There are no reductions in tuition fees or deprivation of any student because of this

Opening of the first scientific forum of the National Research Center in Egypt

Yesterday (Wednesday), the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education announced the opening of the first scientific forum of the National Research Center and the City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications.

As stated in the Ministry’s announcement, the forum will be held in cooperation with the Scientific Association for the Food Industry, with the participation of a group of experts and scientists from research centers and university professors, as well as delegations of participating Arab countries from the UAE, Algeria, Kuwait, companies specializing in industrial and laboratory nanotechnology, and agencies working in the field of food industry, dairy, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry. For her part, Dr. Mona Abdel Latif, the City’s Director of Scientific Research and Technological Applications, said the forum aims to expand high-quality domestic production as an alternative to imports.

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Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Jordan and the National Center for Research and Development

Yesterday (Wednesday), the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Jordan and the National Center for Research and Development, one of the centers affiliated with the High Council for Science and Technology in Jordan, signed a memorandum of understanding.

As stated in the University’s press release, this memorandum envisages joint cooperation in an open initiative called “Live Innovation Lab for Procurement”, which is a cooperation network open to all interested parties. The Living Lab initiative aims to develop 12 pilot projects for public procurement of innovation, with two pilot projects in each country and two cross-border pilot projects between the target countries: Spain, Tunisia, Italy, Jordan and Egypt.

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The University of Sharjah wants to activate its role in sustainable development in the emirate

The delegation of the University of Sharjah discussed with the officials of the Department of Economic Development in the Emirate about ways of cooperation, activation of joint action, and mechanisms for improving cooperation in order to ensure all capacities to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

According to the Emirates news agency, yesterday (Tuesday) the two sides discussed many common issues of public interest, and ideas were also exchanged on some procedures followed by both sides, and ways to cooperate in building strategic partnerships for the benefit of partners and traders. The university delegation got acquainted with the work structure and strategy in common areas, the latest technologies and solutions used in the circle, and mechanisms and ways of improving cooperation that contributes to building a sustainable business environment in the emirate.

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University of Sharjah officials are discussing activating the university’s role in sustainable development with the Emirates Department of Economy (WAM).

Establishment of a gene bank for the conservation of genetic assets in the Sultanate of Oman

Yesterday (Wednesday), Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education announced the completion of the first phase of a project to establish a gene bank to preserve wildlife genetic assets of economic value by freezing them out of their original location.

As stated in the ministry’s press release, the goal of the project is to preserve genetic material by freezing wild animals, especially those threatened with extinction, in order to ensure their sustainability, by providing reserve genetic material that enables the return of genetic property in the event of the loss of animal breeds due to disease or natural disasters. in order to promote the conservation and sustainable use of resources. animal genetic resources in the Sultanate of Oman and prevent their extinction, while providing them to students and researchers interested in animal genetic resources from the wild.

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Libyan Academic Workshop on Security and Security Systems

Yesterday (Wednesday) the Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies announced the organization of a workshop on safety and security systems and laws for the transport of hazardous materials, in collaboration with a specialized company.

The workshop aimed to introduce the field of training in the field of safety systems and transportation of hazardous materials in vital facilities, such as: airports, ports and hospitals. The participants of the workshop also discussed the transportation of dangerous materials to safe places, and the most important international laws in this area.

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Efforts to obtain accreditation for forty academic programs at Taif University

Yesterday (Wednesday), the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Education and Training Evaluation Authority, Dr. Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Sabti, and the President of Taif University, Dr. Yusuf bin Abdo Asiri, signed a framework agreement on the accreditation of 40 programs at the university within two years.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the agreements between the two parties included the accreditation of 16 master’s programs, including: emergency medical assistance and disaster medical care, mathematics, physics, biology, executive business administration, justice, the basics of justice, reading and contemporary studies of the Qur’an. as well as the accreditation of (24) programs At the undergraduate level, including: radiological sciences, industrial engineering, architecture, biotechnology, food sciences and nutrition, and microbiology.

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Agreement between the University of Gaza and the Palestinian Ministry of Health

The University of Gaza signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health and the Palestinian College of Nursing, during the visit of the Ministry’s delegation to the university.

According to a statement from the university, yesterday (Tuesday), Dr. Khalil Shaqfa, Director General of the General Administration of Nursing at the Ministry, said that the university is in continuous and extraordinary development, stressing the importance of continuous academic efforts for the advancement of the nursing profession and graduate students who are capable engage in a profession and perform it fully. For his part, Professor Hassan Abu Jarad said that the university wants to activate such agreements with ministries and institutions of civil society, in a way that serves the interest of students and society.

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Inauguration ceremony of Al-Sibtain University of Medical Sciences in Iraq

Yesterday (Wednesday), Iraq’s Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, inaugurated the Al-Sibtain University of Medical Sciences in Karbala Governorate.

As stated in the ministry’s press release, the minister said that they continue to meet the community’s needs for educational services with confidence, taking into account the objective distribution of universities, according to population growth indicators, and in light of the diversity of scientific disciplines and the availability of teaching structures with an exceptional academic impact on local and international forums. The minister emphasized that it is necessary to ensure the quality of the educational process, to update and improve its programs, and to strive to achieve world accreditation in many scientific fields.

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Iraqi Minister of Higher Education during the inauguration of Al-Sibtain University in Karbala Governorate, Iraq (Ministry).

University of Khartoum: No reduction in tuition fees or deprivation of any student for this

The University of Khartoum issued a statement yesterday (Wednesday) announcing that it will not reduce the university’s admission fees, while stressing that no student who is unable to pay these fees will be turned away.

The university announced that a committee was formed at the Dean’s Office for Student Affairs and a central higher committee that will examine the cases of students who are unable to pay tuition, each separately, by submitting all documents that show the financial status of the student guardian. , so that he can make an appropriate decision on reduction or exclusion or even support him financially during his education. This comes after students called for a review of the university’s decision to increase enrollment fees for new students.

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An event to motivate students to innovate at the University of Bahrain

Yesterday (Wednesday), the University of Bahrain announced the organization of the University’s Business Incubation Center, an event to challenge students in innovation.

Director of the center, Dr. Israa Ahmed Wali, emphasized the importance of youth participation in creating innovative ideas and systems based on scientific foundations, and finding solutions and methods to solve problems in a creative way, in facing the challenges of food safety. Participating students presented several project ideas aimed at solving food security challenges, including: an application to collect food scraps for recycling into other materials such as organic fertilizer and technical solutions for supply chain management in food markets, in addition to technical solutions for developing of agriculture in Bahrain.

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