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Dubai: “The Gulf”

Dubai has maintained its Arab and regional leadership in the Global Cities Competitiveness Index 2022, published by the Institute for Urban Strategies – Japan’s Mori Memorial Foundation, which ranks the most prominent global cities in terms of their “attractiveness” or “competitiveness” in attracting personnel, capital and companies from around the world, based on an assessment based on six main axes: economy, research and development, cultural interaction, liveability, environment and accessibility.

Dubai was ranked fourth in the world in the “Cultural Interaction Axis” within the Global City Power Index.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, confirmed that the progress made in the Global Competitiveness Index for cities for the current year reflects the amount of effort put into achieving the vision of wise leadership by strengthening Dubai’s position. the best city to live, work and visit in the world and confirms the uniqueness of its Sustainable Development model, which prioritizes the interest of man, the development of his abilities and the improvement of the quality of life.

His Highness added: “The foundations laid by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, and what they included in terms of rational policies, strict regulatory frameworks and clear work policies, it has created a solid basis for an ambitious launch towards the achievement of major strategic goals. Its goal is leadership in various sectors, transforming Dubai into a model for future cities capable of leading the global scene with qualitative achievements in various fields. Today, Dubai continues to assert its position as a major hub of economy, creativity and culture, not only regionally, but globally, attracting the best talent and brightest minds in a variety of disciplines.

His Highness, the Crown Prince of Dubai, praised the continued progress in Dubai’s position as a global center of culture and creativity, indicating that this achievement is evidence of Dubai’s growing role as a beacon of knowledge and civilization, and its influence as a vital bridge connecting world cultures, with communities of around 200 nationalities living on his land.

His Highness called on the various sectors in Dubai to continue to work towards progressing towards all indicators of global competitiveness, which requires continuing to create the best working environment that supports the national staff and attracts distinguished competences from around the world, increases the level effect, and pay attention to the consolidation of knowledge pillars and creative economy and opening space for advanced ideas and creative energy, following the best international experiences and practices and exploiting them in improving the comprehensive development process in the Emirates.

integrated system

Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, member of the Dubai Council, expressed her pride in Dubai’s progress in the “Global Cities Competitiveness 2022” index, and said: “We are working according to the vision and guidelines of our wise leadership within the strategic system It aims to strengthen Dubai’s cultural position as a global destination for cultural practices and creative experiences and an incubator for international events, using the successes achieved by Dubai in hosting major international events, led by Expo 2020 Dubai, which was clearly reflected in the number of visitors to Dubai, which attracted more than 11.4 million international visitors during the first ten months of this year, as well as the number of companies that started their business from the emirate during the past year, which was accompanied by a surge in local cultural and creative activity.

Her Highness added: “The Emirate’s progress within the ‘Axis of Cultural Interaction’ is testament to the success of these efforts and an achievement that furthers our efforts to realize our ambitions for Dubai.”

Her Highness added: “The achieved and continued progress in the cultural and creative sectors increases our determination to put more effort into Dubai’s progress towards higher ranks in global competitiveness indicators. Dubai’s success at the top of the list of cities of the future in the world reinforces its position as one of the best cities for living and working in the world.” Her Highness drew attention to the importance of Dubai’s creative assets, saying: “We are committed to creating and developing an innovative business environment that supports the cultural and arts sectors, helping to provide talent with all the tools and skills needed to contribute to economic growth and diversifying the cultural offering offered by the city and enhancing its creative and cultural experiences for residents and visitors.” Both.”

changes and effects

Over the past twelve months, there have been changes in the ranking of the top five cities in the “axis of cultural interaction”, and although London retained the top spot, New York, which was third last year, overtook Paris for the first time in two years to become number 2, while Dubai is fourth in the world this year.

Dubai ranked first in the Middle East and 11th in the “Global Power of Cities 2022” index issued by Japan’s Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies, surpassing ancient cities such as Madrid, Sydney, Copenhagen, Vienna and Los Angeles.

The annual report ranks 48 major world cities in terms of their attractiveness and impact on attracting individuals, creative institutions, investments and capital from around the world.

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