On the promotion of a maid to a wife

(MENAFN-Akhbar Al Khaleej)

Many years ago, Egyptian newspapers, in a tone full of condemnation and astonishment, published the news that a prominent economist, whose wife is the daughter of a great former minister, had divorced after the minister’s daughter found out that he had married a maid. , so she asked for a divorce. After a marriage that lasted about 15 years, the wife noticed that Si El-Sayed was often absent from home. Under flimsy pretexts, she resorted to the women’s intelligence service, which consists of volunteers specialized in spreading gossip. And she found out that her husband regularly comes to her apartment, and when she confronted her husband with the facts, he informed her that he married a maid. He lives in that they fit!! (We acknowledge that women have a high ability to use the all-encompassing shammar weapon, and shammar in Sudanese slang is spice. It’s called “kamoon”, but the word has come to mean the exchange of information about the state of people: this one is divorced, but claims her husband is on the way, and that he went to jail because of a bounced check, and allegedly also committed a traffic violation).

Of course, many will accuse the husband of being “not a blessing”! How can he leave the minister’s daughter to marry a maid, but I can’t sympathize with either the wife or the husband because I don’t know the facts about the relationship that existed between them within the institution of marriage!! Perhaps the woman was superior to him because she was “Ezzo’s daughter.” Perhaps the husband was a relative of False Eyes, and the maid was dark-haired and a young blonde-haired woman, while the effects of erosion, drought, and desertification were evident on his wife. Perhaps the relationship between them has turned into a “stock company” in which each party strives to achieve social success, as was the case in the story of the pair of doctors, each of whom was busy with his university lectures by day and private clinic at night until the relationship between they did not become “transit”, and ended with the doctor marrying the nurse who works for him (Logically, I can’t do without tenderness at home and in the clinic, and at least I communicate with the nurse every day between 8 and 10 o’clock, and I was is beautiful, sweet and sweet inside and out).

I know dozens of stories from various Arab countries about men who married maids who worked in their homes, most of them Filipinas, and I don’t think it’s just because Filipinas are the most beautiful, classy, ​​flirtatious and flirtatious. Asians, (Filipinas have a certain way of speaking, so you think that each of them is talking to you, trying to silently harass you).

The heart of the matter is: Why do some men leave their wives? The following question is important – in the context of our topic – Why do they marry maids? Maybe it happens as a culmination of forbidden relations between husband and maid! Maybe the husband was the type who was willing to marry more than one wife, because he was the type who was bothered by the story “Every day is molokhia.” For him, marriage means nothing more than having a wife who meets the other person he wants. . Perhaps – and this is more correct in many cases – the husband feels that his wife is absent from his life and home. And that the maid takes her place in many ways, so she says: Why shouldn’t I marry her, and suddenly she becomes the mistress of the house by law. And legally? How and why? Because most Filipino domestic workers are educated to one degree or another, to the extent that they live in Many families help some of the children in some of the houses they work in to do their homework. They are characterized by tact and good manners, which some of us call “civilization”!! There is a possibility that the husband notices that the maid is not disobedient to him, but that she supplies him with everything he needs before he asks her for it, and assumes – based on this – that she will remain so even after he marries her, forgetting that she will after being promoted to wife, to have rights that were not available to her as a servant, and that she will not accept his stupid orders that she previously fulfilled: wash the car. Get the red shirt!!


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