantees a safe and smooth passage towards the “new era” of relations.

Third: ignoring the call of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. the Algerian president to visit Morocco for dialogue, after what was not possible during the “reunification” summit.

The aggressive regime, which cut off the air and cut off the gas pipeline out of spite to Morocco, naturally ignored the call for dialogue, just as it ignored Arab initiatives to mediate between Algeria and Rabat, and is, once again, facing the outstretched hand of His Majesty King Mohammed VI extended for more than a decade. The last was the speech of the throne in 2021, which renewed the call to the Algerian brothers to work together “without conditions, to build a bilateral relationship based on trust, dialogue and good neighborliness.” Open borders are a normal situation between two neighboring countries and two brotherly peoples, because the closing of borders is not in accordance with natural law and the original legal principle contained in international treaties, including the Marrakesh Treaty on the Establishment of the Arab Maghreb Union, which ensures the freedom of movement of people, services and goods. And the capital is between his countries,” adding in the same context, “Neither His Excellency the current president, nor even the former president, nor myself are responsible for the decision to close the borders has become a crime and today no longer has an acceptable justification.”

The outstretched royal hand could have been a new birth certificate for many Moroccan and Algerian families scattered between closed borders, who are linked by consanguinity, kinship, marriage and good neighborliness, and the beginning of a new era between the two neighboring countries that unite them more than they are separated, and they are on the other coast. The regime, which is far from unity and reunification, bears humanitarian, historical and political responsibility before history, due to closed land and air borders. , which no one in their right mind can ignore its human cost for the Moroccan and Algerian peoples, especially for the population living in the border areas, and its economic, development and security calculus, the two neighboring countries, the Maghreb Union, the North African region and the Arab world.

And if the opening of the border gates is still difficult at the moment, and the “extended hand of Morocco” did not succeed, then at least it can be pushed in the direction of “opening the humanitarian corridor” under the conditions, in front of the Moroccan-Algerian families living in the border areas, as would alleviate the seriousness of the human tragedies that resulted from the closure of the land borders for almost three decades, and without a doubt the situation of these families became more complicated after the Algerian authorities made a decision to unilaterally close the airspace and break diplomatic relations with Morocco, and as far as we can see, the chances for “opening a humanitarian corridor” for pedestrian Moroccan and Algerian families living in the border areas, the chances are still high. small and small, as much as we hope that the Algerian regime will extend the weapon of politics and related hostility that is difficult to understand and comprehend, and at least for a moment give up “fantasy” and “antario”, and change the direction of the compass pointing towards Morocco, towards the border The closed borders between the two countries, maybe he is tormented by the human conscience, while he thinks about the painful human scenes, torn families and families scattered between the borders, their need to “open the borders”, more than their need for potatoes, bananas, milk or bread.. .

Politics, no matter how harsh and stubborn it may be, must soften, and politicians, no matter how advanced degrees of firmness, stubbornness, pride and arrogance they have reached, must awaken in themselves the human conscience and human feelings, when it comes to serving people and liberating them. him from the clutches of pain and tragedy, if they do not have the ability to flexibility and change of character, at least positive and responsible interaction with outstretched hands, and voluntary delinquency towards channels of communication, meeting and dialogue, in a way that guarantees bridging of divisions, building trust and overcoming the causes of disagreements , and in this context, if the hands of Morocco are extended generously towards the eastern neighbor, in terms of what unites the two brotherly countries are brothers, kinship and good neighborliness, and with regard to the humanitarian, economic and development account of closing the borders, the ball has been transferred to the court of the ruling regime in Algeria, which alone bears religious, moral, political and historical responsibility, as a result of insisting on closing the borders, which has become synonymous with severing kinship and existential ties, and this irresponsible practice rises to the level of a “crime against humanity”…

In conclusion of this article, we regret to share with the Algerian activist Walid Kabir a small request whose broad title is “Opening the Moroccan-Algerian Humanitarian Corridor”, and we hoped to share with him the dream of “opening the borders” between the two neighboring countries, due to humanitarian , economic, social, development, security and strategic needs, if we were to face a regime Responsible, reasonable, wise and insightful, and since the reality of the situation is not like that, the most that can be demanded at the present moment is the “opening of a humanitarian corridor” for the Moroccan and Algerian families and families living in the border areas, and this small request, unfortunately, rises to the level of a “big dream.” Because all-encompassing hostility blinds the vision, extinguishes the lamp of the mind and kills the human conscience. Second, we regret raising the flag of “opening humanitarian transition” between two neighboring countries that share religion, Arabism, kinship, history and common destiny, and close to us “Euro pska union” strives for “comprehensive integration”. And next to us is a regime that seeks diaspora, segregation, ruin, not realizing that today’s world no longer accepts anything except in the language of togetherness, gathering. , common interests, and mutual benefits and benefits… And without understanding that the bill of enmity is harsher towards the country and the people… In that, you are waiting for wise, normal and wise leaders, who return the point line and verse of the song.

Not to underestimate people, with this article we can only salute the activist Walid Kabir, and appreciate his support for the unity of Morocco and its full sovereignty over the entire land, in parallel with his exposure of all intrigues, conspiracies. and the conflicts produced by the evil regime, which interferes with the unity of the Arab ranks, and through it we acknowledge all the friends of the Kingdom, media professionals, activists and researchers… they are doing well in the defense of the Moroccan Sahara, and they deserve great thanks and great praise and confession… And whatever is said or what can be said, we have no choice but to leave an open letter addressed to those who control the regime’s buttons The ruler of the eastern neighborhood: If you can’t tear down the wall of hatred and hostility, then at least give the families a chance and families scattered across borders, to build a bridge of love, peace and loyalty…

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