Advice for women who are getting ready for marriage and which are the foundations and principles of married life

Advice for those who want to get married Married life is completely different from life before marriage and for these two parties it is for man and woman and in order to live a stable and happy married life, some important things that happen between spouses are protected and married life is known as a partnership between spouses of the sea. Everyone has rights and responsibilities, so today we are going to discuss some important tips, especially for those who want to get married so that girls can live the happy and peaceful life that you want.

Tips for wedding newcomers

  • It is important that everyone in a marriage relationship is fully aware of the rights and duties of the other party and that the relationship runs smoothly, as well as the willingness of both parties to work hard and make sacrifices for the other party.
  • Married life is about sharing, and with a few tips that you must know and keep on both sides, both parties must make efforts to face the difficulties and adversities that individuals face, and for a stable and peaceful married life.

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Basics and principles of a happy married life

Both parties must maintain these principles and values ​​from the beginning of the relationship, because they are the means to help you enjoy a peaceful and happy married life, and among the most important of these values ​​are:

  1. Mutual respect: In order to live a happy and stable married life, both parties must respect each other, and both must take care of the feelings of the other party, avoid things that upset them, and respect each other. Therefore, between them, neither party in the relationship can make a decision on their own, except that the two parties respect each other and treat each other with kindness, sincerity and love.
  2. Two parties listen to each other: If spouses listen to each other, the two parties can understand each other; Here, listen, listen, be considerate of other people’s feelings and don’t distract yourself with the phone, TV or anything else that might give the impression that the other party doesn’t care.
  3. Maintaining communication: One of the important things that must be achieved is to talk with kindness and love and maintain communication between them, to avoid harsh words that have a great impact on the other party, anything that annoys the other party.

Important tips for mating in marriage

There are some important tips that women may benefit from taking this into consideration:

  1. In order to be respected and appreciated, a woman must choose her as her highly moral husband and not pay attention to anything else. It is necessary to know the respect, appreciation and behavior of a man above all else.
  2. Self-confidence: It is very important for a woman to love herself and admit her mistakes before the positive ones, because a confident and self-loving woman will automatically find the love of her husband.
  3. That she always supports her husband and stands by him to achieve his aspirations and encourages him to do so without telling him what to do.
  4. Keeping the passion in the relationship, sometimes the relationship goes through wear and tear, but if you keep the romance going and put some effort into keeping the passion between you both, then both spouses will enjoy a happy married relationship.

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Other essential tips for marriage

  1. One of the important things to be realistic and ensure the continuity of marriage is not to fantasize too much and be realistic, therefore a woman must be well aware that married life is completely different from fairy tales so that she does not become disappointed and unhappy because married life is different from life in the series.
  2. Family and home take priority: You need to understand that your academic or academic goals should not come in your homework, but to balance your future, home and family, especially when it comes to children.
  3. Privacy is a red line: get used to not talking about your home and the characteristics of your married life with others, because these topics should not be shared even if they are relatives or friends, because it can offend the husband.

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There are some things you need to know about marriage in general

There are things everyone getting married should know, including:

  • In order to adapt to the new life, both parties have to adapt and get used to the new life they will lead after marriage.
  • The ability to deal with pressures and difficulties, and knowing how to deal with the difficulties and pressures that both parties will face at the beginning of a relationship, are things that must be learned in order to act properly and appropriately, such as letting go and coping well in times of grief and impotence.
  • The perspective of change, in general, should not allow someone to influence her and change her values ​​and principles, but in married life the situation is different and some concessions are necessary to continue.
  • Sharing, married life is based on sharing between two parties, so ideas and interests must be shared and everything must be shared to explore the other side.
  • How to deal with differences, resolve differences and deal with problems is also important for the continuity of married life, and this happens through conversation, dialogue and settlement sometimes in order to arrive at an optimal solution to the problem and agree on an appropriate solution.
  • The household department has a number of duties and responsibilities that fall on both spouses, and to achieve them it is important to cooperate, and it is better to agree that these jobs are divided among each other according to the talent and time of both parties.

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Some advice for men about to get married

  1. Here are some important tips you can give to men who are getting married:
  2. A husband should spend time with his wife and not neglect him, but he should also not neglect himself and set aside special time for occasional outings with friends.
  3. Since disagreements and problems may arise between two parties in marital relations, the wife should not be insulted and respected, but these disagreements should not affect the husband’s respect for the wife.
  4. Giving help to his wife when needed so that the man has some knowledge of household chores so that he can help his wife when needed. Circumstances.
  5. Maintaining good relations between the wife and the wife’s family, since this intimate relationship will further strengthen the relationship between the spouses, it is therefore necessary to maintain a good relationship with the wife’s family.
  6. A husband who is adapting to a new life and taking responsibility must say goodbye to the single life, take on new responsibilities and make the family his top priority.

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In the end, we hope that we have been able to provide all the important information and advice for every woman and man who want to live a happy and peaceful married life, and since simple things can cause disagreements, we hope that you will not always forget to fight with your husband and not do not make any decisions without his knowledge.

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