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The need to hold public meetings… to clarify items

Experts from various classes and sons of Alexandria praised bLaw on Personal Status New because it will limit the occurrence divorce It guarantees protection for children born from official and customary marriages who deserve medical and educational care. They demanded a social dialogue so that the ordinary citizen would understand the new provisions of the law, and ideas that would further deepen the law could emerge from the discussion.

Jihan Abdel Rahman, head of the Wafd Party’s Main Committee for Women in Alexandria, emphasized the importance of this Law on Personal Status She said that the law obliges the husband to inform his first wife when he marries another woman, and in case of her refusal, she has the right divorce directly. The law also obliges the husband to have a compulsory insurance policy for the support of the wife in case of marriage divorce This ensured a decent life for the divorced woman, who previously suffered for two things and spent years in court corridors in order to exercise her rights.

The law also obliged the husband to spend on his children when he divorced their mother through a family fund, which ensures complete care for the children and their continuity in the educational process without suffering, because some husbands were intransigent towards their divorcees and refused to spend on children, and the law specified the conditions for seeing the children and prohibiting the husband from seeing the children if he refuses Spending on the children, as well as allowing the husband to see the children when he is divorced from the mother and if he is traveling abroad, he has the right to see them electronically. The draft law also specifies that the mother is the first in the crèche for children, then the father is the second divorce.

She pointed out the legal treatment of multiple loopholes in the previous laws, because of which women suffered divorce Many families failed and fell apart divorce Children strayed, became homeless and dropped out of school as a result of stubbornness between spouses in divorce And economic conditions that cause some to still avoid their obligations to their children divorce Jihan Abdul Rahman said, “I hope the law will achieve more stability and reduce cases.” divorce As well as providing the necessary care for children when divorce To protect our children, the men of the future.

Former MP Muhammad Al-Kourani confirmed that the new draft of the Personal Status Law is one of the most important laws that ensure stability within the Egyptian family and shows a sharp President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Ensure the stability of the family entity and provide it with a source of income that guarantees the payment of expenses necessary to achieve a better future for children and ensure that their lives are not affected by separation problems or legal disputes between parents.

He added that the president’s orders to formulate the draft law in a simplified manner so that it could be understood by all segments of the citizenry reflect his desire to solve the problems of common people who do not understand the complex texts of the law and ensure the achievement of a balance between spouses and the reduction of court cases.

This was explained by MP Alaa Gad President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi He pays great attention, not only to the stability of the Egyptian family, especially after we know that since 1965 there have been more than five million divorce cases, and that the percentage divorce Most are in the first or second year of marriage, and the highest percentage occurs among younger couples, but they also worry about the health of their spouses and their children, the necessity of a medical examination in order to form a complete family.

He explained that the draft law includes giving new powers to the judge to deal with urgent cases to help the family, explaining that the initial features of the law are promising, as all family disputes will be considered in case divorce Accelerate procedures in one court by adding that documentation divorce Very good idea, especially with my mess divorce Verbally in light of the fact that Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, was not opposed to the idea of ​​documenting divorce By monitoring many cases, it was found that some wives live with their husbands without documents divorce And they have children without knowing whether they are divorced or married.

dr. Samiha Muhammad, assistant professor of sociology, believes that what is special in the new law, and perhaps the most important provision, is the family insurance that guarantees a decent life and is equivalent to the minimum wage, as well as the family support insurance policy to protect the future of minor children in case of divorce And the lack of money needed for their education and life, explaining that also one of the advantages of this law is the preservation of the financial information of the husband and wife. For example, the husband’s money acquired from an inheritance or business before the marriage does not become joint property between the parties afterwards divorce And share as the judge sees.

She added that the most important thing in this law is that the marriage contract must be treated like any contract for a new company, with terms and conditions agreed between the two parties, to ensure that the separation is respected on the basis that each of them knows what they have and what owes, and in case of disagreement about any of the conditions, it is explained in writing that no agreement has been reached, and therefore when the matter is presented to the judge in case of separation, these conditions become the subject of discussion in the consideration of the case or are excluded from the basis.

She said the introduction of a family insurance system after separation would ensure that expenses are paid and that spouses do not manipulate each other in the event divorce She explained that the law will also take into account the custody of children, as the father will be in second place after the mother, praising the opinion of the state that sought the opinion of Al-Azhar, the Mufti and Dar Al-Ift. , because by nature we are a religious society, and strengthening the law with Sharia principles strengthens it and makes it more acceptable to ordinary citizens.

A legal adviser, Abd al-Majid Metwally, says the law does not prevent the application of Sharia, but regulates many issues that marriage witnesses, including the process of second marriage, in which the woman must be notified, which means that the husband is married to one woman and wants to marry another. , so he has to go to court to get a license for polygamy and the ex-wife can agree or not. If she agrees, an agreement will be concluded on the status of the children, their maintenance and care. If this agreement is not implemented, then she has the right divorce And take her duty, and if she refuses from the beginning, she has the right to ask divorce And he takes all his rights, explaining that this important legal clause eliminates the occurrence of polygamy, which some travelers consider permissible, and gives women their rights and preserves their dignity.

He added that the law also takes care of preserving the man’s rights, because it was not passed just for the sake of the woman… because the children are allowed to stay with their father for two days a month in case of separation, and of course he would be exposed to deterrent punishments in case he does not return them to their mother. Solutions for education and state expenses were also developed. education commensurate with the spouse’s income.

Perhaps the most important thing is to include articles related to the legalization of the phenomenon of customary marriage, and in case it is not taken into account, it will not be recognized because it is outside the provisions of the law.

Representative Ahmed Mehani, a member of the House of Representatives, called for the need for social dialogue between different groups to discuss the provisions of the new law before it is presented, so that its provisions can be explained to ordinary citizens and listen to other opinions, which can be useful in the process of the final draft of the law, provided that all different groups of people participate, which will give weight. It has a special status among simple classes, until you know it and your articles.

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