Watching the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche; The most important 8 wearable channels


Watching the match Atletico Madrid – Elche; The two teams of Atletico Madrid will meet against the Spanish club El Cheh in the 15th round of the Spanish Premier League championship of the 2022/2023 season. Live today for the competition, their schedule, date and expected lineups tomorrow.

Today live, watch the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche

The whistle of the referee to watch the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche, exactly at 10:30 Umm al-Dunya time, which comes tomorrow as part of the matches of the Spanish football league, until the fifteenth round as a championship match, Thursday, which corresponds to the 29th of this month December 2022, and will be received by the Metropolitano in San Blas Canillejas, Madrid, Spain.

It was called several names until it remained at its current name, and it can accommodate 67,000 spectators, and the 2017/2018 season is open, on the other hand, you can follow and stay up to date with football and sports events. And don’t miss any of them through the specialized Sport Index site and you will find everything you love and are looking for.

Now watch live streaming between Atletico Madrid and Elche without cutting Here

Today’s ranking of Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid are in fifth place with 24 points from a total of 14 games, seven wins, three draws and four losses before watching the Atletico Madrid-Elche match.

The official ranking of the Spanish club Elche today

Club Al-Teh collects only 4 points, because out of a total of 14 competitions it did not win a single game, it drew in four and lost in ten competitions, while on the other hand it is at the top of the table, FC Barcelona, ​​​​with a total of 37 points, after twelve wins, a draw and one loss, followed by Real Madrid, with 35 points, after eleven wins, two draws and one loss, watching the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche.

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The date of watching the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche

It has been decided that the competition will take place tomorrow, Thursday, which corresponds to 29/12/2022 as the date, which is to watch the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche, but the time varies by the hour from one country to another and taking into account the time difference between them according to the meridian in Greenwich (GMT), so it must be noted that you would not be surprised, dear reader, if you miss the official time according to your country, and you will have to follow the replay, and the dates of some countries, here are the most prominent 6 countries that transmit it on the next way:

  • Umm Al-Dunya (Egypt) / Tripoli: 22:30.
  • Riyadh / Kuwait: eleven in the evening.
  • Doha / Sultanate of Oman: twelve o’clock in the evening.

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Channels that broadcast the match between Atletico and Elche

Channels that broadcast the match between Atletico and Elche

Exclusive official broadcast channels are being prepared to watch the match, to broadcast the competitions that have the right to show the same, in the North African and Middle Eastern party, which includes the Arab countries, and according to the geographical distribution specified for it. , and you can also find links and websites that show the most important international and local matches, here are the most important 8 channel holders for important matches, as follows:

  • beIN Sports Connect.
  • beIN Sports HD 3 English.
  • beIN Sports 2 FR.
  • TV2 Sport Premium 1 HD.
  • Eleven sports 1 HD.
  • Nova Sport 1 HD.
  • DAZN 2 Bar Deutsch HD.
  • Arena Sport 6 HD Croatia.

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Today’s Atlético de Madrid team

Today's Atlético de Madrid team

Atletico is preparing with a distinct division this time to win the game with minimal effort due to the good knowledge of the opposing team, so while watching the Atletico Madrid vs Elche game, they will adopt the following 4-3-3 plan:

  • Goalkeeper: Ivo Grbić.
  • Defenders: Jose Maria Jimenez / Nahuel Molina / Mario Hermoso / Reneldo Mandava.
  • Midfield: Angel Correa / Koke / Marcus Llorente.
  • Forward attack: Antoine Griezmann / Marcos Paolo / Alvaro Morata.

Expected formation of Alcheh club tomorrow

Expected lineup for the Alcheh team tomorrow

The coach of Elche is preparing to motivate his players, encourage them to win and win and develop a tactical plan which should be 4-4-2 as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Luis Castillo.
  • Defenders: Antonio Barragan / Enzo Rocco / Gerard Barry / Paul Lerola.
  • Midfield: Manuel Sanchez / John Donald / Ivan Marconi / Ramon Folch.
  • Attack fronts: Ezequiel Ponce / Juan Francisco.

Facts before watching the Atletico Madrid vs Elche match

Facts before watching the Atletico Madrid vs Elche match

Atletico Madrid have won against Elche in their last (10) head-to-head meetings, which is the third-longest winning streak by a team against the same opposition in the elite league, as they have (13) times against Getafe in the period between (November 2013: December 2020 .) and (12) ) against Sporting Gijon from (February 1994: January 2010).

The Madrid club Atletico Madrid remained proud and with their heads held high. In 23 games played at home and on the field against Elche Club, they have never been defeated, 20 of them winning competitions and three tied, and they had the lion’s share of victories in the last thirteen competitions from them, watching the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche Atletico Madrid against Elche.

Elche won only one game against Getafe in September last year out of a total of 11 away games against the clubs. Except for Rey from the same Spanish province of Madrid, where he tied three and lost seven, after which the club Elche reached the bottom of the league table. Which may expose him to exclusion from participating again in the next league.

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Predictions for the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche

After the strong consistency of the Atletico club in most of its confrontations and its strength, every competing team must confront it and try to beat it, and this will only be achieved with a strong defense and an elaborate and individual attack front, based on tactical plans, and strong players, who fear nothing, have a brave heart, and the spirit of their competitors is strong. And the formation of two important teams and the channels that transmit them, so that we can watch the football of creativity, so that the mutual meeting ended with the victory of Atletico Madrid 3:0 over the Elche club team.

Where will the competition be held?

At the Civitas Metropolitano stadium.

What is the name of the commentator of the match?

He is the sports commentator Muhammad Ali Muhammad for the sports channels BN Sport.

Who is the referee in the match between Atletico Madrid and Alcheha?

His name is sports referee Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez.

What are the names of the coaches of the two teams?

The captain of Diego Simeone from the Atletico Madrid team, I am the coach of Elche is Pablo Machin.

Finally, we learned about watching the match Atletico Madrid – Elche, we mentioned the team of Atletico Madrid today and the expected team of Alcheh tomorrow, the channels that broadcast it and his expectations.

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