How to get a man to love and relate to you without showing your full feelings

How to make a man love you and build a relationship with you without fully showing his feelings There is no doubt that a woman’s effort to win the heart of a loved one is one of the greatest victories in a woman’s life, and this is one of the greatest victories in a woman’s life to make is to come back to you and make her love you and bond with you, and you will seduce her with different advice. . We will list them to get to these clues until you attract him, and this recording gradually turns into admiration and trying to talk to you, but he comes to the first stage of attachment, then to the first stages of love, and in time to try to express his feelings for you , closer to the stage of love.

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How to make a man love you and be with you without fully showing your feelings?

You have to be yourself

One of the things that accelerates a man’s admiration for a woman is that she is rooted in him and does not bother with morals, habits, customs and social norms.

The most important impression is the first impression

First impressions last, so make sure that the first contact or conversation between the two of you is very complex. Do not show the opposite of what you think he will be interested in and he will contact you more, because this impression usually remains firmly in your memory at the first meeting and is attached to your memory for a long time.

Shape and elegance

  • One of the most important things that attract a man to a woman is her appearance, unlike a man, because he is the most important thing that allows a man to be interested in a woman by preserving your general appearance.
  • By carefully choosing the colors of the decoration in proportion to the harmony of your clothes and the harmony of the colors of these clothes with the color of the skin, by choosing a feminine, delicate and different perfume.
  • Men’s style usually likes a calm and luxurious style so that the conversation between you is somewhat civilized, and your style is with a high degree of humility, and your words are very modest and there are no offensive words in it.

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You have to be a good listener

  • It must be admitted that a man likes an alert woman who constantly tells him about her adventures and heroics, and this can be one of the ways to get closer to you, so one of the best things is for him to lead the conversation in most cases because the man’s personality likes to be in control.
  • On the other hand, it allows you to indirectly get to know his personality, preferences, likes and dislikes, and as the relationship continues and becomes more shared, you can share a conversation with him, discuss him, express your opinion and participate with him.

Optimism and positivity in your personality

One of the things that fascinate men about women is that they are optimistic and positive, because one of the things that destroys any relationship the most is pessimism, crying and screaming, so you have to be in a high degree of enthusiasm and positivity with a degree of humor and lightness because most men tend to to be women. A cheerful and optimistic soul is very self-confident and confident in its abilities.

difference and renewal

You must have a great renewal and difference, every time you go through this relationship, you must come to a man who always sees the difference and renewal in you, that a man does not like a woman who is always gossiping and always comparing herself to another girl. She is a woman while she protects.

His freedom is limited

  • What a man hates is control, and whether it’s a lover or a husband, the most hated question is where are you, when are you coming back, where are you going, why have you been away for so long because the man has some things and interests, and they are with friends or even with himself. spend some time.
  • This time it is considered one of his favorite hobbies, you must give him a certain degree of freedom and independence and not consider yourself a prisoner or a bird in a cage, because this is one of the first commandments that hastens the end of a relationship.

private business

  • Making room for your lover’s private affairs does not mean that he neglects or ignores his work, but you must master the art of when, how and when to withdraw without losing your presence or absence.
  • You should always feel the importance of your presence in his life and support him in future projects while avoiding the desire for him to be alone.

The keeper of your secrets

  • What makes a man angry, but makes him go away, is the revelation of secrets, so that keeping his secrets joins his grief, and what prevents him from revealing these things to someone is what is in him.
  • Therefore, keep all the things and secrets that he talks to you with, because this is an important part of his trust in you.

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Show your feelings fully

If you have great love for this person, you should not rush to show all your feelings in front of him until it becomes clear whether he will return such love to you, because great attention can confuse and scare him, so he will not be able to correctly assess his feelings for you behind back. This means that he cries to reach indifference and ignorance and deepen your relationship with him until the right time comes when you express your feelings for the other with complete trust, with complete and sincere trust in each other’s feelings for the other.

A man’s trust in a woman

One of the fundamental pillars of any relationship is that it is based on trust in that person, but this trust is generated from several axes:

  • The first point is that no matter what happens in the future, you must be absolutely convinced that you are the one who will bear the conditions.
  • The second axis is to reach a stage where he does not hesitate to talk to you about any financial crisis he is going through.
  • The third axis does not set limits or costs in the relationship.

Share the activities he likes

You should share everything with the person you love, especially what they like. For example, if a guy likes football or likes to go to the gym, try to find something to share these activities with or at least a hobby that you both share, he always feels everything. He likes activities that interest him and participates in them.

your confidence

You have to accept yourself as you are and not feel insecure about yourself. You have to accept everything that cries with shape and color and has no emotion. Whether that person will like me or you for who I am is a very important thing to consider and something in between. The difference is that arrogance and self-confidence make you feel confident about everything around you, convincing you that you are worthy of respect and love.

Let things move on

There are several factors to consider, the most important of which are:

  • Have a high degree of patience and do not rush to predict events.
  • To move things around in a calm and natural way.
  • You are sure that everything is organized by God.
  • If you want something badly then let it go, if it comes back to you it will be yours forever, if it doesn’t come back it will never be yours.

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We have prepared this article on how to make a man love you and communicate with you without fully showing your feelings. We hope we have helped you and answered all your questions. We welcome additional questions and inquiries through our website, and you will respond to them as soon as we promise.

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