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Omar Shweil – Jeddah Saudi Professional League Championship Competitions for the 2022/23 season. continue in the tenth round, and for the calculation of the last day, from the first match or stage of the first round, tonight, Monday, will host the Al Batin Club Stadium in the Saudi city of Hafar Al-Batin, the latest Al-Batin and Al-Raed match Strong and important, which represents a new fight between the two clubs, to continue the escape from the dark tunnel, especially by Al-Samawi, who pretends to play the next matches in the Saudi professional league before the end. first round, in the spirit of a cup confrontation.

In any case, we will review in detail in the upcoming lines, all the details, scenes and the latest news and events surrounding the Al-Batin and Al-Raed match dates and broadcast channels, as well as the two clubs’ journey and their results in the 47th edition of the Saudi Professional League 2023, along with the date of Al-Batin and Al-Raed confrontation.

Al-Batin and Al-Raed match

The match between Al-Batin and Al-Raed in the Roshen League

Once again the teams of Al-Raed and Al-Batina will meet on the last day of the tenth week in the Saudi Professional League 2022/23.

On the other hand, the last clash between the two clubs was in the return round of the twenty-fifth week of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League last season 2021/2022, and it ended with the victory of Al-Samawi in the double-header of Mohamed Rayhi and Fabio Abreu. (2-0).

It also comes less than a week after the meeting of the two teams, in the round of 16 of the Saudi King’s Cup, and Al-Batin also managed to solve it with a goal.

In general, this is the schedule for the 2023 Saudi Professional Roshen League standings before the start of the final day’s face-off for Round 10:

Table Roshen Saudi Professional League 2023 standings during the tenth round, after the end of the first day's matches

The Saudi Professional League week 10 matches kicked off yesterday evening, Sunday, with the results resulting in a goalless draw between Damak and Al-Wehda, before Abha defeated Al-Adalah with a clean sweep of a double, to give Al-Ettifaq a hard-fought win in the end. over his guest, Al-Khalee.

Today, Monday, you will play 5 matches, starting with the match of Al-Raed vs. Al-Batin, and at the same time, there will be a match between Al-Fateh and Al-Shabab, followed by Al-Fayha and Al-Ta’i confrontations, as well as Al-Ittihad vs. Al-Taawoun, before round-robin matches conclude with Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr summiting in the Riyadh Derby or Saudi Clasico.

Club Al-Batin

We start with the Saudi club Al-Batin, the host of today’s match, which enters the clash with an ecstatically great victory and qualified with the senior eight in the Cup of the Guardians of the Two Holy Mosques.

Al-Samawi is currently at the bottom of the Saudi Professional League standings with one point and net (-22) goals.

During the 9 rounds played, Al Batin was completely absent in victories, while achieving one draw, while this season it was defeated 8 times.

In the last 5 games of Al-Batin in the Saudi professional league, the team of Croatian coach Alen Horvat collected one point.

Wherein the team whose foundations date back to 1979 drew positively (2-2) with Dhamak, but experienced 4 defeats against Al-Khalee by a goal, then Al-Wahda with a clear double goal, with two defeats against Abha and Al-Hilal with with one result (1-3).

Al Raed Club

On the other hand, the Saudi club Al-Raed enters today’s confrontation, which first set out to take revenge for the lost Saudi King’s Cup, and with a victory, it will move towards the warm regions in the middle of the table.

Raed Al Tahadi currently ranks 11th in the Roshan League standings with 9 points and (-6) goal difference.

Ace Al Raed won 3 games but suffered 6 defeats, while the team record was no draw this season.

Regarding the results of Al-Raed’s last 5 matches in the Saudi League, the Romanian coach Marius Sumudica, the “former youth coach”, scored only 3 points.

After Raidawiya Battalion’s victory over Al-Adal with a score of (2-1), before falling into 4 consecutive defeats, against Al-Shabab and Al-Fateh with the same score (0-1), as well as Al-Tai with a clean double, and on finally Al-Nasr (1-4).

The history of the sub and major conflict

Sub and Major correspond
At the moment when the second goal was scored in the last clash between Al-Batin and Al-Raed in the Saudi League season 2021_2022.

As for the head-to-head historic clashes that pit Al Batin against Al Raed in the Saudi League, the two sides have met – according to our “Educate Me” readings – in a total of 12 games.

And from the first meeting in the first game of the rise and fall of the Abdul Latif Jameel Saudi Professional League in 2016, which ended with the victory of Al-Samawi, with a score of (2-1).

In general, Al-Batin won 5 matches, while Al-Raed won 7 matches, while there were no draws in the confrontation between these two clubs.

On the level of goals in Al-Batin’s matches against Al-Raed, Al-Samawi scored 17 goals and Raed Al-Tahadi scored 22 goals.

On the other hand, and as for the biggest result in the history of the meeting between the two clubs, it was the first victory of the club in the Al-Qassim region (5-1), which happened during the first match of the Saudi Professional League season 2017/2018, which represented the biggest victory for Al-Raed against Al-Batin in the history of the conflict. Two clubs.

While the biggest win for Al-Raed was against Al-Batin with a score of (4-0), which happened in the first round match of the Jameel Saudi Professional League season 2016/2017.

Al-Batin and Al-Raed match date and carrier channels

Sub and Major correspond

Finally, the upcoming meeting is scheduled for the second and final day of the tenth round of the Saudi Professional League 2023, tonight, Monday, at four thirty (4:30 pm) UAE, Oman and Kuwait time, three thirty (3:30 pm) Saudi and Bahrain time. And Qatar, half past two (2:30 p.m.) in Egypt, Palestine, Romania, Lebanon, Cyprus and Sudan, half past one (1:30 p.m.) in France, Morocco, Spain, Germany, Tunisia, Italy, the Netherlands and Algiers, half past twelve (12:30 p.m.) in England and Universal Time. Greenwich”.

On the other hand, as for the referee of the Al-Batin Al-Raed match, the Saudi Football Federation (SAFF) will announce it within a few hours.

As for the channels that broadcast the event, the face-off will be broadcast on the screens of the Saudi sports channels SSC via satellite SSC EXTRA 2.

As for the commentator for the Al-Batin and Al-Raed match, he will be a Saudi sports commentator Saad Yahya.

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