A conversation about the mother and the hadiths of the Prophet about the virtue and value of the mother

By talking about your mother, you express your love and gratitude towards her, so expressing your love for your mother makes your heart happy, your mother is beautiful in everything in life, and the satisfaction of your mother is your way to heaven, so in addition to some poetic verses and hadiths. that I have mentioned in this article, we will mention the good words. Ann preferred it via an additional page.

Talk about my mom

  • Mother’s lap is the only place where I can rest my head and sleep in peace and comfort.
  • It is not allowed for a mother to distance herself from her children and rely on others for their upbringing, and that the mother’s role is to raise and raise her children.
  • A mother, no matter how she is described, cannot give her rights except for the simplest and most beautiful amount, and the best definition and meaning of a mother is that she is a mother.
  • I lean down to kiss his hands, shed tears of weakness on his chest and beg his eyes to express contentment.
  • My mother learned from him the meaning of life, how to treat the people around me, how to respect the elderly, and how to empathize with the younger ones.
  • My mother instilled love and kindness in people’s hearts so that families would not be separated and separated.. Yes, this is my mother, I speak about her with pride, describing her as the most beautiful and dearest mother in the world.
  • Mai is a source of security and a source of mercy. Only in her presence can I fall asleep without fear or illusion
  • A man cried at his mother’s funeral and asked: What makes you cry? He said: Why don’t you cry even if the gates of paradise are closed? I love you mom whether you were with me or left me
  • Mother is a small word with few letters, but it carries the greatest meanings of love, affection, tenderness and sacrifice.
  • O my dear mother, I ask God to grant you success in the best of what is in our religion (love of God) and the best of what is in heaven (love of God) and the most useful book (the Book of God) and to unite you with the greatest creature (God’s Messenger). I wish.
  • The gentle prayer of a silent mother cannot draw her to the source of goodness.
  • There is no joy in this world equal to a mother’s joy when her son succeeds.
  • Only a mother’s heart can play the most tender melodies and the sweetest melodies.
  • The mother worries about her son’s health, and the wife tries to find out what kind of gift her husband brought her.
  • No matter how poor the mother is, she does not deny her son warm clothes.

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Talk about the virtue of a mother

  • On the authority of Abu Harir, may Allah be pleased with him, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “He does not reward his father’s son unless he finds his own son, buys him and gives him to him for free.” And under the guidance of Abdullah bin Masoud – may God be pleased with him – he said: I asked God’s will. – May Allah bless him and save him – I said: O Messenger of God, what are the deeds most dear to God? He said, “Pray at the right time.” He said, “So respect your parents.” Then I said what was going to happen, and he said, “Jihad is with God.”
  • From Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Salami: There was a man among us whose mother did not marry until he married, and then he ordered him to leave, so he went to Abu Darda in the Levant. I’m the one who told you to go, not the one who ordered you to be tied up. I heard God’s Messenger – may God grant him peace – say: “The Father is in the middle of the gates of heaven.” If you like it, put or keep that door. He said: Then he returned and left.

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He said – on the authority of Ata bin Yasar -:

  • A man came to Ibn Abbas – may God be pleased with both of them – and said: I became engaged to a woman, but she refused to marry me, and I wanted to marry her, so I deceived her and killed her. He said: Is your mother alive? He said: No. He said: Repent to the Most High God, and get as close to Him as you can. Atta: I went and asked Ibn Abbas: Why did you ask him about his mother’s life? He said: I do not know any work. closer to God Almighty than righteousness to a mother.
  • One of them said: O God, I know that I work as a servant for me in copper suits, so he went and went and went to this difference. He told me: you have rice spread for me. So I told him: baptize those cows, because that’s the difference. forget that. If you know I’m doing this out of fear of you, give us a break. I scraped the stone off them. Another said: My God, I know that I have two old parents and every night I have sheep’s milk that I put on them. And my family and Ola Idagon are starving, and you don’t even drink for my parents, I hated the dwarves and I hated drinking them from their performances, so I couldn’t stop waiting until morning.

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Verses from the Qur’an about mother

  • (There is no blind or strange handicap, nothing that the patient criticizes for himself, his father’s house, your mother’s house, your mother’s house, your brothers’ house, your sisters’ house or your uncles’ house, your mother’s house, your aunts’ house, your girlfriends’, or the houses of Maktum Muqaddam or his friend. Or You must not eat the teacher if you enter the houses then greet him, except the greeting from God Almighty, God will show you the verses that you understand ( [النور: 61].
  • ) As Amr Imran said, I swore to you that my stomach will free me, you know everything * When I developed, I developed a female and God knows best, I put a hidden female and Merjema and I am aware that you are also poisoned by your offspring from the cursed hell ( [آل عمران: 35، 36].
  • (Just as it was announced to your mother * that I should jump on the ship, so he jumps into the sea, the enemy and the enemy of her took me and kissed me and threw my eyes * The sister tells you: Let me guide you to accept the same thing in your family, guaranteed to your mother, and her breath does not grieve, and this means that we save you from boredom and your attitude towards youth, so I remained for years among the people of Medina, then you came to destiny. , O Moses. [طه: 38 – 40].
  • Amrut Pharaoh said, “Your eyes will be useful. Whether you kill him or our children, we do not feel” * And Fouad or Musa became sincere to show that the matter was not related to his half-empty heart * And his sister is pure, so watched from the side until they felt him * And they stole him from the nurses. , mentor * to his mother, kiss his eyes, do not grieve, and do not know the promise of God, but most of them do not ( [القصص: 9 – 13].
  • And we recommended the mercy of the human father, her mother reluctantly carries on the expedition and weaning from breastfeeding for thirty months, even if she reaches the age of forty, and the Lord Ozni thanked her for blessing me and my father, and I work well for you to restore and correct me in my child and I repent to you I am one of the Muslims [الأحقاف: 15].

At the end of our text, we mentioned the most beautiful words about mother to express your great love and gratitude towards her, as well as Quranic verses and hadiths that mention the virtue of mother.

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