Sports news – Congratulations to the athletes for the new year 2023

Years pass and pass from year to year, and the wishes of athletes continue to be initiated, written and published, with the appearance being diversified and shaped every year, but generally they meet at one goal, which is to improve the infrastructure of sports and the conditions of clubs and federations , which also refers to ensuring the needs of athletes and which also refers to the provision of sports equipment and tools for athletes. by stopping quarrels and problems, the fifth want politics to be separated from sports, the sixth, seventh and eighth.. They all want Aden sports to rise again and return to their former state, and we in turn helped us Athletes to convey our wishes and publish them here in Aden time with the beginning of the new year 2023.

Mr. Muhammad Nasr Al-Shazly, First Deputy Governor of Aden Governorate:

“I hope that the crisis of the clubs in Aden will end in a way to preserve the nobility of the clubs and the history of football in Aden, which was a pioneer in the whole Arab world.”
I also want to pay attention to athletes in general, past and present, in terms of treatment and decent living
I hope to see how our national teams compete and present strong levels in their foreign participation
In addition, I hope to establish a strong and exemplary integrated sports season in various sports in Aden and activate the cultural and awareness aspect in the clubs
And see the return of sports fans to the stadiums, and restore the glory of Aden sports

dr. Hassan Abed Rabbo, head of the technical office in the Ministry of Youth and Sports:

“We hope that the conflicts within Yemen will stop, and that safety, security, peace and the improvement of the economic situation will overcome the pressure of high prices that have burdened the citizens of Yemen, and that the youth will be given space in the decision-making process to build a state dominated by law and order and equality.”
And that it will be a successful year for the sports movement of the alliance in various games within Yemen with the support and leadership of the state and the private sector.

Captain Wejdan Al-Shadly, Director General of the Youth and Sports Office in Aden:

“My wish is for Aden sports to return to it, God willing, to be in the foreground as before, with the help of everyone from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the governor of the capital city of Aden, money. and businessmen, directors of administrations, clubs, associations and officials of school activities, God willing, we can return sports to Aden

dr. Mahmoud Al-Jaradi, Director General of the Cheese Directorate:
“My wish is that Brigadier General Al-Tilal returns as before and better.”

Al-Kuraihi Kanaan, Deputy Head of the Department of Youth and Sports of the Southern Transitional Council:

“I hope that the year 2023 will be the year of a comprehensive sports renaissance in all aspects and that we will see our southern sport return to its place in the past, and that the sport will be freed from politics and politicians who use double standards to attack our southern sport, whose hallmarks of brilliance seem to have been formed with the interest of the Council’s leadership. The Southern Transitional Council is interested in sports and its support for young people, and here is the sport of the South, thanks to this interest and support, which, it seems, is on the verge of returning to its former state and increasing and developing more and more.

Colonel Aref Al-Yarimi, President of Al-Tilal Club:

“I want to solve the crisis of the southern clubs, especially Aden, with the General Football Association. I also hope to restore the Al-Tilal sports club according to the instructions of the Presidency of the Republic and hand over the Al-Hubaishi Stadium to the Al-Tilal club, even if temporarily, because of the suffering of the football team in club since training at its stadium in Haqat.”
I hope there are plans for all Yemeni federations to help clubs develop their internal plans and thus develop the sport

Adnan Qala, president of Shamsan club:

“I hope that politics will not interfere with sports with words and deeds and that sports will develop in all matches.”

Jamal Omar, president of the Al-Rawda club:

“My wishes, until the year 2023 of our era, are primarily good and stable for our country, and that sport develops and progresses. Our special wishes are repeated every year, which is that the rehabilitation and cleaning project of the Al-Rawda club will see light, and our children will play on the grass stadium like other Aden clubs.And our wishes until the new year will be the development and progress of our sport towards the best by creating space for experiences and competencies to work and benefit from them.

Hussein Awad, president of the General Volleyball Federation:

“I hope that safety, security, peace and harmony will prevail throughout the world…and especially in happy and beloved Yemen.
I wish progress and prosperity to Yemeni sports, especially volleyball, under the leadership of its captain, His Excellency, Minister of Youth and Sports, Abu Jihad Nayef Saleh Al-Bakri, may God protect and preserve him.

Captain Zuhair Mosheji, President of the Aden Tennis Association:

“The wishes that are in the heart in the New Year are many and different, but in terms of sports, to raise all the games in our country to a level that is worthy of them and to develop, and to pay attention to the infrastructure for all games. At the level of the tennis game, we continue to give and put more effort and perseverance for the history of the tennis game.” In Aden, in order for the game of tennis to expand and expand, and we also hope to work as a training center for girls, which I think is a great win for everyone because of the demand of girls in Aden to play tennis. This year, my master’s thesis is on the establishment and development of the Adeni Tennis Club in the period from 1902 to 1990. ADVERTISEMENT.

Captain Nashat Najeeb, President of the Aden Cycling Federation:

“I wish all athletes success and winning as many titles as possible. I also want elections to be held in the new year 2023 for the General Cycling Federation which was elected more than 12 years ago. I want to establish a cycling center in the capital, Aden and support cycling clubs. Finally, I want the Youth and Sports Office in the capital city of Aden to support the 2023 plan of the Aden Cycling Branch.

Captain Muhammad Hassan Al-Badani, coach of the Yemeni youth national team:

“It is my wish that with the young national team we will achieve the AFC Asian Cup in 2023 and qualify for the Junior World Cup. I also hope that the consequences of the war that they led us into a few years ago will end and that the nation will be rebuilt and work will continue , and state institutions will return to work, I hope for safety and security in the entire country.

Captain Qais Mohamed Saleh, coach of the first football team of Al-Tilal Club and former coach of the youth team:

“I hope that safety, security and peace will prevail in our country and that football will continue regularly and sustainably in all tournaments so that we can play sports normally like other countries, and we also hope to win the continental championships at the national team level and qualify to the World Cup, God willing.”

Mr. Sami Al-Huraibi, President of the Volleyball Association in Aden:

“We hope that the year 2023 of our era will be a year of good and blessing for our people, in which safety, security, prosperity, prosperity and stability will reign, and that it will be a year in which sports activities take more place in interests and priorities of our leadership in the governorship and the state, especially about other other games besides football.”

Muhammad Abdo Haidar, General Secretary of the Aden Table Tennis Association:

“In the new year 2023, I wish health, well-being and a long life to me, all athletes and all citizens, hoping from God for wisdom and correctness to our sports leadership and its immediate environment that sport does not interfere with politics, and taking all means for the development of youth and sports movement in the country.”

Alaa El-Badawi, football referee:

I wish you a happy year without the conflicts that have happened, and we as referees are the most affected, the latest of which is the withdrawal of participation in the second division league
Well, the aspect of taking away the international badge, so my wishes for 2023 are not impossible. I’m just hoping for a year full of sports activities that have stagnated. I want to see championships one after the other, and don’t just wait for the Al-Muraisi championship year after year. I also wish and kiss the head of those who will take this initiative, which is an honor to the Rulers who had rounds and rounds in the green rectangle before we lost them, and then we regret that they parted and we keep forty years of loyalty to them, unfortunately.

Nasr Suqi, general secretary of the Swimming Federation in Aden:

I hope that the sport will prevail in the spirit of love and brotherhood, and avoid grievances and hatred between the Aden clubs and the General Union, and avoid double standards for all clubs.
I also hope that all the sports federations in Aden will gain the confidence of the ministry and promote the activities of the federations by encouraging them to participate abroad and rely more on the youth category and take care of them through the adoption of an operational budget that meets the needs of the federations to carry out their activities during the year 23 The most important security for the swimming association is the establishment of an Olympic pool or at least a legal pool from which all sports clubs benefit.

Captain Hani Badr Masoud, General Secretary of the General Federation of Hand and Power Shooting:

“I hope to take a serious interest in sports and hold tournaments for younger age groups especially in all games to build a strong sports generation.”

Star, Adel Abbas, player of our young national team:

In fact, with the arrival of each new year, our wishes are renewed year after year, and I hope that in the new year 2023, I will play professionally in one of the Arab or European clubs, in addition to our junior team achieving the Asian Cup and Qoma qualification for the junior final of the World Cup.

Captain Abdul Rahman Moshbaq, player of the Shamsan football club and the youth national team:

“Our wishes are many in terms of sports, and the most important thing is to qualify for the World Cup and repeat the achievement from 2003, God willing, with the young national team of Yemen, whether I am in the national team or not, and God Willing, I will succeed and continue with the national team.”

Captain Hamoudi Raed, player of the youth national team and ŠK Shamsan:

“I hope that our young football team will qualify for the World Cup, and I also want to play for some of the foreign clubs in order to develop my abilities, and above all I want good health and well-being.

Captain Faisal Bahramoz, former player of the first football team of Samoun and Al-Tilal club:

First of all, I hope for the recovery of my father, and then I hope that the conditions in the country will improve and that the sport will develop at the national level in general.”

Captain Badr Louay, player of the Adeni Tennis Club:

“My wishes are to develop the game of tennis for the better in terms of increasing external friction through external tournaments or external camps, which I hope with all my heart will happen because increased external friction creates experience for the players and through it the General Level of Play was developed so that the emerging player when he starts playing the game plays it. I am thinking new with a new vision of the game and not lagging behind in thinking about other players, not like what is happening now, which is that tennis has developed a lot from the outside, and we are still on the old thought or old styles and movements that need development , and I hope to increase support for the game because it’s a unique and fun game and needs more support than it already has.”

Finally, we also have wishes, and we hope that in 2023, the renovation project of the Al-Tilal sports club, a project that we have been waiting for for more than 5 years, will be lit up. received promises and statements from various political, local and sports circles, but to no avail. 2023 is the year of the construction of the most prestigious Yemeni and Arab sports clubs. It is the year of an ancient club that has been famous for years and years. won medals and cups and was crowned on all stands.. It is the year of building this club, this sports building and pulling it out from under the ruins.

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