They are obliged to compete in the “Gulf 25”

The tournament is a golden opportunity for players to prove their worth
I don’t forget the memories of the first title for Qatari football
Champion version 25 is difficult because it is not subject to standards
Relying on the young is right
Against the cruelty towards our team because of the results of the World Cup
The Qatari federation has a plan and it is most aware of its decisions

A few days later, the Gulf Cup 25, which is scheduled to take place in Iraq, begins next January 6. This tournament will be a challenge for Qatari football represented by our national team, which wants to show outstanding performances and compete strongly for the championship title in the Gulf. , adding the fourth championship in history for Annabi, and our team will perform in this tournament with a list mostly from the Olympic team. Bahrain, Kuwait and the Emirates, Al-Arab held an interview with one of the former Qatari football stars, who was one of the winners of the first title in the Gulf in 1992 at the Gulf 11 in Doha, Adel Malallah, who confirmed the great confidence in the elements of our team in the fight for the title, and confirmed that they have the opportunity to prove themselves and that they are the future of Qatari football. He also indicated that the Gulf Championship has a special touch and is always on time, stressing the importance of his appointment for the national team. The closest to the championship because it is not always subject to certain standards, and through the next space the outcome of the match..

Our national team is on the threshold of the Gulf Cup..Tell us your vision?
We hope that our national team will achieve positive results in the tournament. There are outstanding young players on the list and I expect that they will play a strong tournament and profit from the prestigious competitions that the Gulf Cup enjoys.

Do you think participating in the Olympic team is the right decision?
Indeed, the right decision, and we have seen in several tournaments teams that participated in the second row, such as the Saudi Arabian national team that appeared in the last Arab Cup in the second row, because the goal is to give the players the opportunity to show up as required and then be able to play in the ranks of the first team and that is why we took part in the Olympic team with A certain number of players in the first team is a positive thing from my side, and we also witnessed in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 more than one player in the national teams of younger ages and they presented prominent levels with the national teams of their countries, and for this Gulf Championship 25 is a unique opportunity for the players and they have to do everything they can.
But does the absence of the first team weaken Al-Annabi’s chances of winning the championship?
There is no such thing as an Olympic team or a first team, but there is a team that participates on behalf of Qatar at the Gulf Championship 25, and participation means competing, not just playing, and I am very confident in the ability of the players to compete, and I played in the first team at only 17 years old, so the players have a great opportunity for them.
If you get good results, would you prefer coach Bruno to take over the first team?
Certainly the Qatar Football Association has a long-term plan and knows the appropriate decision on this issue.

But the fans are sad about the coaching staff and the players after a lackluster performance at the World Cup?

Let’s not forget that our national team took part in the World Cup for the first time, while all other teams were present several times during the past editions. There must be mistakes and surely the officials have seen this matter and will correct it. It should not be forgotten that the team was very happy with the Asian Cup and won it for the first time in the history of Qatari football, and they gave a really outstanding and historic performance, and we managed to defeat the ancient teams in Asian football, and they played European qualifiers for the World Cup. the Copa America championship and the CONCACAF Championship. Cruelty to the players because the tournaments and the World Cup 2026 are coming, and God willing we will participate in it and be able to appear prominently in it.

Who is nominated for the title?

The Gulf Cup is always substandard and all the teams are at a good level and all have historically won the title, except the Yemeni team, and the Gulf Championship was limited between Iraq and Kuwait, but the 1992 edition, Qatar lifted the monopoly and we won the then championship in Zaljevo 11.

On the occasion of the 11th Gulf Championship in 1992, tell us about your memories of our team’s first crown?

The 1992 tournament was held in Doha, and for the tournament to succeed as a host country, it must at least reach the finals, and indeed at that time all the players had great determination despite their youth, and most of them were those who had participated in the Olympic Games. in Barcelona, ​​and their level was very good and high, whether in the main or substitute games, and they stood out in a way. It is clear in the Gulf Championship, and I was the only one who represented some experience, and there was also the support of state officials, which sent positive messages to us to achieve the best, in addition to the large crowd at the Khalifa International Stadium and the stadium was filled to capacity places, and when we as players left the hotel to go to the stadium for the matches, we had a large audience, and the fans came to the matches and cheered us on, so they were our main support. The tournament was then held according to the league system with the participation of six teams “Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates” and we managed to win the title against the Emirates in the penultimate match after our victory. With an unanswered goal, Mahmoud Sofi, may God have mercy on him, crowned our team with the Gulf Cup for the first time in history.

Is there always a different atmosphere at the tournament?
The Gulf Cup is a favorite tournament for the Gulf countries in terms of players and officials, and if it wasn’t for this tournament, the Gulf teams would not have developed and reached the World Cup, and it is indeed an important event that brings together the Gulf nations in a wonderful, wonderful and exceptional atmosphere .

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